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Shivendra Garg

Belongs to Brookfield, Wisconsin

Designation: Content writer

DOB: 1993-08-05

Currently drives: 2016 Mini Hardtop JCW

Favorite rides: Ford Mustang GT, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, BMW M3

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Favorite quote

“Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.” - Ayrton Senna

About me

Shivendra Garg an automotive content creator goes around by the name of “Shiv”. Shiv is a journalist with a knack for fast cars. Back in his childhood he spend all weekend evenings watching Formula One races with his dad. The sound of the loud, roaring engines were like music to his ears. Since then, he had been running around town looking to get his hands on as many cars as possible. Thanks to NEED FOR SPEED, he did get to drive around in several high end cars while growing up. On his 17th birthday he had a chance to ride shotgun in the 2010 Dodge Charger Widebody. That was an experience he would never forget. Now the fire for driving loud and fast cars burnt brighter than ever. It’s been 19 years since that first ride, and now he has driven and reviewed more cars than he count in the States. The first car he ever drove was the 2011 VolksWagen Golf GTI. That is an experience he recalls to this day.

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