According to Honda, the 2014 Civic has made significant changes from the previous models. Redesigning the exterior front and small changes to the interior quality, while also offering different coupe body styles. The basic models have a 1.8L unit, while the SI model receives a major 2.4L engine, performing better and managing to keep a good fuel economy than the previous model. Honda Civic has managed to not only outperform the previous model but also kept it simple, in terms of comfort, driving experience, and better handling. 

The Civic's interior quality is superior to most of its rivals and cargo capacity is above average, with plenty of space to meet your requirements. In terms of safety, as usual, the Honda Civic has outdone itself. The 2014 MY is as good if not better than its predecessors. The front side is one of the strongest and the most important parts that keep the driver protected in case of a crash and Honda has done exceptionally well in that area. Additionally, the Civic comes with multiple advanced safety features to give you that extra safety. 

The Civic features an advanced compatibility engineering body structure, not only does this ensure more safety protection for the occupant but also makes the sedan crash compatible with frontal crashes. This feature enables the reduction of the force transferred from the passenger side and disperses the force from the crash evenly. The structure of the civic is further enhanced to improve the performance in a narrow offset frontal collision as simulated by the IIHS small overlap front test. 

The Honda Civic offers standard safety features that come with stability control, anti-lock brakes, front-side airbags, side curtain airbags, and the usual rearview camera. For a price like the Honda Civic offered, it is a pretty good bargain. When it comes to the brake testing, the EX-L model of the Civic sedan came to a stop from 60 mph in 115 feet, and the EX model took 118 feet, both almost having the same result and better than average for this class. 

What makes the 2014 Honda Civic safe?

The IIHS rated it “Good” in all safety categories and is a “Top Safety Pick+” compared to all the vehicles released for 2014. The NHTSA has also given a 5-star rating to the vehicle. There are several active safety and driver-assist programs for any emergency and prevention, the key features are mentioned below:

  • Vehicle Stability Control: This feature helps the user to keep control of the car during crashes by enabling traction control and making sure that the vehicle does not spin out of control, during an incident, this is essential to control the amount of damage done and can be used quite well by a well aware driver.
  • Anti-lock brakes: This safety feature enables the user to steer in emergencies by restoring traction to the tire which helps prevent the wheel of the vehicle from locking up, this particular feature has significantly improved the chances of preventing and dampening accidents.
  • Seatbelt Pretensioners: This safety feature assures the driver or the passenger does not cause more injuries by moving front and back, during the event of an accident. This makes the seat belts more effective by removing the slack from the seatbelt as soon as the sensors in a car detect an accident, thus reducing the chances of major injuries.
  • Automatic Multi-reflector headlights with DRLs and Fog lights: A reflector headlight consists of a bulb encased in a steel bowl within the headlights. Mirrors are placed within the bowl to reflect light. 
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): It is the littlest of things that can cause serious accidents, therefore the TPMS alerts the owner or the user in the case of “under inflation” on one or more tires, thus reducing and mitigating the potential of a crash.

Is the 2014 Honda Civic safe?

Yes. Honda Civic managed to get 5 stars in almost every test conducted by the NHTSA and the IIHS and the 2014 Honda Civic not only gives you more “bang for your bucks” in terms of comfort and features. But it also in safety providing all the advanced and basic safety features to ensure safety to the driver and their occupants. It also has great ratings against crashes from the NHTSA and IIHS, performing exceptionally well against front crashes. 


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