2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible

MSRP $97,400 - $100,300

Ranked #4 in Midsize Convertible



2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: September 14, 2021

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The 8-series was BMW's answer to the Mercedes S range of coupes, bringing in a nameplate that hasn't been in use for two decades since the E31 generation. As of now, the G14 8-series has entered its third running year since the launch of the second generation and has brought about a few but significant updates for the new model year. The 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible will get lane departure warning and Satellite radios as a standard fitment across the range while the Sonic blue paint and Merino leather upholstery get taken off the optional packages.

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Brisk performance

Surprisingly fuel-efficient

Ride and handling

Big cargo hold


Unusable second row

Expensive options and packages

What's New?

Lane departure warning

SiriusXM satellite radio

Sonic Blue paint made unavailable

Merino leather upholstery made unavailable


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Convertible

passenger capacity


top speed

155 mph


rear wheel drive

engine type


183 cu.in.


335 hp @ 5000 rpm


368 lb.-ft.. @ 1600 rpm


8 speed Automatic w/overdrive and auto manual



111.1 in.


191.1 in.


74.9 in.


52.7 in.

curb weight

4211 lbs.

ground clearance

4.6 in.


passenger volume

39.9 cu ft.

cargo volume

12.4 cu ft.

payload capacity

772 lbs.


zero to 60 mph

5 sec.

standing 1/4-mile

13.4 sec.


basic warranty

4 yr./ 50000 mi.

drivetrain warranty

4 yr./ 50000 mi.

corrosion warranty

12 yr./ unlimited mi.

roadside assistance


Pictures & Videos


840i$97,400 onwards

Colors and Styles

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible in Amore Red Metallic color
Amore Red Metallic

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Expert Review, Pricing Analysis and Buying Guide

The new BMW 8 Series Convertible will be available in single standard trim with either an option to choose from a rear-wheel-drive 840i variant or an all-wheel-drive 840i drive variant. The base prices for these would start around 95 grand before you start optioning stuff. BMW also sells a sportier M850I version of the BMW 8-Series Convertible and this will set you back close to $110,000. The 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible does not have any head-on competitors as such but will be likely going against the Mercedes-Benz S 560 Convertible, Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible, and Lexus LC 500 Convertible.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Features

The 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible will be available only in a single base trim, namely the 840i. The entry-level model comes in as a rear-wheel-drive configuration and will start at around $94,400. The all-wheel-drive 840i xDrive model will cost you an additional 3 grand, with starting prices of $97,300. Both models will share the same engine and 8-speed automatic transmission. If performance is of primary concern to you, BMW also sells a hotter version of the convertible as the M850i variant, which boasts a bigger twin-turbo V8 engine. Only this time, the base prices start at around $109,400.

The 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible does come packing in a whole lot more features with the new model, with the optional Sonic Blue paint job and the Merino Premium Leather package seeing a miss this year. Features like a 12.3-inch live cockpit, 10.25-inch iDrive system, 16-way power front seats, 12-speaker premium audio system, head-up display, LED laser lights and 19-inch M-Sport wheels are all part of the standard equipment. This year sees the addition of SiriusXM satellite radio to the infotainment and inclusion of lane departure warnings to the driver assistance systems. BMW also offers a wide range of options and packages for the car and you will find yourself pushing the base price to over 100 grand with minimal add-ons.







Key features

10.25-inch iDrive 7.0 system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay Connectivity


12.3-inch live cockpit and Heads-up-Display


Extended Premium Leather Upholstery and Ash Grain Grey Metallic wood trim


Dynamic cruise control


12-speaker Harman Kardon premium Audio system


16-way power-adjustable front seats with memory and heating function


Leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel with paddle shifters with heating and power adjustability


Multicolor adjustable ambient lighting


Rain-sensing automatic wipers


Icon adaptive LED headlamps with laser light and programmable running lights


Automatic headlamps with high beam assist and adaptive taillamps


Power folding heated outside mirrors


Dynamic damper control/ M-Sport differential


19” M Double-spoke wheels

Which trim should you buy?

The base 840i rear-wheel-drive trim is the one that we would prefer as it combines decent performance, economy, and equipment. Opting for the xDrive variant does not bring in any perceivable improvement unless you reside in places that have rough winters. If performance is the need of the hour, then the M850i would be the obvious choice to go with and the 15 grand jumps in price are well justified with what it has to offer over its lesser counterparts.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Engine and Performance

Even though the 840i variants are the entry-level trims, it sure does pack in some punch under the hood. Housing the B58 Twin Power turbo inline-6, the 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible is good for 335 hp and 368 lb-ft of torque. The twin-scroll turbos spool up pretty quick and there is a lot of thrust from the engine from lower down the rev range. This along with the standard launch control system and the xDrive AWD drivetrain etches out a best 4.6 second run to 60mph from the 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible. The rear-wheel-drive takes a shade more, clocking around 5 seconds to do the same.

With the roof up, the 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible manages a standing quarter-mile run in just over 13 seconds and does a claimed 155 mph top speed given that you have a proper set of tires. Talking about performance, if you chose to go for the M850i model, the turbo inline-6 gets replaced by a twin-turbo V8 that pumps out over 500 horses. This model cuts down the 0-60 time to below four seconds and is capable of reaching the same top speed quicker, posting an 11.5 second, 123 mile-an-hour pass over the quarter-mile.


BMW 8 Series Convertible

Mercedes S 560 Convertible

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Lexus LC 500 Convertible








3.0L twin-turbo flat-6

4.0L Twin Turbo V8

3.0L twin-turbo flat-6

5.0L V8







8-speed automatic

9-speed automatic

8-speed PDK

10-speed automactic

Power (hp @ RPM

335hp @ 5000rpm

463hp @ 5250rpm

379hp @ 6500rpm

471hp @

Torque (lb-ft @ RPM)

368lb-ft @ 1600rpm

516lb-ft @ 2000rpm

331lb-ft @ 1950rpm

398lb-ft @ 4800rpm

0-60 MPH (seconds)





Quarter-Mile (seconds)





Top-Speed (MPH)





The 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible does seem a bit low on power on paper, but in the real world, it more or less matches its pricier and more powerful competition. The 911 Carrera convertible. Being the lightest car here manages to post the best time both in the 0-60 mph and the quarter-mile run. The S 560 comes in second with a 4.5 second 0-60 run. The BMW and the Lexus manage identical times despite the Lexus having a significant power advantage. The higher curb weight and the absence of an AWD system might be the reason. That said, if it was the BMW M850i, the story would have been entirely different.

How well does the 2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible handle?

 Well, let's just say the 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible is balanced in this regard. It is not as sharp as something short and narrow like the M340i nor as lazy as say, something like the 7-series. It hits the sweet spot in between, without compromising the real-world comfort and usability that grand touring machines like these are expected to offer. The engine does offer a lot and cruising close to triple-digit speeds is effortless thanks to 8-speed auto transmission and excellent straight-line stability.

 Even though the steering is power-assisted, it generally feels quite light in use and does weigh up nicely as the speeds increase. The sport drive mode noticeably stiffens up the whole ride and the steering does feel a whole lot more communicative. There is a lot of weight to play with here but as long as you drive it under the limits, there is a whole lot of fun to be had from this rather sizable car. The chassis does feel as solid as the coupe and when driven back-to-back, they almost feel dynamically equivalent.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Braking Performance

The 2021BMW 8-Series Convertible does come with ventilated steel discs all around. BMW has not put up details about the sizes or type of hardware in use, but they sure feel good. There is a decent amount of bite and the pedal does feel very progressive. The best stop we could get out of the BMW 8-Series Convertible is around 115 feet, from 60mph. BMW also has included the whole electronic suit which includes dynamic brake control and cornering braking which aids in better control and confidence when the paces are high.


BMW 8 Series Convertible

Mercedes S 560 Convertible

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Lexus LC 500 Convertible

Brake Rotors: Front (inches)





Brake Rotors: Rear (inches)





Curb Weight (lbs)





60-0 (feet)





Given the Porsche 911, Carrera is a full-blown sports car and is the lightest on here, single-handedly taking a win in the braking department by being the only one stopping in under 100 feet while having no considerable advantage in the hardware. Even though we don’t have any official data on the brake sizes of the BMW, it stops the second best thanks to the comparatively lower curb weight. The LC 500, which boasts the biggest hardware here, comes a close next, stopping in just 116 feet. The hefty 4800 pound S 650 takes a bit longer to come to a complete halt, taking at least 122 feet from the application of brakes.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Fuel Economy

The 2021BMW 8-Series Convertible comes out with some decent fuel economy figures for the class. With rated combined gas mileage of 25 mpg, the BMW does come out on top of its class. This combined with the 18-gallon fuel tank, you are looking at a real-world range of about 450 miles, which is really impressive. If you plan on sticking to the highways with light footwork, the 2021 BMW 8-Series Convertible will return close to 30 mpg and this will push its highway range to over 520 miles. If you go for the M850i, there will be a considerable drop in these numbers and the best it can return is 24mpg.


BMW 8 Series Convertible

Mercedes S 560 Convertible

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Lexus LC 500 Convertible

MPG (City)





MPG (Highway)





MPG (Combined)





Tank Capacity (Gallons)





Range (City/Highway/Combined, in Miles)





The 2021BMW 8-Series Convertible being the least powerful in the gang, puts down the best numbers when it comes to individual economy figures. That said, the 18-gallon fuel tank is rather small compared to the Mercedes and the Lexus, both of which offer over 21 gallons of capacity. This gives them an advantage on the highways, giving them both the best range in their class. The Porsche, with its comparatively small 16.9-gallon tank, falls to the back of the pack when it comes to range even though the individual economy figures are quite decent.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Interior

The insides of the 2021BMW 8-Series Convertible feel quite familiar as it resembles most of the modern gen BMWs in layout. Well, it is not a bad thing as it offers one of the best compromises between modern tech and actual usability. Fit and finish are of the highest order with the use of fine quality material throughout the cabin. The insides are not short of any equipment as it gets the modern digital cockpit, heads-up display, and a nice touch screen iDrive system. The use of physical buttons and controls for basic functions including climate control makes the cabin very functional in this era of touchscreens.

The M-Sport bucket seats feel really accommodating and offer over 57-inches of shoulder room. It comes with 14-way power adjustability, heating, and memory functions as standard. The thick M-sport leather-wrapped steering wheel feels nice to hold. It gets paddle shifters and a heating function as well. With only 29.5-inches of legroom to spare, the rear seats are a bit tight and unusable for adults. The 12.4 cu-ft. The trunk is decent for its class but you would find it hard to fit 2 decent-sized travel bags in it.


BMW 8 Series Convertible

Mercedes S 560 Convertible

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Lexus LC 500 Convertible

Seating Capacity





Front Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches)





Second Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches)





Trunk Capacity (cubic feet)





The 2021 Mercedes Benz S560 Convertible offers the best front seats experience here, boating class shoulder room, and impressive legroom. The BMW 8-series Convertible and the Lexus LC 500 convertible follow a close second butthe BMWoffers the biggest boot in this comparison. The Porsche is the most cramped car in here and its sports car roots aren’t helping it in this regard. Some standout interior features of the 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible are;

  • 12.3 Live Cockpit Professional instrument cluster
  • 10.25 iDrive infotainment touchscreen
  • 14-way power-adjustable front seats
  • Extended Premium Leather upholstery
  • Heated front seats with memory function
  • Leather-wrapped and heated M-Sport steering wheel
  • Steering mounted paddle shifters
  • Customizable ambient lighting
  • Ash Grain grey Metallic interior wood trim

What’s there to keep you entertained?

The 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible comes with the new 10.25-inch iDrive 7.0 touchscreen infotainment system. It supports both voice, gesture, and the iDrive touchpad controller. The infotainment system comes packed with the latest features including all the mobile phone connectivity features. For this year SiriusXM satellite radio makes an appearance with 1-year access subscription. 

The system is also capable of receiving over-the-air updates and gets real-time traffic information in the navigation system. A 12-speaker Harman Kardon premium audio system also comes in as part of the standard package. Some standout infotainment features of the 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible are;

  • 12.3-inch iDrive 7.0 touchscreen system
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Bluetooth handsfree
  • SiriusXM with 1-year access
  • Navigation with real-time traffic info
  • BMW remote services
  • BMW TeleServices
  • BMW Connected Services
  • Over-the-air update capable
  • 12-speaker 408 watts Harman Kardon Premium Audio system

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Exterior

As with most BMWs of the future, the 8-series is not the prettiest thing in the world, at least in its convertible avatar. If there is one view, that you would stand gazing at for hours, will be the rear three-quarter view thanks to that beautifully sculpted rear end. We are not complaining about the front end here, but the long hood and oversized headlamps just don’t quite hit the proportions right. Also, the abrupt downward curvature of the cloth roof does not do justice to the clean lines of its coupe counterpart.

The 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible does have a whole lot of things going on the outside and the standard 19-inch M-sport twin-spoke wheels are just the start. For instance, the automated front LED headlamps house the laser lights, programmable LED running lights, and have auto high beam function as well. Both the headlamps and the tail lamps are adaptive. The exterior mirrors are powered and have a heating and auto-dimming function. The standard comes with the Shadowline exterior trim and the full aerodynamic kit. BMW also offers a plethora of other customization options and also has a wide pallet of metallic colors.


BMW 8 Series Convertible

Mercedes S 560 Convertible

Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Lexus LC 500 Convertible

Curb Weight (lb)





Length (inches)





Width (inches)





Height (inches)





Ground Clearance (inches)





Wheelbase (inches)





The 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible is not the biggest car here but extracts the most practical amounts of passenger and cargo space on the inside. It also has helped it in keeping the weight down. The S 560 is the biggest car here and also weighs the most. The Porsche does manage to remain compact and lightweight but loses to the competition in space and practicality. The Lexus also hits balance with the proportions but is on the heavier side. Some standout exterior features of the 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible are;

  • 19-inch M double-spoke orbit grey wheels
  • Shadowline Exterior trim
  • Aerodynamic kit
  • Power folding heated side mirrors
  • Icon Adaptive LED headlamps with laser light
  • Programmable LED running lights
  • Automatic high beam
  • Adaptive taillamps
  • Keyless entry with hands-free trunk opening

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Safety

The 2021BMW 8-series Convertible has not yet gone through any crash safety tests by the NHTSA or the IIHS, nor have its previous iterations. So no official data on its safety is available. That said, BMW has not compromised on the safety tech on this car and has even added the lane departure warning as a standard feature for the range this year. Some standout safety features of the 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible are;

  • Lane departure warning
  • Frontal collision warning
  • Automatic city collision mitigation
  • Auto emergency braking
  • Adaptive headlamps and taillamps
  • Rearview camera
  • Impact sensor that disconnects battery terminal
  • BMW Assist eCall
  • Rollover protection system

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Competition

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible vs 2021 Mercedes Benz S 560 Convertible

Since the S 450 Convertible is no longer available, the S 560 Convertible is the only viable alternative from the house of Mercedes. It is significantly costlier than the 2021 BMW 8-series Convertible, without offering much of an improvement when it comes to real-world performance. The Mercedes-Benz does offer a slightly bigger and posher cabin than the BMW, but the one on the latter is in no way bad. The BMW is also the more practical and economical car here. If power is an issue, you could still go for the BMW M850i and still save a lot of money while doing it. So our recommendation would definitely be the BMW.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible vs 2021 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

This is a choice that would boil down to use and personal preference. When the BMW tries to offer the best of both worlds in every parameter, the Porsche does not try to be anything other than what it exactly is- a fast and fun-to-drive cabriolet. If you are someone who outweighs usability and practicality over outright performance and driving feel, the BMW would make more sense. But our hearts stay with the Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible and are willing to sacrifice everything better on offer from the BMW just for the better driving experience.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible vs 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

The Lexus LC 500 Convertible is a special car here with its last standing naturally aspirated engine. Even though it is far more powerful than the BMW, it is in no way faster or more involving to drive than the BMW 8-series Convertible. It is the more expensive car here and also falls behind the BMW when it comes to fuel economy and practicality. That said, the Lexus has its unending charm and uniqueness that can’t be matched by the BMW and that’s where the Lexus LC 500 Convertible scores points. The BMW 8-series Convertible is the better car here but the LC 500 Convertible will always stand distinctive.

2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible Final Verdict

Offering a decently powerful engine, a balanced chassis, and a livable cabin, the 2021 BMW 8 Series Convertible delivers the best blend of everything that you would expect from a drop-top 4 seater. Staring at lower prices than the competition and offering different drivetrain options, there is a BMW 8-series Convertible for everyone. It might not be the best looking nor the best driving car of its class, but it definitely is a BMW and you realize it the moment you start moving.