2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV

MSRP $68,800

Ranked #14 in Midsize Suv

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: September 17, 2021

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GMC’s most robust family hauler, the 2022 Yukon continues unchanged from a complete redesign last year. The newly available AT4 trim model with both Yukon and Yukon XL SUVs will carry over the same features. The off-road specced Yukon XL AT4 has a unique interior and exterior with a rugged capability to maneuver through rough terrains. Some of those features include GM’s Magnetic Ride Control, 20” all-terrain tires, hill descent control, and some extra underbody skid plates. Under the hood of the Yukon XL AT4 is the tried and trusted 355-hp 5.3-liter V8, but mated to a new and improved 10-speed automatic transmission system, with standard four-wheel-drive, and a new independent rear suspension, from last year.

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Comfortable ride, credits to the recently introduced rear suspension system

Generous cargo capacity

Magnetic ride control is a bliss


Maneuvering the Yukon XL is challenging

Throttle response can lack a bit with full capacity

What's New?

The 2022 Yukon XL AT4 carries over unchanged.


vehicle bio

base price



4dr SUV

passenger capacity



four wheel drive

engine type


355 hp @ 5600 rpm


383 lb.-ft. @ 4100 rpm


10-Speed Automatic


frame type


suspension front

Coil-Over Shock

suspension rear


brake rotors (f/r)

17/17 in.



134.1 in.


225.2 in.


81 in.


76.5 in.

curb weight

2994 lbs.


cargo volume

144.7 cu ft.

payload capacity

1982 lbs.


roadside assistance


Pictures & Videos


Base$68,800 onwards

Colors and Styles

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV in Quicksilver Metallic color
Quicksilver Metallic

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Engine and Performance






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Overall Rating

The 2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 will have a similar starting price to its 2021 counterpart at $ 67,500. And with several options on offer, the purchase price can reach up to $80,000. However, GMC hasn’t made any official announcement on this one, so the jury is still out. In this price range, the 2022 Yukon XL sees some competition in the form of its mechanical twin, the Chevrolet Suburban; the Cadillac Escalade ESV, and the Ford Expedition MAX.

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV front angle view
2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV rear angle view

Engine and Performance


2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Features

The AT4 trim was first available with 2021 Yukon and Yukon XL models. Besides the top of the line Denali trim, the AT4 model stands out from the rest of the line-up with several unique features. For starters, the front fascia features a unique dark chrome grille finish with a gloss front bumper. The front end also has a special design with a 32-degree front approach angle for those steep climb grades. The updated C-shaped headlights also get a unique laser texture found only in the Yukon XL AT4 trim. Aside from that, the exterior also gets black roof rails, horizontal recovery hooks, skid plates, and 20”six-spoke machine aluminum wheels with Carbon Gray Metallic accents, fitted with 20” Goodyear all Terrain tires that improve off-roading driving.

Inside the 2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4, both first row and second row get standard leather seats, with Brandy accent stitchings, and AT4 embroidered on the head restraints. Also unique inside the Yukon XL AT4 is the versatile power sliding center console for both front and second row, that can slide up to 10-inches, thereby increasing space for storage, and cupholders easily accessible.

The Yukon XL AT4 model with the 5.3-liter EcoTec V8 engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission system that ensures smooth power delivery. And since this is an off-road model, the AT4 model also gets an AutoTrac 2-speed transfer case with a low gearing range for additional torque when powering up a steep climb.





Key Features

Power-folding third row


Rear cross-traffic alert


Two-speed active transfer case


Heated steering wheel


Driver-seat memory settings


Hill descent control


Panoramic sunroof


Independent Rear Suspension


9-Speaker Bose Sound System

The Yukon XL AT4 model also gets several additional packages that get you more comfort features and towing capacity. For example, the AT4 Premium Plus Package that is available for $9,145, gets you almost everything that you’d need - this includes, max trailering package, rear media and nav package content, Activ Response, the Rear media and Nav package, Panoramic power sunroof, and an illuminated perimeter lighting.

Some of these features are also available as separate packages, like LPO Illumination Package ( $535), Rear Media and Nav package ($2,490), and the max trailering package is available as part of the ProGrade Trailering System, and if had so then do get the Premium Capability Package with Active Response 4WD that will get you the much need adaptive suspensions with an electronic limited-slip differential, which is very useful in off-road situations.

Which Trim should you buy?

The Yukon XL AT4 is a specific model withproper off-road equipment on board. There are many useful features standard with the Yukon XL that makes it perfect for daily driving and frequent off-road venture. To make it more capable, do get the Max Trailering Package alongside the Premium Capability Package with Active Response 4WD. For added indulgence, the available Technology Package, and Rear Media and Nav Package get you essential techs - like Heads-Up Display, Rear Pedestrian Alert (quite the handful feature for such a long SUV), and a 10.2” diagonal GMC premium infotainment system with Navigation system.

Release Date

In the absence of any confirmation from GMC, it is only fair to assume that the 2022 Yukon XL might follow a similar timeline for release as its mainstream counterpart, the Yukon, which is set to hit dealerships by the Summer of 2021. However, in unprecedented times, revisions to schedule date is both plausible and possible.

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2020 Range Rover SV Autobiography

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Engine and Performance


The 2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 AT4 model gets a familiar 5.3-liter EcoTec V8 engine as the only standard option for powering its performance. It produces 355 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque, with a towing capacity rated between 7,500 and 7,800 lbs, and comes mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. There is a Sport Mode for aggressive responses, but the 2022 Yukon XL’s V8 is not designed for blistering 0-60 mph, which at 7.2 seconds is at best average. The top speed in the Yukon XL is limited to 120 mph, and Intelligent Downhill Detection on-board automatically engages lower gear when the Yukon goes downhill, making it stable for a 5841 lbs (curb weight) vehicle.

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV driving view

With GMC’s Magnetic Ride Control and optional air suspensions, the 2022 Yukon XL AT4 will continue to be nimble and with refined dynamics even on uneven terrains and rough patches. Carrying forward unchanged, the steering system remains precise it remains easy to drive. The brake rotors are sizable and despite its gigantic proportions, 2021 MY came to a halt in 129ft, and we expect similar performance with the current MY as well.


2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4

2021 Chevrolet Suburban Z71

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Luxury

2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited







5.3-liter V8

5.3-liter V8

6.2-liter V8

3.5-liter Turbocharged V6


Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive


10-speed shiftable automatic

10-speed shiftable automatic

10-speed shiftable automatic

10-speed shiftable automatic


355 hp @ 5600 rpm

355 hp @ 5600 rpm

420 hp @ 5600 rpm

375 hp @ 5000 rpm


383 ft-lbs. @ 4100 rpm

383 ft-lbs. @ 4100 rpm

460 ft-lbs. @ 4100 rpm

470 ft-lbs. @ 3500 rpm

0-60 MPH (seconds)





Quarter-Mile (seconds)





Top-Speed (MPH)





Both, the Chevrolet Suburban and Cadillac Escalade ESV are mechanically similar to the GMC Yukon XL. But with a 420-hp 6.2-liter V8, the Cadillac Escalade becomes the quicker long XL SUV, which finishes the 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds, however, you pay almost $20,000 premium for its performance. This is followed by the Ford Expedition, which produces the most torque at 470 lb-ft, and with 375 hp, finishes the 0-60 mph sprint in 7.0 seconds. Additionally, it also bears distinction in the segment with its turbocharged V6 unit, while all other SUVs are equipped with brawny V8s. 

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Fuel Economy

Big, brawny SUVs were never high on fuel efficiency and so is the 2022 Yukon XL AT4 model. The naturally aspirated engine on duty with the SUV is good for 15/19/17 MPG in city/highway/combined situations. The V8 also gets a cylinder deactivation technology that shuts off half the cylinders when cruising, and with a tank that can hold 28 gallons of fuel, the 2022 Yukon XL AT4 has 532 miles of maximum range.


2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4

2021 Chevrolet Suburban Z71

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Luxury

2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited

MPG (City)





MPG (Highway)





MPG (Combined)





Fuel Capacity (Gallons)





Range (City/Highway/Combined, in Miles)





But with a smaller engine and less weight, the 2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited has EPA figures of 16/21/18 MPG in city/highway/combined situations. And combined with the largest fuel tank at 30 gallons, it can travel the longest distance. The Chevrolet replicates the GMC’s performance, while the Cadillac is only a notch below at 16 MPG and has a combined mileage of 452.8 miles.

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Interior


As mentioned before, the 2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 model gets a unique leather stitched interior with AT4 badging on the headrest. The increased wheelbase and body length are apparent on the inside, and the Yukon XL can hold 8 people. But if the second row is replaced with captain seats, passenger capacity reduces to 7. The Yukon XL shares the same platform found in the Chevrolet Suburban and Cadillac Escalade ESV. So, dimension-wise, all three SUVs are almost similar to each other, with impressive cargo space. With all three rows uptight, there are 41.5 cubic feet of standard cargo space. If the third three-row then there’s a capacious 93.8 cubic feet of cargo space, and with the second row folded down, the space increases to a mammoth 144.7 cubic feet The large center armrest has ample storage of space, with enough cup holders for both the first and second row.

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV dashboard image

Even feature-wise, the interior of the 2022 Yukon AT4 is filled to the brim with features. The interior boasts power-adjustable front seats, leather-wrapped steering, tri-zone climate control, remote start, panoramic sunroof, as part of the standard features list. All three rows have ample space and comfort is paramount. Even on longer journeys, you feel leisured by the support each seat provides 

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV front seats


2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4

2021 Chevrolet Suburban Z71

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Luxury

2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited

Seating Capacity





First Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches)





Second Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches)





Third Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Leg Room, in inches)





Trunk Capacity to 3rd row (cubic feet)





Trunk Capacity to 2nd row (cubic feet)





Trunk Capacity to 1st row (cubic feet)





The 2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited is smaller compared to the 2022 Yukon XL. And this is evident when it comes to its storage space. However, its third row of seats is the best-in-class and even adults won’t complain about them. On the other, the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban and 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV have maximum storage capacity above 140 cu.-ft and manage eerily similar interior space as the GMC. In terms of design and setup, it is difficult to declare a certain winner as each SUV reeks of luxury and is ergonomic, however, we would personally prefer the Cadillac over its contemporaries. 

To sum up, some of the standout interior features are:

  • Power folding third-row
  • Driver-seat memory settings
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Heated front and passenger seats
  • Leather seats
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel

What’s there to keep you entertained?

The Yukon XL AT4 model gets the same infotainment features found in other GMC Yukon models. The dashboard's center is the 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, alongside HD Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and trial SiriusXM. There are 8-USB ports onboard, out of which 6 are for charging and two are for media purposes.

An optional rear-seat infotainment entertainment option also gets you two 12.6-inch touchscreens attached to the front seat headrest. These screens support wireless projection, which gets access to premium services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. There’s also an optional Head-up display that is available with the AT4 Premium Package.

Some of the key infotainment features include:

  • 10.2-inch floating touchscreen
  • HD and satellite radio
  • Seven USB ports
  • Nine-speaker Bose sound system
  • Wireless device charging
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • The dual-display rear media system

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Exterior

The 2021 Yukon model had gone through a significant facelift, and that essence has been carried over with the 2022 Yukon XL, as well. Distinct on the AT4 model is the black chrome grille, with full-LED exterior lights with LED daytime running lights. The Yukon XL from the side doesn’t retain the same polished ruggedness, as has been with all Yukon models. The added XL length gives the Yukon a hard-to-ignore road presence. The AT4 model also boasts of an impressive added 2-inches of ground clearance.

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV 

The 2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 is one the heaviest vehicles in the segment weighing 5,841 lbs. Though not the longest, it sports a class-leading wheelbase of 134.1 inches. It is also the widest and tallest option measuring 81 and 76.5 inches, respectively.


2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4

2021 Chevrolet Suburban Z71

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Luxury

2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited

Curb Weight (lbs)





Length (inches)

225.2 “




Width (inches)





Height (inches)





Ground Clearance (inches)





Wheelbase (inches)





Despite the mechanical similarities, the Chevrolet Suburban is comparatively lighter than both Escalade ESV and Yukon XL weighing 5,661 lbs. But the Yukon XL is marginally taller than the rest of the competition, and has more ground clearance, as well, since this is an off-road trim. The Ford Expedition MAX has a total ground clearance of 9.7 inches but is smaller than its competitors. 

To sum up, some of the key exterior features are:

  • Satin chrome finished side skirtings
  • Dual Exhaust System With Dual Twin Polished Stainless Steel Tips
  • Horizontal Red Recovery Hooks
  • LED Fog Lamps
  • LED Signature Lighting
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Power-Retractable Assist Steps With Perimeter Lighting
  • Hands-Free Programmable Power Liftgate With GMC Logo Projection

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Safety

The 2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 model has not been reviewed by both NHTSA and IIHS. However, the NHTSA did review the 2021 model, and gave the Yukon XL four-out-of-five rating, with four points in a frontal crash, and full-five marks for side crash, but three stars in the rollover test. Besides that, the 2022 Yukon XL model also comes loaded with safety features, some of them include:

  • Front pedestrian braking
  • Front and rear park assist
  • Intellibeam headlights
  • Forward Collision Warning and Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Lane change alert with blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane keep assisting with lane departure warning
  • Surround-view camera and rear pedestrian alert

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Competition

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 vs 2021 Chevrolet Suburban Z71

GMC’s most premium offering, the Yukon, sees competition from its stable. The Yukon XL is mechanically related to the Chevy Suburban and both have cavernous interior storage space. Both can get a bit tricky when navigating through bumper-to-bumper traffic situations. But with a new independent rear suspension with an electronic limited-slip differential, the Yukon AT4 is more capable than the Chevrolet Suburban.

2021 Chevrolet Suburban Z71

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 vs 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Luxury

Without any options, the Cadillac Escalade ESV costs $80,000, more than the Yukon XL AT4 even with all options. Both are upper trim models, and both come packed to the brim with an extensive suite of standard and optional driver safety aids. But with literally no off-road credentials or features, the Cadillac Escalade becomes a soft-core, expensive competitor, compared to the capable Yukon XL AT4.

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Luxury

2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 vs 2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited

While the Yukon XL seems a viable option for practicality and luxury at the same time, the Ford Expedition MAX throws in a hint of performance and efficiency to the mix. It's one of the most torquey and the most efficient full-size SUVs that you can currently buy. Compared to the Yukon, it seems a more sensible choice of the two. However, if you desire more flashiness and striking looks with an opulent interior, the Yukon XL is the way to go.

2021 Ford Expedition MAX Limited


2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 SUV Final Verdict

The GMC Yukon XL badge had seen quite the upgrade from last year's refresh. The AT4 trim was also a new model in the Yukon XL line-up, which made GMC’s most premium SUV all the more practical. The engine feels solid and the new 10-speed automatic transmission befits the 5.3-liter V8 well too. Fuel consumption is more than average for an SUV of this size, which makes it practical. All in all, the new 2022 GMC Yukon XL AT4 should feature in your list, because this is not a half-baked SUV. It will go the distance, and beyond all types of terrains.

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