What is CARHP

CARHP is a one-stop solution to all your car buying queries. We’ve designed our website and UI to primarily focus on bringing you closer to your dream car purchase. We create in-depth reviews, provide used and new car listings along with necessary data, and unbiased car ratings for all the cars available in the US. We aim to help people buy the best cars for their money. Our expert reviews offer guidance to provide you with the best car shopping experience!

We strive to make life simpler for the consumers by providing them with the most reliable information so they can buy the right car at the right price.

The Story of CARHP

In 1886, the first-ever motor car was patented by Karl Benz. The “Motorwagen”, as it was called, was a great success for the world, and has revolutionized the world ever since. This is the story a lot of people know. What a lot of people don’t know is that the first-ever commercial car was sold by Charles and Frank Duryea in 1893, which arguably led to the success of the Motorwagen, saving it from fading into obscurity like many other inventions of the time did.

In 2017, CARHP was founded with the latter as an inspiration, to revolutionize the way people look at cars and buy them!

Every year, we have car manufacturers bringing us an ever-increasing number of new cars. While it should theoretically be a good thing (more options to choose from!), it becomes tedious and confusing (which option to choose?). Due to a lot of research and/or understanding, or the lack of it, buyers end up with a lot of guesswork and wasted hours, with no guarantee of having made the correct choice.

This, we see as a problem, as anyone rightly should. We want to simplify the car buying process to smaller, more manageable, easier-to-swallow bits. With CARHP, you need not run amok the internet searching for prices, reviews, deals, and whatnot; we provide all the required information on our website. We bring you in-depth car reviews that help you evaluate and consolidate your purchase decision. To help you further, we even provide listings from local dealerships and also provide you information about used and new cars in your area.

Behind the scenes

Founded in 2017, CARHP started with just three people onboard. Time passed, we kept growing, and now we are a team of 45 passionate people - young, enthusiastic, all from different backgrounds, and bursting with eagerness and talent.

“All our success is credited to our team. Couldn’t have asked for a better one!’ -Sahil Chalana, Investor and Co-founder.

Our Philosophy

Car reviews, by themselves, aren’t a sufficient resource for buyers. Neither are car listings since all they do is present you with options without any context or help. Sometimes, with so many options and listings, they even confuse you! Thankfully, people realized that using them together is a much more efficient way to buy cars. There are a lot of websites in this space that provide you both, trying to integrate them too, to ease the buying process. So, why do you even need CARHP?

As the brilliant inventor and pioneer Thomas Alva Edison said, “There’s a way to do it better - find it”.

Well, that’s what we did; we found a better way.

In our effort to simplify the car-buying experience, we brought together three important elements (data, content, and inventory) to create a truly simplified car buying experience for the user. Integrating the three into a singular entity creates a better medium to understand than regular reviews. We also try to conclude our advice with a binary; present us with a simple query and our answer will be either a yes or a no. Our focus on simplicity coupled with data-backed content and inventory is our USP.

Using CARHP’s website, you can check a car out, read the in-depth review for it, and compare data to understand things better. Data-backed content is a more reliable resource for making an important decision. If you are looking for your first purchase, our data-backed content will show you a much better picture. Even if you know your wheels, our expert advice would further help you out if you are ever in a pickle.