2018 Ford Expedition Problems and Complaints


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2018 Ford Expedition SUV Problems, Issues, Complaints, Recalls, and Which Year to Avoid

Updated on: September 4, 2022

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The Ford Expedition has won the hearts of many American families with the latest technology in the market. The basic warranty may not be the best in the segment, but the great safety ratings and the impressive 81/100 reliability rating do make it stand out from the crowd. The 2018 Ford Expedition problems are not something that would bother many as Ford has a reputation for building reliable and long-lasting vehicles. 

The 2018 Expedition sees comfortable sales but is repeatedly placed under the hammer for its headlights, suspension, and transmission. The SUV’s line-up starts at $53,085 and goes against the Nissan Armada, the GMC Yukon, and the Toyota Sequoia. There have been other miscellaneous complaints as well as 6 recalls to take note of. Let’s see what these issues were and why the recalls were made in the first place. 

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2018 Ford Expedition Problems

Electrical issues:

  • Starter issues: People have come reported issues with the starter motor of the SUV. The motor doesn’t get power from the battery and fails to crank up the vehicle. Multiple complaints have been made to the NHTSA regarding this issue and how it has stranded the occupants.
  • Infotainment issues: The Ford Sync infotainment system gives a lot of connectivity issues. People have reported frequent disconnections from smartphones. These disconnections also froze the infotainment screen and rendered it unusable. People also say that the system does not light up when the SUV starts, further aggravating the issues.
  • Headlight issues: Many people have complained of the poor performance of the headlights. The complainants claim that the throw is uneven and there is no lighting in the periphery. This insufficient lighting affects night-time visibility and makes driving very difficult. 

Mechanical issues:

  • Unintended acceleration: Many people have experienced unintended acceleration in varying circumstances. Some complainants say that the issue pops up at highway speeds with cruise control engaged. There is a sudden increase in the cruising speed along with a violent jerk. People face this issue at lower speeds as well as while reversing. In the latter case, collisions have been reported to the NHTSA. 
  • Broken fuel filler assembly: The fuel filler assembly in the Expedition breaks off due to the interior quality of plastic used while manufacturing. The main concern is fuel leakage that might ensue due to breakage. 
  • Faulty rear struts: The rear struts of the 2018 Expedition is reported to leak at just over 10,000 miles. People report an uneven driving characteristic which also affects handling. Such improper handling might lead to a crash/collision. The same issue pops up with the front struts as well, albeit after more mileage. 

Exterior issues:

  • Latching problems: The owners of the Expedition residing in colder areas of the USA have reported that some doors do not latch in a cold climate. In some cases, the affected panel is one of the doors while in the other, the boot lid is the culprit. Driving with unlatched doors causes a safety hazard to the occupants inside. 

2018 Ford Expedition Recalls

S. No



Issues Noticed

Additional Remarks



December 1, 2017



Inadequately secured seat back may not restrain the occupant properly, increasing the risk of injury in a crash. The affected units fail to comply with the requirements of FMVSS Numbers 202a, “Head Restraints”, 207, “Seating Systems”, and 210, ”Seatbelt Anchorage Systems”. 

The recall began on January 10, 2018. The dealers will inspect the second-row outboard seats and replace the same, if needed.


January 16, 2018



Failure of the anti-punch function in the rear windows might cause an injury. The affected units fail to comply with the requirements of FMVSS Numbers 118, “Power-Operated Window Systems” 

The recall began on February 16, 2018. The dealers will inspect the second-row electronic control modules and replace them, if necessary. 


April 4, 2018



A dislodged gearshift cable will be in a different gear than the one indicated in the center console, increasing the risk of a crash. 

The recall began on April 13, 2018. The dealers will shift the cable locking clip. 


April 4, 2018



Absence of a rolling pin may cause loss of park function, increasing the risk of injury or crash. 

The recall began on April 13, 2018. The dealers will install the rolling pin, if not present, free of charge.


June 12, 2018


Fuel System

Fracture in the high-pressure fuel pump assembly may result in an oil/fuel leak, increasing the risk of fire. 

The recall began on July 17, 2018. The dealers will replace the high-pressure fuel pump.


November 14, 2018



Absence of one or more J-Channel reinforcement brackets may cause movement in a crash, increasing the risk of injury. 

The recall began on December 21, 2018. The dealers will replace the seat frame assembly if needed.

Should you buy the 2018 Ford Expedition?

The 2018 Ford Expedition is a superb offering with many pros to boast of. The SUV gets its share of problems and niggles but the Ford dealerships promptly take care of such issues. The headlights in the SUV are a major topic for discussion while the inferior strut quality lands in an expensive repair bill. Said this, the issues mentioned are comparatively trivial and can be fixed in one visit to the dealership. If you want to go for a used Expedition, always consider the lower beam output and check for the electrical issues along with the recall history. 


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