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2018 Buick Envision SUV Problems, Issues, Complaints, Recalls, and Which Year to Avoid

Updated on: April 28, 2022

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The Buick Envision is one of those crossovers that is hard to ignore at the first glance but it gets tricky soon after getting to know its rivals. Apart from lacking in some key areas, the Envision is a solid crossover and is commendable in the reliability department too. The 2018 Envision has just 6 complaints officially along with zero recalls to date, which is impressive. The few issues reported against the current model are related to the powertrain, steering system, and suspension. The 2018 Buick Envision gets a reasonable base price of $33,995 and it competes with the Ford Edge, the Nissan Murano, and the Volvo XC60.

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Buick Envision user complaints and problems

Safety problems

  • Steering seizing up: Two owners complained about this issue in their 2018 Buick Envisions. In one report it was mentioned that while driving at highway speeds, the steering locked up completely and the owner had to come to a stop and restart the engine to get it working. Another owner reported that while he stopped at a stoplight, the steering wheel locked u[. The vehicle was restarted to get it working as well.
  • Vibration while driving: Two reports mentioning this issue were reported against the 2018 Envision. The complainant said in one of the reports that while driving, the front of the vehicle was vibrating and the vibrations reached the steering wheel as well. The other report also mentioned the same issue but there the vibrations minimalized after the speed was increased.

Engine problems

  • Coolant hose rupture and fuel sensor failure: A single report mentioning these two problems was recorded officially. The owner mentioned that the coolant hose ruptured due to a thermostat failure that caused the engine to overheat twice. Also, there was a fuel sensor fault that did not let the owner fill fuel into the vehicle.

Interior problems

  • Wet floor and foggy windows: In an isolated case, the owner complained about these two issues with the vehicle. The issue was that whenever it rained, the floor of the vehicle got wet. As a result, the insides of the vehicle would remain foggy, risking safety while driving. Also, the owner and his wife had breathing difficulties due to too much moisture and mildew inside the vehicle.

2018 Buick Envision recalls

The 2018 Buick Envision has not faced any recalls to date.

Should you buy a used Buick Envision?

The Buick Envision is a good option in its segment if you’re on the hunt for a stylish and comfortable crossover. The impressive reliability aspect of the vehicle makes it even more preferable too. However, the Envision does have some letdowns such as subpar cargo space and mediocre ride quality. You can opt for other alternatives such as the Volvo XC60 which gets a lot of things right and is a whole lot better than the Envision as well. If you’re considering going for a used Envision anyway, the older models pose no threats in terms of reliability and a good dealer is what you’ll need for hassle-free ownership.

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