2020 Ford Mustang Interiors

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2020 MODEL
$26,395 - $31,410

Retro Charm and Modern Ways

Updated on: November 26, 2019


The Ford Mustang became hugely popular with the pony car phenomenon in the ’60s and no one can ever forget  Nicolas Cage’s death-defying stunts in “Gone in 60 seconds”. The modern-day Stang can be considered as the perfect example of what muscle cars should look like. Completing its 50 years the States, the Ford Automobiles now present you with the Bullit Edition which signifies the era of iconic Steve McQueen film.

"A swath of material that looks like engine-turned aluminum cuts a handsome horizontal line across the cabin, the armrests are padded leather and adorned with yellow contrast stitching, the instruments and gauges are high-quality and look nice, and fun details such as 'ground speed' on the speedometer complete the feel. The interior makes you feel like you're in something special." - Motor Trend

There is enough retro character to keep the nostalgia alive but most of the material is modern, and form doesn’t hinder function in any way. The distinctive cabin comes with high tech amenities but the horseman headrest is the only demerit which is not at all suitable for a taller individual.

Seating and Comfort

The Ford Mustang is a two-plus two-seater with rear seats only good for grown-ups. All the controls are thoughtfully placed and the reach is way better than Camaro which feels like a claustrophobic shelter. The front row has a decent level of space and the driver seat offers a wide variety of positions with tilt and telescopic steering. Performance-oriented variants only get two seats for weight reduction.

“You'll remain comfortable in the Mustang's saddle for hours, which is quite a feat considering how performance-focused it is. The seats are supportive and the cabin is fairly quiet save for some road noise and the V8 engine's burble." - Automobile Magazine

Ford also offers heated, ventilated, and power-adjustable front seats, along with leather-trimmed seats, Recaro sport seats, and Alcantara seat and door inserts. Both rear seats have a full set of Latch connections, which includes two lower anchors and one tether anchor. Long doors help to get inside the cabin with ease while the same thing makes you squeeze yourself in tight parking spots. Rear passengers still have to slouch to a large extent because of the sloping roofline and the legroom is also scant. Outward visibility is great because of thin roof pillars and rear visibility is acceptable through the window.

 “The cabin feels spacious up front, but it's not as cavernous as some other class competitors. Both inboard and outboard armrests are well-placed for a natural seating position. The rear seats are very size restrictive, even for kids” -Edmunds

Cargo and Luggage Utility

The Stang is stupid fast yet very easy to live with as a daily driver, it comes with 13.5 cubic feet of cargo space which is comparable to compact sedans. Trunk size drops to 11.4 cubic feet (which is still above average) in convertible models. Ford Mustang has far ahead in terms of cargo space when compared with the Camaro but the Challenger takes the first spot. They have also included 50/50 folding rear seats and trunk have a low liftover height.

"The Mustang has a sizable lead in regard to cargo capacity over the Camaro, but the Challenger still has the biggest. The 13.5-cubic-foot trunk's opening is wide and has a relatively low liftover height. Two golf bags can fit across the back, but not if you opt for the Shaker audio" - Edmunds

Ford has done an exceptional job in with in-cabin storage, there are plenty of water bottle pocketers, a retractable cover that houses a bin for wireless phone charging upfront, and a decent-size glovebox and center armrest space.

Infotainment and Interior features

You don’t expect much of techno jargons from a muscle car but the 2019 Ford Mustang is pretty well equipped. It gets Ford's user-friendly Sync 3 system and touchscreens packed with features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The huge 8.0-inch infotainment system stays upright with all the dials lined below it. With the 12.2-inch digital instrument cluster, you are in absolute control of everything you see. customize colors and tailor each selectable drive mode to get the most out of your driving experience.

"Inside, a few of the test cars, both GTs and EcoBoost, had the new 12-inch, fully digital gauge cluster. It looks phenomenal, offering up different layouts with each mode. You can also override the layout presets and choose your own. Ford did a great job keeping things simple and legible in normal mode with a classic dual-gauge layout, and increasing the simplicity and legibility as the modes ratchet up in intensity."- Autoblog

Available Intelligent Access means you can keep your fob in your pocket or purse to enter and start your Mustang, then lock it behind you. Sync Connect provides a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and a Ford Pass smartphone app allows for remote checking of vehicle status. The Mustang also supplies free MyKey programmable technology that helps to promote safe driving habits in teenagers.

As it’s fairly generously equipped anyway, the Mustang doesn’t have much in the way of optional equipment. Satellite navigation is available, along with an upgraded B&O Play 1000-watt stereo, as is heating and cooling for the front seats. 

Three-Zone automatic climate control is at the helm of maintaining a pleasant environment inside the cabin and works supremely well, even when the temperatures go higher than 50 degrees Celsius outside. 

"Muscle cars don't exactly scream 'high tech,' but the Mustang gets high marks for the availability of newer features. On top of that, these features are intuitive and easy to use. The optional digital instrument panel not only looks cool, but it is also functional and a great secondary control screen."- Edmunds


With the inclusion of new tech, the Mustang is as crude and cool as ever. A muscle car, not a sports car, and all the better for it. The Mustang is still a fun, powerful car with mass appeal, and modern touches make it better than ever. But there are still some outdated elements that hamper the Stang's otherwise impressive performance. The Sync3 touchscreen interface is a bit overcrowded with fiddly buttons and isn’t the liveliest display. But it isn’t hard to follow its control logic, and connecting a smartphone, via Bluetooth or USB, is painless.