Road sign assist

The Road Sign assist recognizes various traffic signs and notifies them to the driver accordingly, on the MMI display. It helps in reminding the driver if he misses a specific sign. This feature also, very aptly reads Speed signs, Stop and No-entry zones following which the driver is prompted to respond accordingly, either by a flash on the MMI display or through a buzzer.

Lane departure alert with steering assist

This feature with the help of a forward facing camera detects the lane of the vehicle by recognizing the clear white or yellow lane markings, as well as certain road edges or curbs.

When the system determines that the vehicle is starting to unintentionally deviate from its visibly marked lane, the system alerts the driver with an audible and visual alert and steering wheel vibrations.

Road edge detection

This feature enacts while moving along roads with no lane markings. In these conditions, the system detects the boundary between the road surfaces, preventing the driver from getting off the road. This feature comes extremely handy in night conditions.

J.D Power report.

The JD 100 point point score is not yet available for the 2019 ES. However keeping in view its safety heritage as the 2016 ES 300h outshined its rivals and bagged the J.D power award for the most reliable premium compact car. In its 2019 model year the ES with its enhanced safety features and a more rigid frame, should further up the game, pleasing its owners again.


So far there have been no safety recalls issued by the NHTSA which is another testament of how well the ES is built. Yes that sense of sturdiness and reliability is what drives a Lexus buyer to a Lexus showroom.