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2017 BMW M6 Coupe Complete In-depth Review & Buying Guide

The BMW M6 is all about raw power and performance. A derivative of the regular 6 series luxury sedan, the M6 is a 2-door coupe developed by BMW in consultation with its motorsports division. BMW says that the M6 is barely street legal and is an ultimate track weapon. Does the M6 stand on what BMW claims? We're here to investigate that in this in-depth review of the 2017 BMW M6 Coupe.

The M6 coupe is offered in only one trim level and is priced at $113700. It is powered by a 4.4 litre engine that makes 560 horses and delivers 500 lb-ft of torque. The engine is coupled to a 7 speed automatic transmission and power is sent to all the four wheels.

This car is just about power and performance but it's also the looks of the car that grab the eyeball of people. The low slung sports car like styling, the large rims, the traditional BMW kidney grills at the front, the coupe body styling, the lines and the curves all add to the overall drama of this car. A good looking beast is what we would like to call the BMW M6.

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Smooth transmission

Efficient Engine

Suave looks


Not so good handling

Larger carbon footprint

What's New?

2 colors added to the lineup

No significant Change


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Coupe

passenger capacity


top speed

160 mph



engine type


268 cu. in.


560 hp @ 6000 rpm


500 lb.-ft. @ 1500 rpm


7-speed automatic


suspension front

independent front double wishbone suspension

suspension rear

independent rear multi-link suspension

brake rotors (f/r)

14.6 in. ventilated disc brakes/15 in. ventilated disc brakes



112.2 in.


192.8 in.


74.8 in.


54.1 in.

curb weight

4250 lbs.

ground clearance

4.2 in.


passenger volume

87 cu ft.

cargo volume

13 cu ft.

towing capacity

4500 lbs.

payload capacity

930 lbs.


zero to 60 mph

4.1 sec.

standing ¼-mile

12.1 sec.

fuel economy


14/16/20 mpg

highway range

422 mi.


basic warranty

4 years/50000 miles

drivetrain warranty

4 years/50000 miles

corrosion warranty

12 years/unlimited

roadside assistance


Pictures & Videos


 2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Alpine White color  2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Black Sapphire Metallic color  2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Citrin Black Metallic color  2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Frozen Brilliant White Metallic color  2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Frozen Bronze Metallic color  2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Imperial Blue Metallic color  2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Jatoba Brown Metallic color  2017 BMW M6 Coupe in Moonstone Metallic color
Alpine White

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Fuel Economy






Trims and Configurations


 2017 BMW M6 Coupe base


560 hp @ 6000 rpm
Premium unleaded (required)
16 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
2dr Coupe (4.4L 8cyl Turbo 7AM) Starting at $113,700 MSRP (14/16/20) 560 hp @ 6000 rpm, 4.4 L, V8, premium unleaded (required)
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7-speed automatic rear wheel drive 4

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Expert Review

CARHP Editorial September 26, 2018


Overall Rating

The 'M' in the M6 stands for motorsports but we say that it stands for 'madness'. We had said the same for the BMW M6 Gran Coupe and the same applies for the BMW M6 Coupe. The M6 too has got 'M'ad power, 'M'ad performance, 'M'ad looks and 'M'ad features. Driving this car is 'M'adness.





Fuel Economy




2017 BMW M6 Coupe Features


The M6 Coupe is available in only one trim level. However, BMW offers the M6 in three different body styles. The M6 Coupe is a hard top conventional coupe, the M6 Gran Coupe is a hardtop four-door coupe and the M6 convertible is, as the name suggests, a two-door convertible. All the three body styles of the M6 come with the same mechanicals. However, some features differ according to the body style.

Trim M6 Coupe
MSRP $113,700
Key Features Audio Theft Deterrent
  Hydraulic Power-Assist Speed-Sensing Steering
  Regenerative 4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-Wheel ABS, Front And Rear Vented Discs, Brake Assist, Hill Hold Control and Electric Parking Brake
  Cell Phone Pre-Wiring
  Electro-Mechanical Limited Slip Differential
  Speed Sensitive Rain Detecting Variable Intermittent Wipers w/Heated Jets
  Rear Fog Lamps
  Door Auto-Latch
  Radio w/Seek-Scan, In-Dash Mounted Single CD, MP3 Player, Clock, Speed Compensated Volume Control, Aux Audio Input Jack, Steering Wheel Controls, Voice Activation, Weatherband, DVD-Audio and 20 Gb Internal Memory
  Harman/Kardon Surround Sound System
  Turn-By-Turn Navigation Directions
  Real-Time Traffic Display

2017 BMW M6 Coupe Engine

"The 2016 BMW M6 is a truly comfortable grand tourer that's a beast at full throttle. The zero -to-60-time only begins to tell the story, as it's affected by the limited traction of rear-wheel drive at launch."- Edmunds

Engine and Transmission

The 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 DOHC power plant of the BMW M6 churns out a whopping 560 horse power and makes a solid 500 lb-ft of torque. The engine is coupled to a 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission which is exceptionally quick in shifting gears further ensuring undisturbed power delivery. Power from the engine is sent to all the four wheels.

No car in the competition beats the M6 in terms of power. The Mercedes Benz uses a smaller 4 litre engine but makes 57 horses less than the Beemer. The Jaguar F-Type on the other hand uses a larger 5 litre engine and yet makes 10 horses less than the M6.

Models BMW M6 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S coupe Jaguar F-type R coupe
MSRP $113,700 $75,000 $105,400
Engine 4.4L DOHC V8 32V TwinPower Turbo 4.0L Biturbo V8 -inc: ECO stop/start technology 5.0L DOHC 32V V8 Supercharged
Transmission 7-speed automatic 7-speed automatic 8-speed automatic
Horsepower 560 hp @ 6000 rpm 503 hp @ 5500 rpm 550 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque 500 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm 516 lb-ft @ 1750 rpm 502 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm


The BMW has decent acceleration timings but isn't really quick as you would want it to be. The M6 propels itself from a standstill to 60 MPH in about 4.1 seconds. Take this might car to the drag strip and it will cover the quarter mile distance in about 12.1 seconds.

The acceleration figures of the BMW are rather disappointing. In spite of being the most powerful competition, it fails to beats its rivals in terms of acceleration timings. The quickest car of the lot in terms of 0-60 MPH and quarter-mile acceleration timings happens to the Jaguar F-Type which does it 3.4 seconds and 11.7 seconds respectively. The Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S Coupe beats the M6 in terms of 0-60 MPH acceleration timings.

Models BMW M6 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S coupe Jaguar F-type R coupe
0-60 MPH 4.1 sec 3.8 sec 3.4 sec
Quarter mile 12.1 sec 12.2 sec 11.7 sec
Engine 4.4L 4.0L 5.0L


(Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year)

11.0 9.3 9.8

Ride and Handling

The most impressive part of the BMW M6 is the way it handles. It handles purely like a sports car. The steering is really sensitive and responds quickly. The car is also always ready to dive into the corners and the aerodynamics of the car helps it to stick on the ground firmly. Suspensions are on the firmer side to up the track performance. A pure joy to drive, that's the BMW M6 exactly is.

Credit to the stiffer suspension set up, the ride quality somewhat goes on the harsher side and is not as plush as the regular 6 Series luxury sedan. You'll definitely get every second bump or a pothole you meet through your spine as you drive down the bad roads. However, the bolstered race-spec bucket seats ensure that you don't get thrown around during some spirited high-speed cornering.


Good braking abilities of the car help you to exploit every single ounce of power that your car's engine makes. Powerful stopping ability gives you the confidence to do some high-speed driving. BMW knows that the owners of this car will be indulging themselves into some spirited driving and so they've equipped the M6 with a large set of brakes. Up front you get 15.7 inches diameter discs and at the rear you get 15.6 inches diameter discs. Slam on the brakes and the M6 will come to a standstill from 60 MPH at a distance of 110 feet. Additionally, the BMW features regenerative brakes which convert the heat energy generated during braking into electric energy and keep the battery charged. All the four wheels get regenerative brakes.

The Mercedes performs better than the M6 in terms of braking and stops at a distance of 109 feet when brakes are slammed at 60 MPH. On the flip side, the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe takes 111 feet to stop when brakes are slammed at 60 MPH.

Model BMW M6 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S coupe Jaguar F-type R coupe
Brake Front (in.) 15.7 15.4 15.0
Brake Rear (in.) 15.6 14.2 14.8
Curb Weight (lbs.) 4250 4096 3814
60-0 MPH (ft.) 110 109 111

2017 BMW M6 Coupe Fuel Economy


Not many people shopping in this category would care about the fuel efficiency numbers, yet we have them for you just in case you happen to be an environmentalist who cares about saving fuel reducing carbon foot print. The BMW M6 can go for 14 miles in the city on a gallon of fuel while out there on the highway it can go for 20 miles on a gallon of fuel. The M6 gets a combined MPG rating of 16.

The M6 is the least fuel efficient of the lot. The Mercedes happens to be the most fuel efficient car of the lot and gets a combined fuel economy rating of 19 MPG. The Jag on the other hand gets a combined MPG rating of 18.

Model BMW M6 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S coupe Jaguar F-type R coupe
MPG (city) 14 17 15
MPG (highway) 20 23 23
MPG (combined) 16 19 18

2017 BMW M6 Coupe Interior


"As expected of BMW's top two-door model, the M6's cabin caters to the driver's every need. Door panels and dashboard alike are wrapped with high-quality materials, while the center stack curves toward the driver to create a more intimate feel."-Edmunds

Climb on the inside of the BMW M6 Coupe you'll rather find upscale interiors. Everything is covered in either high-quality leather or carbon fiber. The cabin of the car is pretty much centered around the driver. The controls, the switches, the knobs, and the screen are all pointed towards the driver so that the driver can have the maximum amount of information. You have race-spec bucket seats up front just hold you tightly in place during high-speed driving. In a nutshell, the cabin just justifies the price tag and is just would you expect from a car in this segment.

Seating and Comfort

BMW claims that the M6 can accommodate 4 people but it actually cannot. The rear seats are rather cramped and not fit for carrying 2 adults. So, in reality you can actually carry 2 adults and 2 kids in the rear probably. Up front, you get a total head/shoulder/leg room of 40.0/56.9/42.1 inches while at the rear you get a total head/shoulder/leg room of 35.7/49.7/30.5 inches. The front is quite spacious and is pretty comfortable in there.

Model BMW M6 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S coupe Jaguar F-type R coupe
Passenger capacity 4 4 2
Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.) 40.0/56.9/42.1 38.8/54.8/42.0 37.0/56.5/43.0


(Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)

35.7/49.7/30.5 35.6/51.7/32.0 N/A

Infotainment System

The infotainment system of the M6 is one of the most advanced systems in the category. It consists of a radio with seek, dash-mounted CD player, MP3 player, clock, speed compensated volume control, aux input jack, steering wheel control, voice activation, DVD audio, and 20 BG internal memory. Additionally, you get a Harman/Kardon 14 speaker surround sound system.

Interior Features

  • Hydraulic power assisted speed-sensing steering.
  • Cell phone pre-wiring.
  • Steering wheel controls.
  • Voice command activation.
  • Real-time traffic display.
  • Audio theft deterrent.
  • Turn by turn traffic display.
  • Harman/Kardon surround sound system.

Cargo Volume

There is quite a generous amount of cargo storage space on offer. In fact, the M6 boasts 16.2 cubic feet of cargo volume which is the best in the segment.

The Jaguar gets the second largest trunk volume of 11 cubic feet while the Mercedes Benz features the lowest cargo volume of 10.5 cubic feet.

Model BMW M6 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S coupe Jaguar F-type R coupe
Cargo Volume (ft.3) 16.2 10.5 11.0

2017 BMW M6 Coupe Exterior

"The recently redesigned nose on the 2017 BMW 6 Series is subtly effective, with the number of vertical bars in each "kidney" now nine instead of 10."- Kelley Blue Book


Dimensions and Weight

Balanced and proportionate dimensions of a car only make it aesthetically pleasing. Designers at BMW have done a good job in making the car a good looking beast and the properly laid out dimensions of the car have quite a good role to play in it. The M6 Coupe iss 193 inches lon, 74.8 inches wide and 54.1 inches tall. The car gets a low ground 4.2 inches just to help you have that extra bit of down force. The car also gets a large wheel base of 112.2 inches. The M6 weighs about 4250 lbs.

The M6 happens to be the longest car of the lot while the Jaguar is he widest. The Mercedes on the other hand happens to be the tallest while the Jaguar features the best in class ground clearance of 4.8 inches. The Jaguar F-Type also happens to be the lightest car of the lot at 3814 lbs while the BMW M6 is the heaviest.

Model BMW M6 Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S coupe Jaguar F-type R coupe
Curb weight (lbs.) 4250 4096 3814
Length(in) 193.0 187.0 176.0
Width(in) 74.8 73.6 75.7
Height(in) 54.1 55.2 51.6
Ground clearance (in) 4.2 4.4 4.8
Wheelbase (in) 112.2 111.8 103.2
Track width (in) F/R 64.2/63.5 64.4/62.7 62.4/64.1

Exterior Features

Some of the cool features on the outside of the 2017 BMW M6 are listed below.

  • Speed sensitive rain detecting variable intermittent wipers with heated jets.
  • Rear fog lamps.
  • LED headlamps.
  • LED taillights.
  • Powered tailgate.

2017 BMW M6 Coupe Safety

Safety Features available

  • DSC III Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Side Airbags
  • ABS And Driveline Traction Control
  • Forward Collision
  • Back-Up Camera
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tire Specific Low Tire Pressure Warning

2017 BMW M6 Coupe Competition

Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S Coupe vs BMW M6

The Mercedes Benz AMG C 63 S Coupe is yet another German high performance coupe. The Mercedes makes 60 horses less than the M6 but beats the M6 is terms of 0-60 acceleration timings. The M6 however costs $38000 more than the BMW. The car from Stuttgart also has the more fuel economy figures than the one from the Munich. Features and equipment on both the cars pretty much the same and there's nothing really we could differentiate between the two.

Analysing both the cars closely, we'd rather say that the Merc has the upper hand over the Beemer. It is cheaper, it is fuel efficient, it also has good performance offer. All-in-all, a great proposition for your money.

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe vs BMW M6

The Jaguar F-Type R Coupe is yet another sports coupe from England. The Jag is about 10 horses deficient to the M6 but has the better performance in terms of acceleration. The Jaguar also has the better fuel economy numbers and at the same time is 8 grand cheaper than the M6. The M6 can accommodate a couple of kids on its back seats but the rear seats do not exist in the Jaguar.

Comparing closely, the Jaguar F-Type R is the more sensible car of the two given the fact that it performs better than the M6 on all the fronts and also comes cheaper than the M6. In conclusion, we'd rather suggest you to buy the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe and not the BMW M6 Coupe.

2017 BMW M6 Coupe Final Verdict

The 'M' in the M6 stands for motorsports but we say that it stands for 'madness'. We had said the same for the BMW M6 Gran Coupe and the same applies for the BMW M6 Coupe. The M6 too has got 'M'ad power, 'M'ad performance, 'M'ad looks and 'M'ad features. Driving this car is 'M'adness. Want to have motorsports like experience everyday when you drive to your office? This brawny Bavarian M6 is just the car you are looking at.