The 2019 Honda Civic Sedan has been rated with a 5-star NHTSA safety rating for its well-equipped rust-resistant, electro-galvanized steel/aluminum alloy frame. Even the IIHS has marked it with a "Good" rating throughout all the domains except the headlights. 

That being said, the Honda Civic 2019 features no less than its competitors such as the Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, and the Nissan Sentra. Moreover, its base price tag of $20,505 has witnessed the standardization of Honda Sensing Technology for all the trims for the first time. 

2019 Honda Civic Sedan safety ratings

The Honda Civic Sedan 2019 hits a 5-star safety rating in all the crash tests of the NHTSA, right from the frontal one to the side impact. Though, it has not been named in the "Top Safety Pick" award this year but its overall "Good" mark by the IIHS remains unabashed, despite having a "Poor" rating for the headlights.

What standout safety features make the 2019 Honda Civic safe?

The Honda Civic 2019 now owns the Honda Sensing Technology for all the trims that further enhance its structural integrity.  Some of the features have been mentioned below:

  1. Forward Collision Mitigation System: The forward collision mitigation unit alerts the driver through audible or haptic feedback and further takes braking actions to avoid collision with the object in front.
  2. Lane Departure System: The 2019 Civic is made to travel within the lane limits as the lane departure system either warns you with signals or steers automatically to avoid the risks. 
  3. Automatic emergency braking – In case the driver fails to notice a vehicle slowing down or stopping in front, the car automatically applies the emergency brakes to bring the car to a stop.
  4. Honda Lane Watch: The Honda LaneWatch helps the 2019 Honda Civic Sedan in having a view of any car approaching near to it at the time of changing the lanes. 
  5. Electronic Brake Distribution: The EBD avoids uneven braking application at the wheel and also ensures extra braking force at the wheel that lacks traction

Is the 2019 Honda Civic safe enough?

The 2019 Honda Civic sedan has got the character of a fine rigid platform that is capable of tackling any impact quite easily. Also, the available standard safety features give it an edge against its rivals while driving at a prime speed around the corners. So, one should keep an eye on it for sure.  

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