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Charan Narain Khandelwal

Belongs to Brooklyn, New York

Designation: Content Writer

DOB: 1994-06-05

Currently drives: 2016 Volkswagen Arteon

Favorite rides: Ford Shelby Mustang , Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Favorite quote

“ Fear is the cost of imagination. Getting to live a hundred lives in the span of one is the reward for your bravery.”

About me

Charan Narain has been a Digital Marketeer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Freelancer and is now one of the newest additions to the ranks of CarHP. His imagination compliments his passion for cars as he pours his words out writing for us. Hailing from India, he currently lives in New York with his family, a dog named Doggie and a basket full of cousins. Even though he’s a commerce graduate, he is banking on his love for cars and his creativity to be one of the big names in this industry one day. Being a mustang fan boy tell you a lot about his personality. He can probably beat the enthusiasm of a mom cheering for her kid in little league when he talks about the car. Mr. Charan has behind the wheel since he was a kid, but from pushing the pedals on his bicycle to pushing the pedals on a car, he has had an amazing journey. He frequently visits the track beat his lap time in various types and makes of cars and motorbikes. He’s currently learning to drift which he brags he’s getting quite

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