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Detailed Review

Named after a Spanish bull, The Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SuperVeloce is nothing like the past Lamborghinis we all have experienced (or dreamt of experiencing). Get behind the seat of this spine-tingling car, and you'll be doing illegal speeds in seconds. The car is so engagingly fast that if you don't pay attention all the time, you'll definitely end up on a tree. If the crash does not kill you, the thought of damaging a half million dollar worth car definitely will.

The formula for Lamborghini SVs have always been simple - More power and Less weight - making this car screamingly quick. It took the LP-750 only 6mintues 59 seconds to do a lap around Nurburgring.



Fuel Economy






Well, there must be something to explain why this car costs over a $100,000 more than the standard Aventador. The changes can be understood from the nomenclature itself. 'LP-750-4 SV' - the 750 stands for the power output of 740 hp; 4 means power is sent to all four wheels and SV denotes super light and super fast.

2017 Lamborghini Aventador Features


The Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SuperVeloce is an improvement over the standard Aventador LP-700. SuperVeloce means Super fast, and that is exactly what this supercar is all about. There is only one trim for the LP-750 SuperVeloce and trust us, you wouldn't be wanting more. 

Trim LP 750-4 SuperVeloce
MSRP $490,700



  • 6.5L V12 with 750 hp and 508 lb-ft of torque to all four center-lock wheels.
  • 7=Speed automatic
  • Carbon-fiber door panels and rear wing
  • Magnetorheological dampers
  • LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering)

The Aventador LP-700 took a trip to a dietician and we got a lighter and more agile LP-750 SuperVeloce, 100 pounds less than the standard Aventador. The LP-750 loses practicality from an already impractical car, electric wings and took the adrenaline shot of magnetorheological dampers, downforce-generating front, and rear fascia, as well as a gigantic fixed rear diffuser and wing.

To further boost the weight-loss, there is the hefty use of carbon fiber in the door panels and rear wing, as well as rockers and fenders. The inside features more carbon fiber in the doors and bucket seats.

2017 Lamborghini Aventador Engine

 This is one of the quickest and fastest cars the world has ever seen and it likes to prove it. You can easily get a speeding ticket in first gear. A combination of launch control and simply nailing the accelerator pedal to the floor is also equally satisfying, as well as equally hard on your neck muscles. The g-forces this car generates are incredible. Acceleration from a standing start is jet-like."-KelleyBlueBook

Engine and Transmission

The Aventador LP-750 comes essentially with the same engine as you get in the LP-700. A naturally aspirated 6.5litre V-12. However, in this version, the engine produces 40 more horsepower than the standard LP-700, thanks to the brilliant engineering of the Lamborghini. You can, of course, feel the difference between the standard Aventador and the SV because the engine feels more energetic and spirited.

The engine revs freely all the way to the redline producing probably the best naturally aspirated V12 symphony you can treat your ears with these days. The power delivery is absolutely manic and just a little flex of your right foot is rewarded with an infinite surge of power. It gets a seven-speed single clutch semi-automatic transmission and while Lamborghini still hasn't got the best transmission up its sleeves, its pretty good for what it's meant to do and the gear shifts are instantaneous like you'd expect and simply thrilling. 

Models LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Pagani Huayra Ferrari F12 tdf Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
MSRP $490,700 $950,000 $434,000 $385,000
Engine 6.5L V-12 6.0L V-12 6.3-Liter V-12 6.0-Liter V-12
Transmission 7-Speed-automatic 7-Speed-Automatic 7-speed F1 Dual-Clutch gearbox 7-speed automatic gearbox
Horsepower 740hp @ 8400rpm 700hp @ 5800rpm 769 hp @ 8500 rpm 565 hp @ 6750 rpm
Torque 507lb.-ft. @ 5500rpm 738 lb.-ft. @ 4200 rpm 520 lb.-ft. @ 6750 rpm 457 lb.-ft. @ 5500 rpm

The Aventador SV faces competition from the F12 tdf and the Huayra from its Italian stablemates and the Aston Martin Vantage S and boy, are all these cars simply gorgeous machines. The F12 tdf is still the most powerful and there is nothing quite beating the torque figure from the AMG engine in the Pagani Huayra. These are probably the last generations of the best of the V12 engines the world will see in a future obsessed with downsizing and electric motors. 


This supercar literally takes a blink of an eye, to reach 60MPH from a standstill. With 2.8 seconds of 0 to 60MPH, this bull can challenge a formula-1 car for a drag race. No, that's a bit of an exaggeration but it's still super fast and the force of the acceleration pins you down to your seat. The launch control system of the Lamborghini no-doubt works fantastic. Engage the launch control, bury your left foot on the brake, floor the throttle and let go of your left foot. You would shoot ahead like a bullet from the barrel of a gun. 

Models LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Pagani Huayra Ferrari F12 tdf Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
0-60 MPH 2.8 sec 3.0 sec 2.9 sec 3.9 sec
Top-Speed 219MPH 223MPH 211 mph 205 mph
Quarter mile 10.4 sec @ 136.3mph 10.9 sec 10.3 sec 12.0 sec
Engine 6.5 Liters 6.0Liters 6.3-Liter V12 6.0-Liter V12
Emission (Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year) NA 10.36 8.99 12.6

It is, in fact, the fastest accelerating supercar in this shootout but the competition is very closely contested with differences of just tenth of a second. The Lambo is followed by the F12 tdf and then the Huayra but the Aston Martin falls quite behind given that its an aging car. However, in the quarter mile run, it is the Ferrari which crosses the line first followed by the Lambo just tenth of a second behind. 

Ride and Handling

The biggest improvement for the Aventador LP-750 SV over the standard one are the Lamborghini Dynamic Steering and the Magnetorheological dampers. The car can carry unbelievable speeds in a corner without breaking a sweat. The Dynamic Steering with variable steering ratio constantly measures various parameters like speed, steering input, grip levels, tire temperatures, G-force and much more and manages the steering sensitivity to give you the best output possible. The good news is that it really works and makes the car very nimble around corners. It's really astonishing how such a behemoth can manage to handle so well and is in fact, one of the best handling cars we have seen from the Raging Bulls till now. 

This version of the Aventador is also equipped with Magnetorheological dampers. The suspensions is a little more forgiving in that it soaks up bumps better than before but its still quite harsh and that's a good thing. Just the mechanical grip this car gets from that suspension setting is simply outstanding. The dampers adjust themselves according to the driving style and the car remains super planted down any corner. You can carry any speed into a corner and the car just has the grip and the stability every single time. The Aventador LP-750 SV begs you to push it harder and inspires loads of confidence.

That's not all that goes into the dynamics of this car. Can the crazy aerodynamics be ignored? The SV ditches the electronic rear wing on the standard Aventador for a fixed one - a huge one - and even the side pods are fixed, unlike the standard Aventador. The front bumpers and the rear diffuser are more complex now and look absolutely stunning apart from their functionality of course. Overall, the SV has 150% more downforce than the standard Aventador or 215 kgs of downforce at 176 mph. The downforce allows you to push the car that bit extra around a corner.  


With great power comes great responsibilities. To handle such explosive speed, the Aventador required strong braking power. The Lamborghini has equipped the LP-750 SV with large carbon ceramic brakes all around. The brakes are really impressive and just a touch on the brake pedal and the car immediately slows down. It stays extremely stable even under hard braking and the inspires you all the more to push it on a track for better lap times. It just 98 ft to come to a dead stop from 60 mph. 

Model LP 750-4 Superveloce Pagani Huayra Ferrari F12 tdf Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
Brake Front (in.) 15.0 15.0 15.7 15.7
Brake Rear (in.) 15.7 15.0 14.2 14.2
Curb Weight (lbs.) 3362 2976 3351 3671
60-0 MPH (ft.) 98 NA 98 NA


2017 Lamborghini Aventador Fuel Economy


If you are able to afford a car in this class, you must have several million. So, don't expect anything less, feeding and maintaining this bull is too expensive even for the richest of people. At 12.5 MPG this Aventador with V-12 is a big fuel guzzler.

Model LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Pagani Huayra Ferrari F12 tdf Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
MPG (city) 8 10 NA 12
MPG (highway) 18 14 NA 18
MPG (combined) 12.5 11.8 15.2 14

Noteworthy is the fact that the Ferrari F12tdf returns 15.2 mpg. The Huayra is worse still with just 11.8 miles to the gallon. 

2017 Lamborghini Aventador Interior


"Do you like cockpit-like interiors? If so, the Aventador should satisfy you. You interface with the car through loads of mechanical switches." -Edmunds

Seating and Comfort

Open the wing doors and you'll be welcomed by the cockpit inspired interiors. The weight-loss effect has made its way into the interiors. The door panels are carbon fiber and there is no carpeting, just an aluminum footwell with a felt lining.  Even the infotainment system had been removed to reduce crucial weight but can be had as a no-cost option. The cabin is ergonomically laid out, all the switches fall to hand easily and the toggle switches feel really old school and unique to operate.  There is definitely a great sense of drama in the cabin of a Lamborghini like you would find in any other car. 

The seats are complete carbon-fiber units and yes, more uncomfortable. Do not worry, you wouldn't be complaining about them once you start driving the car because there would be other things to keep you distracted (read engaged), the speed for example. However, this car is sure to catch one or two abuses with your aching back once you step out of it after a long drive. The racing seats will support you well enough in corners, however. Keep in mind this car is not your daily driver and is made for racing, and you'll love the cabin.

Other Seating options include:

  • 2-way Power Driver Seats
  • Telescoping Steering Column
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Dual Zone Automatic Air Conditioning
  • Day-Night Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
  • Integrated Navigation System
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Air Filtration


The Aventador LP-750-4 SuperVeloce doesn't come with an infotainment system, of course, to save weight. However, you can get that infotainment system fitted at no extra cost. You basically get a rebranded version of the Audi's MMI infotainment system. The system gets all things done but feels a little last generation now. It's not as intuitive and the graphics are not of the best resolution. What's great is that Lamborghini has left physical buttons for the most important functions and hence you do not need to take your eyes off the road to operate the most used functions. 

Other infotainment features include:

  • Built-in hard drive
  • Satellite radio
  • Bluetooth, built-in CD player
  • Auxiliary inputs
  • Navigation.

Cargo Volume

The cargo volume of Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce is comical, to say the least. With 5.3 cubic feet, you'll be lucky if you are able to fit anything inside the trunk, which is at the front. Well, who cares about getting there with luggage when you can get there fast.

Model LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Pagani Huayra Ferrari F12 tdf Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
Cargo Volume with rear seats up (ft.3) 5.3 NA 11.3 11.0

2017 Lamborghini Aventador Exterior


"The Aventador SV, or SuperVeloce, tops the range. Thanks to a diet of carbon fiber throughout the bodywork, and the removal of both sound deadening and entertainment system"-Edmunds

Dimension and Weight

Lamborghini has always given the world some beautiful looking cars, starting from the 350 GT to the iconic Countach to the Aventador, every car of theirs has some butch and unique character. 'If it ain't broken, do not fix it' - clearly wasn't the philosophy at Lamborghini's Centro Stile. They took the already amazing Aventador and garnished it head to toe. The chiseled front bumpers housing the gaping the air intakes look angrier than ever before. The side rocker panels are new and so are the fixed aero scoops over the rear quarter glass. These aero bits look all the more aggressive over the standard car.

The new fixed carbon-fiber wing at the rear along with that huge and heavily complex rear diffuser housing the quad exhaust at the center couldn't look more intimidating. It also gets new center locking, bespoke lighter alloys that have made the Aventador LP-750-4 SV look ruggedly handsome. There is carbon-fiber treatment all around the exterior. Also, there are several black accents all around like the wing mirrors, side rocker panels and several other places to add even more drama. The car is very sharp and the lines look like it could cut through anything. If head turning was a sole virtue of judging any car, we do not know if anyone could do it better than an Aventador SV.

Model LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Pagani Huayra Ferrari F12 tdf Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
Curb weight (lbs.) 3362 2976 3351 3671
Length(in) 190.4 181 183.3 172.6
Width(in) 79.9 NA 77.2 73.5
Height(in) 44.7 46 50.1 49.2
Ground clearance (in) 4.1 3.3 4.7 N/A
Wheelbase (in) 106.3 110 107.1 102.4
Track width (in) F/R 67.7/66.9 NA 65.9/63.7 61.8/62

The dimensions of the Aventador LP-750 SV remains unchanged. The LP-750-4 SV is a wide car at 79.9 inches. You need hypothetically 2 spots to park it safely in a parking. The weight-loss is the target of the Aventador LP-750-4 SV, still, it is the 2nd heaviest car in the competition.

Exterior Features

Exterior features include:

  • Composite rear fenders and rocker panels
  • Manually adjustable carbon-fiber wing
  • Fixed C-pillar aero scoops
  • Lightweight new wheels
  • New front splitters and rear diffuser
  • New Quad exhausts


2017 Lamborghini Aventador Safety

There is not much to say about the safety of the LP-750-4 SV or any car of the Aventador series for that matter. The Aventador has not been rated by NHSTA or IIHS. However, Lamborghini has made sure that they load the Aventador LP-750-4 SV to the brim with the safety tech to make you safe at all times especially with the speeds you'd be carrying in this car. 

Standard safety features include:

  • Dual Front With Head Protection Chambers Side-Mounted Airbags
  • Passenger Airbag Occupant Sensing Deactivation
  • Xenon High-Intensity Discharge Headlamp
  • Remote Anti-Theft Alarm System
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Dusk Sensing Headlamps
  • Stability Control

2017 Lamborghini Aventador Competition

Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SV Vs Ferrari F12 tdf

Batman Vs Superman, Messi Vs Ronaldo, Lamborghini Vs Ferrari, these are the fights the human population will fight till the end of time. Anyways, in this comparison, the Ferrari has the definite upper hand over the LP-750-4 SV.

The Ferrari drives like a dream, almost like it is on a mission to kill you. On top of that, it is almost $50,000 cheaper than the Aventador LP-750-4 SV. Further, it gives you crucial 30 more horsepower which is really crucial at the top end of the power band. 

Even on the inside, the F12 tdf feels a bit more comfortable and plush. However, on the outside, the Aventador LP-750-4 SuperVeloce looks more butch and handsome. Also in comparison, the F12 tdf does not quite match the drama and the fierceness of the SV. So, in our opinion, get both if you have the money!

Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SV Vs Pagani Huayra

It takes a special someone to buy a Pagani. Especially, the Pagani Huayra is a hand-crafted piece of art that cost 1 million dollars. Named after the Quechua wind god, this Hyper-car goes like a wind. The car lives up to the name of its predecessor the Pagani Zonda.

The Huayra is the least advanced car of this competition. Still, it manages a 700hp@5800rpm. It manages a 0 to 60MPH in 3 seconds with a staggering top speed of 224MPH. The interiors are breathtakingly beautiful and really feels like a boutique piece of art rather than a machine. The AMG engine is the Huayra is as great as AMG engines get and if its drama we are talking about, the Aventador SV may want to reconsider its reputation.

Choosing between the LP-750-4 SV and the Huayra is not about choosing the better car. It is about choosing the car your soul connects to. It is about choosing the badge you want to see on that bonnet extend in front of you. However, you can buy two Aventador SVs for the money of one Huayra, just saying!

Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SV Vs Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S follows a different approach, it tries to blend in luxury of a sedan and a speed of a supercar together. it gives you a 6.0L V-12 which generates a respectable 565 hp. The top speed of this luxury sports car is 205MPH. It's not as powerful as some other cars in this competition here and isn't quite as fast either but the engine is still amazing and sound from that V12 engine is absolutely brilliant. It's not as brutal but is quite understated and subtle about its performance. 

The Aventador and the Vantage S have very different characters. So it is up to you which car fits your need, if you want raw speed then Aventador LP-750-4 SV is the car for you. If you want a fast car that feels luxurious and doesn't miss out on creature comforts then the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S is the one for you.

2017 Lamborghini Aventador Final Verdict

No Lamborghini in the past had been able to match the madness of the legendary Countach. They almost got it with the Aventador LP-700, but with the LP-750 SuperVeloce, they are right there. When all other manufacturers are downsizing their engines, using turbochargers or even resorting to electric motors, Lamborghini is proudly embracing that 6.5L, naturally aspirated V12 engine and churning out more from it.

The sheer speed and raw acceleration are breathtaking and we do not need to talk about the looks of a Lamborghini, do we? The interiors are race spec and it's certainly not your daily driver but then you wouldn't be looking at this car anyway if that was your concern. The Aventador handles better than ever before and it is a really really special car. 

However, the Ferrari F12tdf and the Hauyra gives this bull some serious competition in every department. The Ferrari makes a better deal for itself being around $50,000 cheaper and the Huayra does not being double the price of the SV. Above all, buying a Lamborghini is about feeding that particular emotion in your heart. It is about fulfilling the dream of owning something we all had a poster of on our walls as a kid. 


LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering) with variable steering ratio

Magnetic Shock absorbers

Great power to weight ratio


Single-clutch automatic gearbox

No infotainment system

Zero rear visibility

What's New?

Carbon fiber on the door and seats

LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering) with variable steering ratio

Magnetic shock absorbers

Fixed air dampers


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Coupe

passenger capacity


top speed

202 mph



engine type


397 cu. in.


740 hp @ 8400 rpm


507 lb.-ft. @ 5500 rpm


7-speed automatic


suspension front

independent front double wishbone pushrod suspension

suspension rear

independent rear double wishbone pushrod suspension

brake rotors (f/r)

15 in. ventilated disc brakes/15.7 in. ventilated disc brakes



106.3 in.


190.4 in.


79.9 in.


44.7 in.

curb weight

4085 lbs.

ground clearance

5.7 in.


passenger volume

50 cu ft.

cargo volume

5.3 cu ft.

payload capacity

672 lbs.


zero to 60 mph

2.3 sec.

zero to 100 mph

6.2 sec.

standing ¼-mile

10.7 sec.

fuel economy


43417 mpg

highway range

428.4 mi.


basic warranty

3 years/unlimited

drivetrain warranty

3 years/unlimited

corrosion warranty

3 years/unlimited

roadside assistance



 2017 Lamborghini Aventador in Verde Mantis Pearl Effect color  2017 Lamborghini Aventador in Giallo Spica color  2017 Lamborghini Aventador in Bianco Isis color  2017 Lamborghini Aventador in Nero Aldebaran color
Verde Mantis Pearl Effect

Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller.




Fuel Economy










Trims and Configurations


 2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP740-4S


691 hp @ 8250 rpm
Premium unleaded (required)
13 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
LP740-4S 2dr Coupe (6.5L 10cyl 7AM) Starting at $399,500 MSRP (10/13/16) 691 hp @ 8250 rpm, 6.5 L, V12, premium unleaded (required)
See Full Specs
7-speed automatic all wheel drive 2 NA

 2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

LP 700-4

740 hp @ 8400 rpm
Premium unleaded (required)
13 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
LP 700-4 2dr Coupe AWD (6.5L 12cyl 7AM) Starting at $399,500 MSRP (11/13/18) 740 hp @ 8400 rpm, 6.5 L, V12, premium unleaded (required)
See Full Specs
7-speed automatic all wheel drive 2 NA

 2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce

LP 750-4 Superveloce

729 hp @ 8400 rpm
Premium unleaded (required)
13 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
LP 750-4 Superveloce 2dr Coupe AWD (6.5L 12cyl 7AM) Starting at $490,700 MSRP (11/13/18) 729 hp @ 8400 rpm, 6.5 L, V12, premium unleaded (required)
See Full Specs
7-speed automatic all wheel drive 2 NA

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