2018 Honda CR-V Problems and Complaints


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2018 Honda CR-V Crossover Problems, Issues, Complaints, Recalls, and Which Year to Avoid

Updated on: May 12, 2022

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Honda has been a shining beacon of reliability when it comes to automobiles. They have built machines that are meant to last for a very long time, and in certain cases, increase in value as they grow older due to their desirability and low maintenance costs. One of the leaders in Honda's lineup of reliable vehicles is the CR-V. Honda's 2.4-liter naturally aspirated inline-4 has been used for ages and remains the number one choice of powertrain for the brand to power their best selling vehicle in recent times.

In 2016, Honda introduced direct injection for the CR-V's engine, making it more powerful and more efficient. It was a welcome change that was long due, especially given how the CR-V's rivals had moved to direct injection years ago. However, all has not been good for the 2018 Honda CR-V, as it has been plagued with quite a lot of problems. Faulty fuel pump, mixing of gas with the engine oil and frequent errors in the electrical system have led to 2 recalls, 1 investigation, and 907 official complaints as per the NHTSA. Such a record does put a dent in Honda’s brand name as a manufacturer of reliable vehicles.

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User Complaints and Problems

Mechanical Problems

  • Engine - Fuel pump system would sometimes fail due to faulty injectors. The complaints usually describe how there would be a pungent smell of fuel within the cabin, the sudden flash of warning lights on the gauge cluster, and upon checking the engine oil levels, the dipstick would indicate an overflow of oil and a significant smell of gas from the dipstick, proving that the fuel injectors would end up mixing the gas with the engine oil. Other complaints include defective cylinder head, abnormal engine noise and vibrations.
  • Steering – The electronic power steering system has a magnet that would often get dislodged as it has not been secured firmly in place. The dislodged magnet would cause the steering output to be in the opposite direction. This would result in unpredictable movement of the vehicle.

Electrical Problems

  • Warning lights – A major problem faced by many customers involved sudden flashes of light on the gauge cluster, followed by a total failure of the Honda Sensing Package, which is Honda’s slew of safety measures that operate electronically based on numerous sensors.
  • Fuel gauge- The fuel gauge would sometimes misrepresent the actual available fuel in the tank. This resulted in sudden stall and the customers got stranded. This is due to a software issue where it fed wrong information from the sensor.
  • Infotainment system - The infotainment display would suddenly change brightness to a very dim level, making it very difficult for passengers to read anything on the screen. The radio would also switch off without warning.
  • Battery failure – There are several complaints involving the CR-V’s battery draining till dead. This has been reported and recognized by Honda dealerships but so far, no solution has been determined. The problem occurs due to the stability assist system, which remains switched on even when the entire vehicle has been switched off.

Safety Problems

  • Brake – An ongoing investigation involved the sudden activation of the Collision Mitigation System, engaging the front brakes without warning. Out of the 171 complaints involving the 2018 CR-V, most of them described how the vehicle would suddenly reduce speed without anything obstructing in front of the vehicle. This poses a serious risk of accidents from rear-end impact collisions. The Office of Defects Investigation has opened a Preliminary Evaluation to understand the problem and get a full assessment of the risk involved with such a defect.
  • Airbags – 10 official complaints about the 2018 CR-V talk about faulty airbags, out of which 6 complaints involved serious injuries to the complainants. The airbags would not inflate when the vehicle crashed from the front. Other safety features like the restraining seat belts would fail, and due to the faulty airbags, the complainants would collide with the steering wheel or dashboard, causing severe injuries.





Issues Noticed

Additional Remarks



May 18, 2018


Fuel Pump may fail

Low-pressure fuel pump inside the fuel tank may fail. It can cause an engine stall while driving, increasing the risk of a crash.

Honda notified owners, and dealers will replace the fuel pump assembly, free of charge. 


September 27, 2018


Magnet Becomes Dislodged Reducing Steering Ability

The magnet that controls

the torque sensor output signal for the electronic power steering system may not be properly secured, allowing the magnet to become dislodged. During a full lock turn, the dislodged magnet may cause steering assist to be applied in the opposite direction. The unintended steering input reduces vehicle maneuverability and increases the risk of a crash.

Honda notified owners, and dealers will replace the steering gearbox assembly, free of charge. 

Should you buy the 2018 Honda CR-V?

The 2018 Honda CR-V is a really good vehicle given what it promises – excellent ride quality, reliable powertrain, and lots of space and comfort. The issues that have plagued the 2018 CR-V therefore, do hurt the legendary compact SUV’s reputation. However, given Honda’s response to the problems in the form of 2 recalls and replacements for other faulty equipment, it is advisable to check the vehicle for its service records and ensure that the pieces of equipment that are expected to fail, are in fine working condition. Otherwise, there is no harm in considering the 2018 CR-V as your SUV of choice.

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