Compact, stylish, and affordable, the Honda Civic brings a great combination of characteristics that make it a city-friendly car. Despite carrying a not-so-high price tag, the 2016 Honda Civic impresses yet again with its impeccable safety scores with both the NHTSA and the IIHS. Barring the base trim, the Civic gets a set of advanced driver-assist techs as standard and features a strong construction that helped it garner the impeccable crash test scores. With a base price tag of $19,440, the Civic goes up against the rivals such as the Chevrolet Cruze, the Kia Forte, and the Mazda 3.

Honda vehicles are known for their solid construction and the Civic is no different. The car is constructed using an increased percentage of ultra high strength steel which, according to Honda, has increased the torsional rigidity of the vehicle by 25% over the previous models. Furthermore, due to the integration of In-Die Softzone along with side crash areas, the impact absorbing capabilities of the sedan has increased multifold, the reasons for the respectable safety scores.

What features make the 2016 Honda Civic safe?

Honda has updated the list of safety features and driver aids with the complete redesign this year and it makes the 2016 Civic safer and more convenient than before. That said, most of these features are only limited to the top trim and are available lower down the trim ladder only as an option. 

Some features that make the Civic safe are –

  • Blind spot camera: The EX trim level of the Civic gets this feature as standard but only for the right side. The system actively alerts and watches for vehicles or objects in the blind spot of the driver to mitigate the chances of a crash.
  • Stability control: The stability control system is standard throughout the trim levels of the Civic. The system activates when it senses the car is losing grip over any slippery surface or is spinning out of control. 
  • Adaptive cruise control: The adaptive cruise control feature works while cruising on the highways and minimizes the driver’s input. The system works by setting the cruise speed of the vehicle depending on the distance of the vehicle at the front. The system can actively apply brakes or apply throttle to accelerate to get up to the preset speed after the gap increases.
  • Forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking: The system automatically applies the brakes of the car if the driver fails to stop the vehicle on time and a crash is imminent. Prior to that, the system would send audible alerts to the driver after sensing any possible collision with any vehicle close to it or other close objects.
  • Road departure mitigation system: This system alerts the driver if it detects a lane change without the use of the turn signal. Post alert, the system can apply mild steering inputs to help the driver maintain the correct lane or apply the brakes to slow down the vehicle’s veering into another lane.

Is the 2016 Honda Civic safe?

Absolutely! The 2016 Honda Civic redefines the fact that affordable cars can be exceptionally reliable and safe too with its top-notch crash scores from both the NHTSA and the IIHS. The sedan gets all the basic safety systems and gets a host of advanced safety techs as additional extras. However, you need to shell out a bit to enjoy the ADAS systems on your Civic if you don’t opt for the top-specced Touring trim. 


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