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Key Spec of 2023 Ford Mustang
fuel economy


fuel type

Gasoline Direct Injection


272 hp @ 6500 rpm

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ProsConsWhat's New

Punchy performance right from the base four cylinder motors

Cramped rear seats

Expected to be a carryover model

Excellent all-round visibility from the cabin for a coupe

Ride quality takes a toll with the Performance package

Comfortable ride and capable handling

Interior design could've been better

Surprisingly low road noise levels inside the cabin

2023 Ford Mustang Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: August 16, 2022

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The Ford Mustang, is a name that resonates quite well with the history of the American automotive industry. Right from its launch back in 1965 till now, the car has majorly kept enthusiasts hooked with its timeless styling and has almost gotten itself a cult following as well. The Blue Oval cleverly utilized the Mustang name tag to place the electric Mustang Mach-E in the limelight while the Mustang Coupe got no significant updates since 2018. According to the latest leaks, the Mustang is all set to receive a major redesign for the 2024 MY while the upcoming 2023 model will expectedly be a carryover one.

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Base$30,500 Est. onwards

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2023 Ford Mustang in Dark Highland Green Metallic color
Dark Highland Green Metallic

Expert Review, Pricing Analysis and Buying Guide

Since the car will be a carryover model, we expect to see the same lineup of powertrains that include a base 2.3-liter EcoBoost motor running two states of tune, a 5.0-liter V8 also running two states of tune, and the most powerful 5.2-liter supercharged V8 that powers the GT500. The Mustang gets an independent rear suspension setup for better comfort and handling and it also held on to its 5-star crash rating from the NHTSA too. The car will be available in 5 trim levels with an estimated base price of $29,000. In its segment, the car is rivaled by the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger.


The 2023 Ford Mustang is expected to remain unchanged hence it will get the same versions as the current model as well. The car will be available in five trim levels starting with the EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT Premium, and Mach 1. Since the car gets different engine options over the basic model, all the other models apart from the EcoBoost and the EcoBoost Premium will be covered in separate reviews. The car gets a handsome list of features for the price which include a limited-slip rear differential, brake line-lock to do those perfect burnouts, Ford’s Co-Pilot360 safety suite, and remote monitoring capabilities through a smartphone application among other features. The EcoBoost Premium gets the same 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine but with a higher state of tune along with bigger 18-inch wheels, an upgraded interior with ambient lighting, two-zone automatic climate control, and an upgraded infotainment system among a few others.



EcoBoost Premium 




Key Features

Limited-slip rear differential

Upgraded 18-inch wheels

Brake line lock

Upgraded interior

Keyless entry and ignition

Two-zone automatic climate control

Ford Co-Pilot360 ADAS features

Heated ORVMs

Automatic rain-sensing wipers

Upgraded 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

17-inch wheels

Fully adjustable driver’s and passenger’s seat

Remote monitoring and control capabilities through mobile application

Ambient interior lighting

We Recommend

Given the list of standard features for the price, we would recommend the base EcoBoost trim. However, the EcoBoost Premium also makes sense since it brings other upgrades along with a higher horsepower count.

Release Date

No official release date has been confirmed by Ford yet for the 2023 Mustang. However, it is expected to be released somewhere near the end of 2022 according to the previous release timeline of the vehicle.

Engine and Performance

The Mustang lovers out there were disappointed when Ford fitted a turbocharged four-pot motor in the current generation of the car. However, they were taken by surprise with the amount of power and torque this motor churned out. The 2023 Ford Mustang will also get the same, 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbocharged I-4 motor with 310 horsepower along with 350 lb-ft of torque. The horsepower count jumps to 332 when equipped with the Performance Package. The car is offered with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard while the 10-speed automatic transmission is optional. To make the most out of the powertrain, the Mustang also comes with a brake line lock to allow for some tire-smoking sessions on the dragstrips.

The driveability of the car with the EcoBoost motor is commendable and you won’t feel any lag whatsoever. Out on the highways, the Mustang can cruise at triple-digit speeds comfortably as well. Irrespective of the trim level, the Mustang gets an RWD layout as standard and the manual transmission is well tuned to offer a smooth driving experience as well. With the base power output figure, the Mustang can sprint to 60mph from a standstill in under 5 seconds while the quarter-mile takes an impressive 13.7 seconds flat. The top speed of the car is electronically limited to 155mph.


2023 Ford Mustang(est.) 

2022 Dodge Challenger

2022 Chevrolet Camaro






2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost I-4

3.6-liter Naturally Aspirated V6

2.0-liter Turbocharged I-4






6-speed Manual

6-speed automatic

6-speed Manual


310 hp @ 5,500 RPM

303 hp @ 6,350 RPM

275 hp @ 5,600 RPM


350 lb-ft @ 3,000 RPM

268 lb-ft @ 4,800 RPM

295 lb-ft @ 3,000 RPM

0-60 MPH

5.0 seconds

6.1 seconds

5.4 seconds


13.7 seconds

14.5 seconds

13.4 seconds

Top Speed

155 MPH

155 MPH

165 MPH

The Dodge Challenger is nothing short of a legend like the Mustang and gets a standard 3.6-liter V6 to amplify its muscle car image. However, the power and torque figures are lower than the Mustang and is more than a whole second slower than the latter too in terms of sprint times. The Chevrolet Camaro also enjoys legendary status in the segment but gets a small 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 motor. Despite that, it manages to outrun the Challenger in both 0-60mph and quarter-mile sprints, almost matching up with the Mustang.

2023 Ford Mustang Coupe Ride and Handling

Previously, muscle cars and pony cars were majorly meant for sheer road presence and having a big V6 or a V8 under the hood. However, the current scenario has changed over the last decade. It’s not that cars like the Challenger and the Camaro can take corners like the 911 but things have improved. The Mustang gets an independent rear suspension setup that enhances the handling and comfort of the car whereas the RWD-only layout makes it tail-happy if you go too aggressive over the throttle. From irregular patches of roads to cruising out on the highways, the Mustang stays in control and rides comfortably.

2023 Ford Mustang Coupe Braking Performance

Muscle cars tend to be on the heavier side even if they have two doors and nearly non-existent rear seats. However, taming them with those respectable power under their hoods has become easier due to the brakes they come with. The Mustang gets 12.6-inch rotors on all four wheels as standard. Considering its curb weight of 3,532 lbs, the stopping distance is expected to be anywhere near 125 to 128 feet however, the official braking distance is unavailable as of now.


2023 Ford Mustang(est.) 

2022 Dodge Challenger

2022 Chevrolet Camaro

Brake Rotors (front) (in)




Brake Rotors (rear) (in)




Curb Weight (lbs)




60-0 (-ft)




The Dodge Challenger gets sizable 13.6-inch rotors at the front and smaller 12.6-inch rotors at the rear wheels. It weighs significantly more than the Mustang but we expect its stopping distance to be nearly similar to the Mustang’s since it gets bigger brakes at the front. The Chevrolet Camaro also gets 13.6-inch rotors at the front but rather small 11.6-inch units at the rear wheels.

Fuel Economy

Muscle car lovers paid less attention to fuel economy numbers earlier, but the scene has altered with the gasoline rates on the rise. When equipped with the base 2.3-liter engine, the Ford Mustang delivers an average of 21mpg within the city limits and 32mpg out on the highways. The combined mileage number is rated at 25mpg. The car gets an average-sized gas tank holding about 15.5 gallons of fuel and it allows the Mustang to cover over 300 miles inside the city and close to 500 miles out on the highways, before needing to refuel.


2023 Ford Mustang(est.) 

2022 Dodge Challenger

2022 Chevrolet Camaro

MPG (City)




MPG (Highway)




MPG (Combined)




Fuel Capacity (Gallons)




Range (City/Highway/Combined) (Miles)




The Dodge Challenger returns lesser fuel economy numbers here on paper but considering its standard V6 and its curb weight, the numbers are pretty solid. The Camaro disappoints slightly since it is the lightest one here and the power output figures aren’t something distinctive for the class either.


The interior of the Mustang might appear to be dated, but it gets a nice blend of retro and modern designs. Even though on paper the Mustang is a four-seater coupe, the second-row seats inside are a disaster in practicality. Even the kids will find it tough to stretch headlamps as well. However, the rear seats can be quite handy for storing those extra, and small items. For the price, the Mustang gets a handsome list of standard features which includes keyless entry and ignition, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and an auto-dimming IRVM among a few others. The front seats offer a good amount of comfort and support while driving but the huge doors make accessing the car in tight parking spaces quite inconvenient. The dashboard gets a twin-cowl design while all the controls are placed well within the reach of the driver. Trunk capacity is decent with 13.5 cu-ft of space on offer.


2023 Ford Mustang(est.) 

2022 Dodge Challenger

2022 Chevrolet Camaro

Passenger Capacity




Front Row (Headroom/Shoulder room/Legroom) (in.)




Rear Row (Headroom/Shoulder room/Legroom) (in.)




Trunk Capacity (cu-ft.)




The Dodge Challenger gets a similar cabin to the Charger but it is thankfully more spacious than the Mustang’s cabin. The design is functional and practical at the most while the materials used could-ve been better. The trunk capacity is commendable at 16.2 cu-ft. The Chevrolet Camaro gets a compact cabin that might feel crude when compared to the cabins of the Mustang and the Challenger. The dashboard design looks the strangest with an unconventional placement of the central air-con vents. The rear seats are only usable for keeping extra luggage items since both headroom and legroom are super tight. The trunk space is also modest at 9.1 cu-ft.

Some of the key interior features available with the 2023 Ford Mustang Coupe include:

  • Keyless entry and ignition
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Heated IRVM
  • Semi-leather upholstery
  • Ambient interior lighting

How intuitive is the 2023 Ford Mustang Coupe’s infotainment system?

The infotainment system onboard the 2023 Ford Mustang will get a standard 4.2-inch touchscreen display. On the entertainment front, the system gets a Wi-Fi hotspot, a six-speaker audio setup, and an AppLink smartphone integration app. The EcoBoost Premium trim gets a bigger 8-inch touchscreen display, an upgraded 9-speaker audio system, and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in place of AppLink.

Some of the most notable infotainment features available with the 2023 Ford Mustang Coupe include:

  • 4.2-inch/8-inch touchscreen display
  • AppLink smartphone integration
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (EcoBoost Premium)
  • Six-speaker audio system
  • Nine-speaker audio system (EcoBoost Premium)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot

The Ford Mustang has always looked the part since its launch, apart from the messed-up third-generation model. After the complete redesign back in 2015, the car returned to its original glory with a tasteful retro-modern design. At the front, the Mustang looks quite aggressive and the sleek headlamp units further enhance the appeal. The curved hood gets a muscular design treatment while the side profile gets a couple of character lines running across the doors. From the rear and the side, the Mustang has a fastback appearance that gels in perfectly with the performance it offers right from the base trim along with staying true to the original design as well. Moreover, the car gets a generous 5.2-inch of ground clearance, minimizing the chances of scraping its belly over sharp speed breakers.


2023 Ford Mustang(est.) 

2022 Dodge Challenger

2022 Chevrolet Camaro

Curb Weight (lbs)




Length (in.)




Width (in.)




Height (in.)




Ground Clearance (in.)




Wheelbase (in.)




The Dodge Challenger is the biggest and the most muscular-looking car here. Much like the Mustang, the Challenger also gets a retro-modern design and it retains the original design from the launch model as well. The Chevrolet Camaro looks completely different from the models it evolved from but in a good way. Its front-end design looks the most aggressive among the rivals here whereas, its exterior dimensions are also the smallest too when compared to the Mustang and the Challenger. It also sits lower at 4.0-inch of ground clearance.

Some standout exterior features include:

  • 17-inch/18-inch wheels
  • Automatic rain-sensing wipers
  • Rear spoiler
  • Heated ORVMs
  • Clear taillights(optional)

After entering its sixth-gen model, the Ford Mustang’s safety aspect received a huge improvement and it received a top 5-star rating from the NHTSA. Moreover, it has been retaining that score continuously according to the 2022 model’s NHTSA test results. In the IIHS tests too, the car performed commendably. To keep the occupants safe, the Mustang gets Ford's Co-Pilot360 suite of ADAS techs as standard right from the base trim which includes Forward collision mitigation, blind-spot monitoring, and lane keeping assist.

Some of the standout safety features include:

  • Forward collision mitigation
  • Blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert
  • Automatic high beam control
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Adaptive cruise control(optional)

2023 Ford Mustang Coupe vs 2022 Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is itself a legendary vehicle and has been a long-standing rival of the Mustang. With its current model, it gives the Mustang fair competition even after getting a sizable V6 under its hood. The Mustang is better in almost every sense such as design, fuel economy, handling, and features. Whereas, the Challenger offers a roomier cabin than the Mustang along with offering practical rear seats as well.

2023 Ford Mustang Coupe vs 2022 Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro has been trying hard to keep up with the competition but the brand seems to have been late to work on its updates. Even though it looks aggressive and stunning from the outside, the cabin remains one of the weakest points of the car, especially the design. Moreover, the fuel economy and the performance doesn’t match up with the Mustang either.

Final Verdict

The Ford Mustang has been one of the favorites among enthusiasts, and even after decades, it still manages to turn heads with its design and road presence. It gets several key areas right such as getting ADAS features as standard, plenty of features for the price, impressive ride and handling, and commendable fuel economy numbers. The brand does offer several optional packages too to better equip the car and they vary from visual upgrades to mechanical ones as well. If you’re in for a sports car that isn’t too hungry but is quick enough, the Ford Mustang should be on top of your preference.


vehicle bio
base price


body style

dr Coupe

engine type
horse power

272 hp @ 6500 rpm


350 lb.-ft. @ 3000 rpm


6-Speed Manual

passenger capacity

4 Seats

fuel economy

21/24/29 mpg

highway range

464.00 mi

Ford Mustang 5 year Cost To Own

Cash Price(MSRP)
5 Year Cost To Own
Total 5 year Cost To Own -  $48,835
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5total
Financing Interest$1,740$1,399$1,036$647$235$5,057
Taxes and Fees$2,730$209$198$190$180$3,507
Total Cost-To-Own$16,950$7,980$7,164$8,948$7,793$48,835
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