2022 Lucid Air electric Interiors

Starting MSRP $20,000 - $169,000

2022 Lucid Air electric Sedan Infotainment, Seating and Interior Features

Updated on: March 5, 2022

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Over the last decade, several EV brands have flooded the market with some promising EVs. They came with futuristic design language, upmarket cabins, powerful and efficient motors and best-in-class driver assistance features. Last year, finally, Lucid Motors unveiled their first car, the Air. Following its release, the 2022 Lucid Air easily climbed the competition ladder, ranking at the top among luxury electric cars. The Lucid Air is new to the market; it comes in four trims and a hefty starting price of $77,400. 

2022 Lucid Air Dashboard

There are several reasons behind the Air’s early success. First and foremost is the powertrain- it can churn out up to 1,111 horsepower. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful and distinct sculpted exterior that arguably looks the best in the segment. Coming to the interior, the 2022 Air features a futuristic cabin with an ample amount of space and comfort features. It locks horns with the likes of the Tesla Model S, Mercedes-Benz EQS and Porsche Taycan. 

2022 Lucid Air Interior Design, Dimensions, and Comfort

When it comes to interior design and comfort, Lucid has nailed it. Unlike the Tesla’s overly minimalist cabin or the Mercedes EQS ultra-posh cabin, the 2022 Lucid Air looks balanced. The dashboard looks sleek and incorporates a futuristic layout. It is upholstered with leatherette or cloth along with contrast stitching. And what caught our eye the most is that it comes with three displays, each with its own set of functions. The cockpit comes with a 34-inch wide 5K display that houses a fully digital, customizable instrument cluster on the left and a wide display at the center that displays maps, controls, and vehicle information. You can find a Pilot Panel display below that. It primarily serves as an infotainment display, but it also shows climate control, seat settings, and other important information. The cabin, despite being contemporary in terms of design, comes with both button and touch controls. 

2022 Lucid Air Front Seats

As standard, the vehicle can seat five people. The front row comes equipped with a pair of power-adjustable bucket seats wrapped in synthetic leather upholstery. The front seats are logically sculpted with appropriate cushioning and bolsters. As a result, they provide excellent comfort. The top spec Dream Edition also comes with heating and ventilation, and massage functions found in some German luxury cars. The front seats are placed slightly higher and the massive curved windshield passes over them, providing panoramic outward visibility. The rear row comes equipped with a foldable bench seat. However, the rear row falls short of headroom because of the sloping roofline. But the rear comes with a glass roof, allowing a generous amount of light to flow in. The cabin, being sound-insulated, manages to cut off wind and outside noises. Overall, the interior feels premium.


2022 Lucid Air

2022 Tesla Model S

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS

2022 Porsche Taycan

Seating capacity





Interior Passenger Volume (ft³)





Front Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





Rear Row (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (in)





2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS should offer the most cabin space in the segment. However, the Lucid Air offers a more balanced cabin- not too much light plays and gizmos; nor too minimal like a Tesla. On the other hand, the Taycan comes with a smaller cabin because of its shorter wheelbase. And it can seat only 4 people as standard.

2022 Lucid Air Infotainment

The 2022 Lucid Air comes with a 34-inch rectangular 5K touch display that houses a digital customizable instrument cluster on the left and a small wide display on the right for navigation and other infotainment controls. Apart from these, the lower dashboard has a Pilot Panel display, primarily provided for infotainment. However, it also shows climate and seat controls, rear camera footage, and other important information. All the screens are run by Lucid’s UE software. The UI is sleek and intuitive but the simple controls mean that it is easy to get used to. 

2022 Lucid Air Infotainment System

Pure and Touring come standard with a ten-speaker stereo setup, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, a wireless charger, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and voice-assisted navigation. The Grand Touring and Dream Edition add Dolby’s 21-speaker premium audio system.

Key Infotainment Features

  • 34-inch (5K) glass cockpit display
  • Pilot Panel touchscreen
  • 21-speaker Dolby premium surround audio system
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Voice-assisted navigation

2022 Lucid Air Cargo Capacity

2022 Lucid Air comes equipped with a decent cargo trunk. The rear trunk measures 16.1 cubic feet, while the front trunk offers an additional 7.1 cubic feet of cargo space. When combined, the Air provides an impressive 23.2 cubic feet of standard cargo space.

2022 Lucid Air Cargo Space

The second-row seats are foldable as well. For storing larger and heavier items, the additional cargo space comes to the rescue. Moreover, the cargo lid is large and wide; so it is easier to load and unload the passenger's belongings. 


2022 Lucid Air

2022 Tesla Model S

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS

2022 Porsche Taycan

Standard Cargo Capacity (ft³)





Maximum Cargo Capacity (ft³)





The Tesla Model S comes with the largest cargo trunk at its back. 2022 Lucid Air makes use of both its front and rear to provide cargo space. The Taycan, on the other hand, is more of a sports car and has the smallest cargo trunk.

Additional Interior Storage Spaces

At the front, you can find an illuminated and cooled glovebox, a mobile compartment in the lower dashboard, dual cup holders, and additional storage space under the armrest. The rear row comes with dual cup holders and seatback storage compartments. Moreover, all the doors come with large bins.

2022 Lucid Air Creature Comforts

2022 Lucid Air comes packed with all the top-notch features expected from a luxury sedan. Even the Pure feels like it is loaded up to the brim. The seats are upholstered in fine-quality PurLuxe or Nappa leather upholstery. The front row comes equipped with power-adjustable bucket seats with memory functions. To elevate its luxury appeal even more, the front seats come with heating, ventilation and massage functions in Dream Edition.

As standard, the rear row comes equipped with bench seats. But you can also choose optional executive seats. Other features include heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, rear sunshades and quad-zone automatic climate control. The rear seats also come with a separate climate control console and four AC vents.


The 2022 Lucid Air has changed the way electric cars are perceived. It not only has a powerful and efficient powertrain, but it also has the best interior in the competition; it looks like a mansion on wheels. Unlike the polarizing and over-minimalistic interior design of the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air incorporates a more user-friendly design. The curved windshield that passes over the front seats not only looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but also provides greater visibility. To make the staggering price tag more reasonable, Lucid loaded it to the brim. Overall, the interior of the Lucid Air feels top-notch from every angle.

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