The Honda CR-V has been the best-selling SUV for the Japanese brand and it stands to be the same even today. The 2017 Honda CR-V has been completely redesigned and is based on a larger platform than before making the SUV much more spacious and suitable for families. The CR-V also happens to be the most efficient in its segment and provides adequate power for an engaging drive and the interior of the CR-V is very refined and clean in terms of the fit and finish. $24,045 for what this car offers feel like a great value for money and for those who feel like the base 2.4L inline-4 isn’t exciting enough, the upper trims come equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged inline-4 that makes some extra power. Regardless of which trim you pick, the CR-V has been getting praises claiming to be a very reliable and safe SUV.

The 2017 Honda CR-V is known to be rated high in terms of safety and the SUV comes equipped with a lot of safety aids that help keep the occupants secure at all times. With the 2017 variant of this SUV, it gets the Honda sensing suite that adds advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, upgraded rearview camera, lane keep assist, blindspot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and many more features that highlight the CR-V from its rivals. The CR-V also comes with great stopping power and takes just 8.6 seconds to go from 60 mph to a complete stop.

What features make the 2017 Honda CR-V safe?

  • Electronic Stability Control – ESC automatically stabilizes the car in case it detects the driver is about to lose control. This comes in handy, especially when making a fast corner.
  • Lane keep assist – This system helps the car stay in the center of its lane and corrects itself if the driver seems to sway away slowly without turn signals.
  • Adaptive cruise control – While activating cruise control, the speed is reduced automatically if a vehicle ahead is detected reducing speed.
  • Blindspot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert – This feature alerts the driver when backing up in case vehicles are approaching the CR-V which might not be visible from the driver’s position.
  • Engine immobilizer – This prevents the car from being hot-wired after entry as only the right key with the designated transponder would be able to get the engine up and running. This safety feature prevents the car from being stolen.

Is the 2019 Honda Civic safe?

The answer to this has to be a definite yes as the 2017 Honda CR-V puts out class-leading results on both NHTSA and IIHS. A part of the reason why the CR-V sells a lot is that they are very reliable and have been lasting long without giving any trouble to the owners and the same is going to be the case with the current iteration. Honda has managed to pack in a lot of safety features into this SUV even though it’s being offered at a very competitive price and the company has given equal importance to safety and performance making this the sensible pick in its segment and regardless of which trim you pick, the car is going to be safe on the road.

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