About Us

Cars are no longer limited to their role of taking us from point A to B. They are an integral part of our lifestyles.

Every year, we have car-manufacturers bringing us an ever increasing number of new cars. With so many options out there, buyers are doing a lot of guesswork. Eventually, purchasing a car becomes a difficult and time consuming process.

We want to simplify the car-buying process to manageable bits and pieces. The buyer doesn’t need to visit different resources to obtain comprehensive information. For that to happen, we need to provide all the required information at the same place.

That’s where CARHP comes in, we bring in-depth car reviews that help you evaluate and consolidate your purchase decision for better. We provide listings from local dealerships and also provide you information about used cars in your area.

Company Story

We started back in 2016, with three people onboard. Now we have grown to a team of 30. Our team brings talent from different backgrounds. We are passionate about cars, and we believe that there is a car for every driver.

Who we Serve

We are working to improve the car-buying experience in the US market. We understand that car-buying is a highly personalized affair. We strive to bring content in such a way that it caters to major questions the buyer might have. With our expert reviews and buying advice we help buyers to make a better choice.

Our Vision

Car reviews, by themselves aren’t a self-sufficient resource for buyers to solely rely for their purchase decision. Data backed content is a more reliable resource for making a important decision such as purchasing a car.

We want to simplify the car-buying experience for the buyer. To achieve that we are bringing three elements (data, content and inventory) together to create a one-stop experience for the buyer.

Our Philosophy

Buying a car is a big decision. Whatever you are buying requires a considerable amount of money, to be spent. So, it is very important that you buy something that you won’t regret later.

We are passionate about cars. Wiith our knowledge of the automobile industry we understand that every car is built to serve the requirements of an individual driver. We want to help people choose a car that they would love to drive for a long time.