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Krishna Choubey

Belongs to Cincinati , Ohio

Designation: Automobile Journalist

DOB: 1994-08-10

Currently drives: Challenger RT

Favorite rides: Bentley Continental, Stelvio QF

Favorite quote

"There's a lot of stress... but once you get in the car, all that goes out the window "

About me

Krishna's obsession with wheeled machines started brewing at a very early age that eventually pulled him down the niche track of Automotive Journalism. He has been closely associated with in house teams of mainstream newspapers and magazines. However further streamlining his core interest in cars, his evolution as a prolific motor reporter has been significant in the past two years, where he has contributed to the automobile desk of various print and online publishers. Onboard CarHP, he has been indulged in, in-depth drive reviews of cars and is also a part of the editorial team. Among cars, he holds an explicit infatuation with the Americans. He drives a Challenger R/T with all-time favorite being the classy and esteemed Escalade. He says, America is the epicenter of almost all the changing dynamism in the global spectrum and driving the likes of Lincolns and Cadillacs, with their names deeply esteemed into American history, there's a fuelling nostalgia that

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