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2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Complete In-depth Review & Buying Guide

In 2016 Cadillac launched a high-performance version of, already running ATS coupe as the ATS-V Coupe. It is a compact sports coupe. It was launched in two body styles, a 4-door sedan and a 2-door coupe. With the price of $63,795, the 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe is a big competition to BMW M4 and Audi RS 5.

The 2018 Cadillac ATS-V coupe does not have any mechanical changes but it surely brings the latest version of the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) tech interface with a smartphone-style navigation app, so that you never have to bother about the route. With the 3.6L V6 Twin Turbo SIDI, DOHC, VVT engine and 464 horsepower, it generates insane power for a car of its size.

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Front and rear parking sensors with a rearview camera

Seats are well padded and offer good back support

Powerful V6 engine


Small back seat and trunk

Some interior controls cause inconvenience.

Poor gas mileage.

What's New?

New and improved Cadillac User Experience (CUE) user interface.

Smartphone-style navigation system.


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Coupe

passenger capacity


top speed

189 mph



engine type


217 cu. in.


464 hp @ 5850 rpm


445 lb.-ft. @ 3500 rpm


6-speed manual


brake rotors (f/r)

13.3 in. ventilated disc brakes/14.5 in. ventilated disc brakes



109.3 in.


184.7 in.


72.5 in.


54.5 in.

curb weight

3803 lbs.

ground clearance

4.9 in.


passenger volume

83.9 cu ft.

cargo volume

10.4 cu ft.


zero to 60 mph

3.8 sec.

standing ¼-mile

15.6 sec.

braking (70-0 mph)

163 ft.

fuel economy


16/19/23 mpg

highway range

368 mi.


basic warranty

4 years/50000 miles

drivetrain warranty

6 years/70000 miles

corrosion warranty

6 years/unlimited

roadside assistance


Pictures & Videos


 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe in Black Raven color  2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe in Crystal White color  2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe in Phantom Gray Metallic color  2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe in Red Obsession Tintcoat color  2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe in Satin Steel Metallic color
Black Raven

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Fuel Economy








Trims and Configurations


 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Base


464 hp @ 5850 rpm
Premium unleaded (recommended)
19 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
2dr Coupe (3.6L 6cyl Turbo 6M) Starting at $63,195 MSRP (16/19/23) 464 hp @ 5850 rpm, 3.6 L, V6, premium unleaded (recommended)
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6-speed manual rear wheel drive 4   Black Raven
  Crystal White
  Phantom Gray Metallic
  Red Obsession Tintcoat
  Satin Steel Metallic

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Expert Review

CARHP Editorial September 21, 2018


Overall Rating

It runs from zero to 60 mph in just a short time of 3.8 seconds, which is better than the BMW M4 Coupe and Mercedes-Benz AMG C63. It is a good alternative to the coupe from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Though it has got some flaws, some minor things can be avoided for the price Cadillac is offering.





Fuel Economy






2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Features


The 2018 Cadillac ATS-V is a luxury compact coupe available in only a single trim. The ATS-V costs $64,790 and the trim is well equipped and different upgrade packages are available so that you can select a package according to your need. The 3.6-Liter V6 engine comes standard on this coupe produces a massive 464 horsepower and 445 pound-feet of torque.

Trims ATS-V
MSRP $63,195
Features Carbon-fiber hood
  18-inch alloy wheels
  Brembo high-performance brakes
  Adaptive Sports Suspension
  Electronically controlled limited-slip differential
  Front and rear parking sensors
  Rearview camera
  Keyless entry and ignition
  Leather upholstery and heated front seat
  Split-folding rear seatbacks.

There are various options and packages to choose from and tailor your car according to your preferences. Like for the people who love to have the best infotainment in their cars can go for the Luxury package, that includes a navigation system and an upgraded Bose audio system.

2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Engine


“The suspension and braking system have been heavily upgraded over the vanilla ATS variants and the additional cornering ability and stopping power are greatly improved. Turn-in is sharp too and the ATS-V remains planted even when provoked which is reassuring in a car with this level of power.”- Carbuzz

Engine and Transmission

The 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe has a 3.6L twin-turbocharged V6 engine which generates a horsepower of 464hp and a 445 pound-feet of torque. This translates to breathe taking performance everytime you step on the Gas. It is paired with a choice of a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

Models Cadillac ATS-V Coupe BMW M4 Coupe Audi RS 5 Coupe Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
MSRP $63,795 $68,700 $69,900 $67,500
Engine 3.6L V6 Twin Turbo SIDI, DOHC, VVT 3.0L 6-Cylinder TwinPower Turbo 2.9L TFSI 6 Cylinder 4.0L Biturbo V8
Transmission 6-Speed Manual 6-Speed Manual 8-Speed Automatic 7-Speed Automatic
Power 464 hp 425 hp 444 hp 469 hp
Torque 445 lb-ft 406 lb-ft 443 lb-ft 479 lb-ft

The Cadillac ATS-V Coupe is the best choice among all other variants as it offers better power and greater engine in much low price. Only Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63 is better in power with 469 horsepower coming out of 4.0L Biturbo V8 engine, but it also is higher in price by $2,710. The BMW M4 Coupe offers the least power amongst the competition even after being the second costliest car in the segment.


The Cadillac ATS-V Coupe has a very powerful engine, and with a 6-speed manual transmission, it delivers you a smooth and refined power in both regular driving and hard acceleration.

It can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just a small duration of 3.8 seconds and can cover quarter-mile in just 12.2 seconds.

Models Cadillac ATS-V Coupe BMW M4 Coupe Audi RS 5 Coupe Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
0-60 MPH 3.8 sec 4.0 sec 3.7 sec 3.9 sec
Quarter Mile 12.2 sec 12.2 sec 12.0 sec 10.4 sec
Engine 3.6L 3.0L 2.9L 4.0L


(Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year)

9.2 8.9 8.4 9.3

The Cadillac ATS-V is a high-performance car and it performs very well amongst competitors. The Audi RS5 has the best 0-60 MPH time of 3.7 seconds while the M4 loses out to all its rivals in the quarter mile run. The C63 however, whooshes in the quarter-mile run and just takes 10.4 seconds to do so which is far better than any other rival.

Ride and Handling 

Being a sports coupe, it doesn't bleed speed while cornering. On high speeds, you can feel the weight transfer and the suspension compress. It is a perfect car for those sporty rides you always wanted to go.

Steering is neither too hard nor too light, giving the driver just enough knowledge of how much efforts the tires are putting on the road.


The Cadillac counters the ATS-V's spirited acceleration with an impressive braking system. Even at the speed of 60 mph, it takes only 101 feet to stop the car which is impressive for the class. The ATS-V remains controllable even at high speeds.

Model Cadillac ATS-V Coupe BMW M4 Coupe Audi RS 5 Coupe Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
Brake Front(in) 14.5 15.0 14.8 15.4
Brake Rear(in) 13.3 14.6 13.0 14.2
Curb Weight(lbs) 3803 3565 3990 4074
60-0 MPH (ft.) 101 104 104 103

Cadillac ATS-V Coupe is best amongst all if we talk about the braking system. It takes only 101 ft for it to stop from a speed of 60 mph, which is better than any other car in the class and that makes it one of the safest cars in the class.

2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Fuel Economy


The Cadillac ATS-V Coupe gives you a mileage of 16 MPG in city and 23 MPG on the highway, delivering 19 MPG of combined mileage. It cannot be termed as the most fuel-efficient car, but still, it’s mileage is acceptable in the compact luxury class. 

Model Cadillac ATS-V Coupe BMW M4 Coupe Audi RS 5 Coupe Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
MPG (City) 16 17 18 17
MPG (Highway) 23 25 26 23
MPG (Combined) 19 20 21 19

Buyers looking for a fuel-efficient car should be wary, this is not the best choice. It gives a combined mileage of 19 mpg, which is a tad lower than all the other cars in comparison 

2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Interior


“The ATS-V Coupe offers the driver and front passenger a roomy place to sit. But it seems the wants and needs of the styling department have resulted in controls that are unnecessarily difficult to use and a rear seat that’s more or less useless for anyone past grade school.” Edmunds

Seating and Comfort

The 2018 Cadillac ATS-V can accommodate up to 4 passengers. It comes standard with split-folding rear seatbacks. Optional Recaro Performance Seats offer 16-way adjustability, slip-resistant microfiber suede inserts, and aggressive bolsters that cradle your body during hard cornering.

Model Cadillac ATS-V Coupe BMW M4 Coupe Audi RS 5 Coupe Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
Passenger capacity 4 4 4 4
Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg)


37.6/54.1/42.3 39.8/55.3/42.2 39.6/55.3/41.3 38.8/54.8/42.0
Second (Head/Shoulder/Leg)


35.1/51.1/33.5 36.1/51.7/33.7 36.2/50.7/32.7 35.6/51.7/32.0

The support and comfort of Recaro seats cannot be avoided, but they are not cheap either. With adjustable side bolsters passengers can personalize their seating to different body types. Rear seats have good lateral support, but there is lack of overall space, which reduces its usefulness.

Interior Features

There are lots of eye-catching interior features in the 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe. Some of them are listed below:

  • Bose Premium Audio
  • Wireless Device Charging
  • Cadillac Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Remote Start
  • Carbon Fiber Interior-Trim
  • Thick Rim Steering Wheel
  • Dual Front and Dual Rear Side-Mounted Airbags
  • Rear Center 3-Point Belt
  • Smartphone-Style Navigation App


Once done with the elegant exterior looks and premium interior comfort, we come to the new and improved infotainment system of 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe. CUE is not just installed with a lot of entertainment features but also connects you to the world to make every ride easier and enjoyable. The standard infotainment system has:

  • Smartphone Integration
  • Voice Control
  • Cadillac In-Built Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Better Navigation
  • Bluetooth
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Bose Premium Audio
  • USB Port

Trunk Volume

The Cadillac ATS-V Coupe is not one of the most spacious cars. There is very less Trunk space of 10.4 ft cube, which is lower than the average coupe in this segment. When the rear seat is folded, it leaves a small pass-through slot.

Model Cadillac ATS-V Coupe BMW M4 Coupe Audi RS 5 Coupe Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
Volume (ft cube) 10.4 11.0 16.4 10.5

In terms of space, Cadillac ATS-V Coupe is not the very best. Not just the Trunk Space, but in the entire car experience a lower cabin space and utility. However, there is ample space provided on the front seats but rear seats are deprived of legroom space.

2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Exterior


“Cadillac’s ATS-V shares its angular and muscular profile with the standard ATS, but with a little training it’s easy to tell this high-performance model apart. The hood has a prominent bulge and vent, and the rear sports quad-exhaust housings. The ATS-V is also slightly wider and longer.”- KelleyBlueBook

Dimensions and Weight

It is almost similar in dimensions to all the other rivals. With a length of 184.7-inches and a width of 72.5-inches, the car offers good overall dimensions. The 109.3-inch wheelbase provides good stability to the car and a good legroom inside the cabin. Its ground clearance is of 4.9 inches, which is better than any car in comparison. In terms of weight, the car is neither that heavy nor too light comparing with any car in the segment.

Model Cadillac ATS-V Coupe BMW M4 Coupe Audi RS 5 Coupe Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
Curb weight(lbs) 3803 3565 3990 4074
Length(in) 184.7 184.5 186.0 184.0
Weight Distribution


51% – 49% 52% – 48% 40% – 60% 54% – 46%
Width(in) 72.5 73.6 73.3 73.6
Height(in) 54.5 54.4 53.5 55.1
Ground clearance(in) 4.9 4.8 4.5 4.4
Wheelbase(in) 109.3 110.7 108.9 111.8
Track width(in) F/R 60.5/61.4 62.2/63.1 62.9/62.5 64.4/62.7

Exterior Features

  • Carbon Fiber Hood
  • 18-inch Alloy Wheels
  • Brembo high-performance brakes.
  • Adaptive sports suspension.
  • Electrically controlled limited-slip differential.
  • Front and rear parking sensors.
  • A rearview camera.

2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Safety

LATCH anchors and upper tethers are provided with each of the rear seats for child accommodation. The company provides Bumper-to-Bumper limited warranty for 4 yrs/50,000 miles with Powertrain limited warranty and Roadside Assistance Program for 6 yrs/70,000 miles each.

Safety Features

2 Front Headrests
2 Rear Headrests
Auto Delay-Off Headlights
Dual Front And Dual Rear Side-Mounted Airbags
Engine Immobilizer
Traction Control
Post-Collision Safety System
Front And Rear Ventilated Disc Brakes
Passenger Airbag Occupant Sensing Deactivation
Rear Center 3-Point Belt
Rear Door Child Safety Locks
Rear Multi-Adjustable Headrests
Turn Signal Mirrors
Blind-Spot And Lane Departure Warnings Accident Avoidance System
Front and Rear Parking Sensors
RearView Camera

Safety Ratings

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) has given Cadillac ATS-V Coupe 4 out of 5-star overall rating, which makes it one of the safe variants available.

NHTSA Ratings  
Overall Rating 4 Star
Overall Frontal Barrier Crash Rating 4 Star
Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Driver 4 Star
Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Passenger 4 Star
Overall Side Crash Rating 5 Star
Side Barrier Rating 5 Star
Side Barrier Rating Driver 5 Star
Side Barrier Rating Passenger Rear Seat 5 Star
Side Pole Rating Driver Front Seat 5 Star
Combined Side Rating Front Seat 5 Star
Combined Side Rating Rear Seat 5 Star
Rollover Rating 5 Star

2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Competition

BMW M4 Coupe vs Cadillac ATS-V

Starting with the price difference, BMW M4 Coupe is $3,910 costlier than Cadillac ATS-V Coupe. BMW M4 has a power of 425 hp, which is lower than that of ATS-V’s power. It also lags in torque. Its brake system is also weaker than ATS-V, as it takes it 104 miles to stop from a speed of 60 mph. BMW M4 is a lighter car which leads in mileage and space. Both the cars have almost the same dimensions, weight distribution and both can accommodate up to four passengers. But BMW M4 has got lower emission rate and a bigger trunk volume.

Audi RS5 Coupe vs Cadillac ATS-V

Audi RS5 Coupe is the costliest variants among all. Its price is higher than 2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe by a good amount of $5,110. Audi RS5 has got a 2.9L FTSI 6-cylinder engine, which is way less powerful than the 3.6L V6 Twin Turbo engine of ATS-V. RS5 gives a greater mileage than ATS-V with a very less emission rate of just 8.4 Tons/yr. It also has a large trunk volume of 16.4 ft cube and it has also got the 8-speed automatic transmission. But it lags in power, torque and braking system from ATS-V.

Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63 vs Cadillac ATS-V

Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 is just $2,710 costlier than ATS-V and has got a 4.0L Biturbo V8 engine with great power and 7-speed automatic transmission. It has a higher emission rate. Their mileages and trunk volumes are comparable and both are lower than the other variants. This is a real heavy car, with 4074 lbs. of weight. It lags in the braking. As compared to ATS-V’s strong braking system, it takes 103 miles for AMG to stop from a speed of 60 MPH.

2018 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Final Verdict

The Cadillac ATS-V Coupe is one of the best vehicles of its segment with a lot of reasons to buy. But where there are so many pros to it, there are also some cons like the uncomfortable rear seats due to lack of space, a small trunk space. It also gives a lower mileage and has higher emission rate as compared to the other variants of the same segment. Except for this, ATS-V is a cheaper Coupe with a powerful engine, Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63 can be a better option, as it also has a powerful engine and a great 7-speed automatic transmission, but it is also costlier by a good amount of $2710. But if we ignore the space factor, ATS-V is the best choice among all the variants.