2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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$43,950 - $45,990

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Key Spec of 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia
fuel economy


fuel type

Premium Unleaded


78 hp @ 6000 rpm

basic warranty


ProsConsWhat's New

Striking exterior design

Cramped rear seats

All-new and limited-edition Estrema trim introduced

Sharp handling with precise steering

Stiff ride quality

Well-appointed cabin

Accessing the trunk can be inconvenient

Potent turbocharged powertrain

Stiffened chassis for enhanced handling

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: August 10, 2022

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From being founded by anonymous investors to becoming a well-known name in the luxury and performance car segments, Alfa Romeo has been having a glorious run. Among its lineup of vehicles, the Giulia is a comparatively new one and it replaced the handsome yet classy, 159 sedan. Post-launch, the sedan was positioned as a compact luxury sedan and turned heads with its unique design. Since the car hit the market, it has not seen any significant design upgrade however, it doesn’t need one anytime soon either.

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Base$43,950 onwards

Sprint$45,450 Est. onwards

Estrema$45,990 onwards

Ti$45,990 onwards

Veloce$45,990 onwards

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Alfa Rosso

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The 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia will be a carryover model and will retain its existing lineup of trim levels. A new and limited-edition Estrema trim will be available and will be placed above the top-end Veloce trim, while the high-performance Quadrifoglio still sits at the top. The regular models of the Giulia get a Fiat-sourced turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder motor while the Quadrifoglio gets a compact 2.9-liter Ferrari-sourced V6. Apart from the powertrain part, the regular version of the sedan gets performance-specific upgrades in its top-end Veloce trim such as a limited-slip rear differential and Sport front seats. The brand also takes care of the safety department by equipping the Giulia with a couple of ADAS techs as standard right from the base trim while the full suite of features is available through optional packages. In its class, the Giulia takes it up with the Audi A4, the BMW 3 Series, and the Mercedes-Benz C Class.


The 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia will see no change in its trim lineup apart from the introduction of an all-new Estrema trim level. However, the Estrema trim will be a limited-edition one and comes with some attractive set of features such as a black theme for the exterior along with carbon fiber trim inserts and an adaptive suspension setup. The base Sprint trim is quite well equipped with features such as wireless device charging, driver’s seat memory settings, heated front and rear seats, and premium leather upholstery. The Ti trim only sees a few additions over the Sprint however, the Veloce gets a sport-tuned steering system along with sport front seats. The Quadrifoglio will be covered in a separate review.











Key Features

17-inch alloy wheels

Upgraded 18-inch alloy wheels

Limited-slip rear differential

Blacked-out exterior trims

Wireless device charging pad

Heating function for steering wheel

19-inch alloy wheels

19-inch black-painted alloy wheels

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard 


Sport-tuned steering system

Adaptive suspension 

Memory settings for driver’s seat

Sport front seats with adjustable side bolster and thigh support

Leather treatment for upper door panels along with armrests

Two-zone automatic climate control

Carbon fiber trim inserts for both interior and exterior

Heating function for both front and rear seats

Sporty aluminum pedals

Premium leather upholstery

14-speaker premium Harman Kardon audio setup

We Recommend

The base Sprint trim would be a good fit if you’re looking for value and performance. We would suggest skipping the Ti trim, investing a bit more, and opting for the Veloce trim if you wish to experience the potential of the sedan. The Quadrifoglio sedan is recommended if you desire performance over anything else.

Release Date

The 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia is expected to hit the dealerships by fall 2022 since it has been released already.

Engine and Performance

Some Alfa Romeo cars are known to hide Ferrari-sourced powertrains under their hoods; however, the regular Giulia gets a Fiat MultiAir motor. The Ferrari-derived V6 is reserved for the performance-specced Quadrifoglio sedan. The base motor is a 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 unit that pushes out a maximum of 280 horsepower along with 306 lb-ft of torque. The output figures are more than most of the rivals in the segment, and once the turbocharger engages, the motor pulls strongly until maxing out. 

The motor is mated to a standard 8-speed automatic unit that is quick but there are some hesitations and lag during downshifts while you floor it. The driveability is excellent on both urban limits and highways. The 2.0-liter turbo four-pot posts a respectable 0-60mph sprint time of 5.4 seconds while the standing quarter-mile comes up under 14.7 seconds. The regular models can be had in a standard RWD setup or an AWD layout but the Quadrifoglio is RWD-only. Oh, and the Quadrifoglio’s 2.9-liter V6 pumps out 505 horsepower along with 443 lb-ft of torque, in case you’re wondering.


2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2022 Audi A4

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2022 BMW 3 Series







2.0L Turbo I-4

2.0L Turbo I-4

2.0L Turbo I-4

2.0L Turbo I-4







8-speed automatic 

7-speed automatic 

9-Speed Automatic

8-speed Automatic


280 hp @ 5,200 RPM

261 hp @ 5,000 RPM

255hp @ 5,800 RPM

255 hp @ 5,000 RPM


306 lb-ft @ 2,000 RPM

273 lb-ft @ 1,500 RPM

273 lb-ft @ 1,800 RPM

295 lb-ft @ 1,550 RPM


5.4 seconds

5.7 seconds

5.7 seconds

5.6 seconds


14.2 seconds

14.7 seconds

14.1 seconds


Top Speed

149 MPH

130 MPH

130 MPH

130 MPH

Even though the Giulia is among the quickest ones, the Audi A4 with its turbocharged 2.0-liter powertrain isn’t a slouch either. The A4 can sprint from 0 to 60mph in under 5.7 seconds while the quarter-mile sprint comes up under 14.7 seconds flat. The Mercedes-Benz C Class has a slightly lower power output than the A4 but an identical torque output to the latter. The acceleration times are almost identical to the A4’s numbers as well. The BMW 3 Series is slightly quicker than the C Class and the A4 and gets a 2.0-liter turbocharged motor as well.

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ride and Handling

The Alfa Romeo Giulia performs and drives like a proper sports sedan. Right from the base trim onwards, the car gets a stiff suspension setup along with a precise steering wheel. The sharp response from the steering system makes taking corners and performing quick maneuvers a cakewalk but at highway speeds, it becomes a tedious job. The stiff suspension means that you need to bid adieu to the comfort you’d expect from a compact luxury sedan at this price point. However, with the adaptive suspension setup on the limited-edition Estrema model, you can get a slight respite in terms of comfort.

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Braking Performance

The Alfa Romeo Giulia impresses in its performance and handling section but struggles a bit to catch up in the braking department. The braking action is inconsistent after pressing the brake pedal and the stopping distance also takes a mild hit due to this as well. At the front, the Giulia gets 13-inch rotors while at the rear, 12.5-inch rotors do the duty. Due to the inconsistency during braking, the stopping distance of the Giulia is rather disappointing for a sports sedan at 123 feet.


2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2022 Audi A4

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2022 BMW 3 Series

Brake Rotors (front) (in)





Brake Rotors (rear) (in)





Curb Weight (lbs)





60-0 (-ft)





The Audi A4 gets a pair of sizable 13.3-inch rotors at the front while the rear rotors measure 13 inches. Despite being heavier than the Giulia, the A4 manages to halt within 119 feet from 60 mph under panic braking situations. The Mercedes-Benz C Class has similar-sized rotors to the Giulia at the front while the rear rotors are smaller at 11.8 inches. The braking performance is rather impressive with a stopping distance of just 112 feet courtesy of the lower curb weight and well-optimized braking system. The BMW 3 Series has the best braking performance here with a stopping distance of just 103 feet.

Fuel Economy

Performance-oriented cars are not usually synonymous with fuel efficiency but that is not the case with the 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia. With the base 2.0-liter motor, the Giulia returns an average of 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg out on the highways. The combined mileage is rated at 27 mpg. The car gets a decent-sized gasoline tank of 15.3 gallons and offers some decent driving range numbers as well.


2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2022 Audi A4

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2022 BMW 3 Series

MPG (City)





MPG (Highway)





MPG (Combined)





Fuel Capacity (Gallons)





Range (City/Highway/Combined) 






The Audi A4 has almost identical fuel economy numbers to the Alfa Romeo Giulia and has almost similar driving range figures too. The Mercedes-Benz C Class has better highway mileage than both the A4 and the Giulia and also benefits from a sizable 17.4-gallon gasoline tank. The BMW 3 Series impresses with its EPA ratings when compared to the rivals on the list but the C Class takes the cake in terms of overall driving range.


Since the Alfa Romeo Giulia is positioned as a compact luxury sedan, you’d expect a well-appointed cabin along with an abundance of features as standard. The 2023 Giulia takes care of both but doesn’t expect anything extraordinary. The front seats offer adequate headroom and legroom along with plenty of support. However, wider drivers are gonna find it slightly difficult to adjust themselves due to the aggressive bolstering. The rear seats are decently spacious but taller passengers might brush their heads on the roof liner often. The overall fit and finish levels inside the cabin feel solid with leather upholstery as standard. A majority of the exposed surfaces are covered with Alcantara, wooden trims, or metallic trims, so no complaints there. The dashboard bears a cockpit-like design with the dials, controls, and infotainment screen aligned towards the driver’s seat. The trunk space is modest at 13.4 cu-ft but accessing the trunk can be tedious due to the higher-than-average loading lip.


2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2022 Audi A4

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2022 BMW 3 Series

Seating Capacity





Front Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches)





Rear Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches)





Trunk Capacity (cubic feet)





The Audi A4’s cabin is quite the place to be in, especially with its sporty layout and excellent attention to detail. Headroom and legroom are adequate for all the occupants and the rear seats don't feel as cramped as the Giulia’s rear seats. The trunk space on offer is decent at 12 cu-ft but it could’ve been better. The Mercedes-Benz C Class’s cabin shares plenty of similarities and design inspiration with the top-end S Class sedans and the comfort levels are much better than what Giulia offers as well. The BMW 3 Series’s cabin has changed a lot over the years and the current design neatly blends modern design with a simple touch.

Some of the key interior features available with the 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia include:

  • Keyless ignition and entry
  • Two-zone automatic climate control
  • Premium leather upholstery
  • Heating function for front and rear seats
  • Driver’s seat memory settings
  • Heated steering wheel

How intuitive is the 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia’s infotainment system?

Luxury cars do have intuitive infotainment systems packed with features as a norm but the 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia focuses more on styling and performance. The standard system is an 8.8-inch touchscreen unit that is coupled with an 8-speaker audio system. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard along with a wireless charging pad and Bluetooth. The Ti trim gets a navigation system while the limited-edition Estrema will get a premium 14-speaker Harman Kardon audio setup. However, the Harman Kardon unit can be had as an optional extra through the Premium Interior and Sound package.

Some of the most notable infotainment features available with the 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia include:

  • 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment display
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Navigation
  • 8-speaker audio setup
  • 14-speaker Harman Kardon audio system(optional)

The exterior design is where the Alfa Romeo Giulia, as well as other vehicles from the brand, have been making a statement for a long time. The 2023 Giulia will carry on with a similar design as the outgoing model and it turns heads wherever it goes. Yes, Audi’s front grille design is one of the best in terms of aggressiveness but the Giulia’s front fascia along with its appeal is in a different league. There are no sharp designs on the exterior of the sedan but the curves and that iconic Alfa Romeo front grille design make a statement wherever it goes. The big Xenon headlamp units look like a pair of eyes and the wide blacked-out air dams on the front bumper let in enough air for maximum cooling. The wheels also carry a unique design you’d only find in Alfa Romeo vehicles while the side profile of the car remains smooth without any creases. At the rear, the design is pretty simple but the dual exhaust pipes on either side give the deserving sporty appeal to the car. However, the car sits low at only 4-inch of ground clearance and it needs to be taken easy over speed breakers.


2022 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2022 Audi A4

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2022 BMW 3 Series

Curb Weight (lbs)





Length (inches)





Width (inches)





Height (inches)





Ground Clearance (inches)





Wheelbase (inches)





The Audi A4 is among the most aggressive yet elegant-looking ones here, excluding the Giulia. Also, it is the longest one here and has a decent ground clearance of 5.2 inches as well. The Mercedes-Benz C Class gets a deserving exterior design and the front-end design draws inspiration from the AMG GT sports car. However, it sits the lowest at 3.8 inches. The BMW 3 Series still doesn’t get the awkward front grille design you’d find on bigger and more expensive vehicles from the brand but it looks more premium than before and has the longest wheelbase along with the best ground clearance here.

Some standout exterior features include:

  • Xenon headlamps
  • 17-inch/18-inch wheels
  • Sunroof
  • Red brake calipers with Alfa Romeo lettering
  • Carbon-fiber exterior trim(Estrema only)

Italian cars seldom go through crash tests and the Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of them. Both the NHTSA and the IIHS have not crash-tested the 2023 Giulia yet but the current model went through the crashworthiness tests from IIHS and scored excellent ratings. Apart from that, the sedan comes standard with all the basic safety features along with a couple of ADAS systems, font collision mitigation, and lane departure warning. For more driver assistance techs, the Active Assist Plus package brings in all the features.

Some of the standout safety features include:

  • Front collision mitigation system
  • Lane departure warning
  • Blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Traffic sign recognition system
  • Driver attention warning 

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia vs 2022 Audi A4

The Audi A4 has been around for a lot more time than the Giulia but the latter offers a great value in the segment as a sports sedan. The A4 has an edge over the Giulia due to its standard AWD layout, a well-appointed cabin, and much better comfort levels than the Giulia. However, the Giulia obliterates the A4 in terms of handling and exterior appeal by a huge margin. Moreover, both the sedans are equally fuel efficient and that is where the Giulia shines.

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia vs 2022 Mercedes-Benz C Class

In comparison to the Giulia and the A4, the Mercedes-Benz C Class feels like an ordinary one here, more suited for luxury-seeking shoppers. Yes, the C Class might not be able to take those corners like the Giulia or announce aggressiveness like the A4, but it offers a superb rear seat and an excellent interior design that happens to be inspired by the S Class. Moreover, it is one of the best in the segment in terms of driving range, due to its sizable gas tank making it perfect for those non-stop highway cruises.

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia vs 2022 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series has become more polished and grown bigger in terms of dimensions but feels like a different vehicle altogether when compared to the Giulia. It has the best fuel economy figures among the competitors here and offers a matured interior design that is also on the minimal side. All these come at a similar price tag to the Giulia. Hence, it fares better against the Italian sedan in some key areas whereas the latter takes the crown in the performance and handling department.

Final Verdict

The Alfa Romeo Giulia should be on your shopping list if you’re ready to embrace a luxury sedan that can take corners like a sports car and looks like nothing else on the road at the cost of ride comfort. The Giulia also offers decent enough fuel economy figures despite having the highest output figures from its powertrain when compared to almost all the rivals in its class. Yes, it does have a slightly cramped rear seat and a tough-to-access trunk, but you’d prefer to enjoy the car all by yourself since your passengers might not agree to the stiff ride the car offers.


vehicle bio
base price


body style

dr Sedan

engine type

122 cu in

horse power

280 hp @ 5200 rpm


306 lb.-ft. @ 2000 rpm

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