The Honda Philosophy puts a strong emphasis on high standards of reliability, durability, and safety. The same goes without saying for the Honda Civic. The sedan offers a reliable commute in the city with composed city etiquette. Additionally, the Honda Civic also does a fair job in long-distance touring. With plenty of safety features and efficient driver aids, the Honda Civic makes for a trustworthy companion on the road. 

The base model for the 2013 Honda Civic starts at $18,955 and touches $23,055 for the top-end Civic EX-L Automatic Coupe. The sedan competes with the likes of the Toyota Corolla and the Hyundai Elantra in the compact sedan class. Furthermore, the 2013 Civic carries a 4-star overall safety rating and leads the class for its efficiency and build quality. 

With the Honda Civic, Honda assures a safe and sound sedan experience for the users. The sedan invokes confidence with a sturdy body structure and reliable build quality. Additionally, the safety features add to the safety standards of the car. With active driver aids, the sedan offers a trustworthy safety netting for the car. 

Besides the wide range of safety features and driver aids, the Civic utilizes the Honda's ACE II body structure. This structure offers high tensile strength that absorbs and disperses forces during impact. This further reinforces the safety standards of the car. The 2013 Honda Civic comes to a dead-stop from 60 mph in about 130 feet. The braking distance happens to be longer than the class rivals class. 

The safety features include – 

  • side-curtain airbags for front and rear occupants
  • front-seat side bags
  • anti-lock brakes
  • electronic stability control
  • standard backup camera

The Hybrid variant of the Honda Civic is also equipped with front collision and lane departure warning systems. These safety features mitigate the risks of injury and potential crashes. 

What features make the 2013 Honda Civic safe?

The 2013 Honda Civic offers a respectable range of factory-fitted safety features as standard. Additionally, Honda also offers an impressive list of optional features for the customers to choose from. These features add value to the purchase and assure additional safety standards.

Some features that make the Civic safe are –

  • Brake Assist - This feature assists the driver with additional braking force when the driver thrashes the brake pedal more harshly than conventionally. The brake assist feature is a permanent inclusion in even budget cars for its usability and practicality.
  • Engine Immobilizer - An engine immobilizer is a safety feature that prevents unauthorized access to the vehicle by blocking ignition and all other systems of the vehicle to prevent the car from turning on until the original key is used to do so. 
  • Emergency Trunk release - This feature assists the occupants inside in case of an emergency by opening the trunk opening as a passage to exit the vehicle in case of a collision or crash. This feature also comes in handy when the electric locking system of the vehicle may fail. 
  • Electronic stability control - This feature assists the driver by maintaining the stability of the vehicle by adjusting the engine power or applying the brakes automatically. The ESC is used in tandem with the traction control feature that prevents losing traction on less-driven roads. 
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System - A tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS notifies the driver through a visual notification on the gauge when the air pressure of the tire falls below the recommended level and may create unsafe driving conditions increasing the chances of a crash and injury. 
  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution - This active safety feature aids the driver by distributing the force that each wheel receives while the braking process is in action. It distributes the brake force depending on several parameters which include passenger weight, cargo weight, and the condition in which the vehicle is currently being driven. 
  • Anti Theft Alarm System - An anti-theft alarm system is a basic safety feature available across all segments of the market and increases the safety quotient of the car by preventing theft. It alerts the driver through an alarm when unauthorized access to the vehicle is suspected by the system in place.

Is the 2013 Honda Civic safe?

A short answer to the question, Yes. The 2013 Honda Civic offers a safe and sound drive with high standards of safety and reliability. The safety ratings from NTSA and IIHS both reassure the same. The 2013 Civic makes for a dependable and trustworthy companion on the road. With the range of features available, Honda mitigates the risk of crashing and reinforces safety. Considering the budget, the Honda Civic offers commendable standards of safety. 


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