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2018 BMW X1 SUV Problems, Issues, Complaints, Recalls, and Which Year to Avoid

Updated on: April 27, 2022

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Driving enthusiasts are deprived of choice in today’s automotive world. BMW offers some respite in the form of the 2018 BMW X1, which has surprisingly good road manners in the category. There have been a few complaints about it, 37 to be specific along with 4 recalls. Its predicted reliability costs are also low but most owners have been complaining about the manufacturer not being able to solve issues covered in the recall. The price of this car is an MSRP of $34,995. Other cars in the category include the Volvo XC40, the Mercedes Benz GLA Class, and the Audi Q3. In this article, let us see how the 2018 BMW X1 problems have affected its owners.

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2018 BMW X1 Coupe User Complaints and Problems

Mechanical problems:

  1. A few owners have had an issue with the air filter not being sealed properly. This can let dust into the engine and cause catastrophic failure. This is one of the rare BMW F48 engine problems because this particular model car is otherwise reliable in terms of the engine.

Electrical system problems:

  1. There have been a few reports of problems that the heater blower stopped working and the cabin was not able to be heated during cold conditions.
  2. Although very rare, some cars have had electrical faults resulting in fire and the whole car being destroyed.
  3. One owner had an issue where there was a rotten odor coming from the car’s AC vents before the AC is switched on. The smell goes away after the AC starts working. This could be a health concern.

Miscellaneous problems:

  1. One of the biggest BMW X1 faults has been that several owners have been issued recall notices but the manufacturer has failed to provide the parts required to carry out the recall. Most of this is due to the vertical trim piece that can increase the risk of injury to rear-seat passengers.
  2. Multiple owners have also faced issues with the rear lift gate not closing correctly. Dealers have identified that the key fob needs to be reprogrammed to fix the BMW X1 tailgate problem.
  3. One owner has also complained about the sun visors being too short to keep the sun out of the driver’s eyes on sunny days.

Safety problems:

  1. A few complaints have stated that the airbags in the car have not deployed even when occupants sustained injury and the car was declared totaled.
  2. There have been multiple complaints about the sunroof exploding inside the car and causing safety concerns.

2018 BMW X1 Coupe Recalls

S. No.


NHTSA Campaign Number

Issues Noticed

Additional Remarks



August 14, 2019


Steering gear tire rod can break

Tie rods breaking can result in loss of vehicle control

Dealers will inspect and replace the tie rods and ball joints


May 9, 2019


Occupant injury in the event of an accident

The B-pillar of the car may not absorb an adequate amount of impact

Dealers will replace the vertical trim pieces on the upper portion of the B-pillars


January 30, 2019


Taillights may loosen and detach

Taillights detaching cannot provide the car following any signal and can create a road hazard

Dealers will properly secure the taillights


July 11, 2018


Crankshaft sensor firmware can cause stall

With incorrect firmware, the sensor cannot process the input from the crankshaft properly

Dealers will replace the crankshaft sensor

Should you buy the 2018 BMW X1?

The BMW X1 is a great car that provides an entry into the world of BMW. It rewards you with good looks, excellent interiors, and a decent amount of space. This year has not been affected by serious issues like the cars involved in the BMW X1 timing chain recall. However, despite the brand showing a total of four recalls, many customers are disappointed with how much time it took to solve some problems. However, by now all cars are problem-free and hence it would be one we could recommend. 

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