2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid

MSRP $225,000

Ranked #2 in Subcompact Coupe



2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: August 10, 2021

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McLaren has done it again – another supercar that looks extremely promising. This is McLaren’s first attempt at making a consumer-production hybrid car. McLaren purists might be gutted at the sight of a V6, which they have never used previously, but coupled with the electric motors, the Artura is a powerful car, by all means. 

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Beautiful exterior

Can run in EV mode


Mclaren Relability can be an issue

What's New?

The Artura is an all-new nameplate and has been built from scratch. 


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Coupe

engine type


8-Speed Automatic


roadside assistance


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Standard$225,000 onwards

Colors and Styles

2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid in Lizard Green color
Lizard Green

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Expert Review, Pricing Analysis and Buying Guide

The Artura is McLaren’s vision into the future – a hybridized one, which perhaps will slowly evolve into an all-electric one. Also, the Artura is “affordable” – by McLaren standards, that is. It won’t be that tough to get your hands on one of these. It will mostly go up against the likes of Audi R8, Mercedes-AMG GT S, and Acura NSX.

2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid Features

The 2022 McLaren Artura is available in 4 beautifully articulated trim levels namely, Standard, Performance, TechLux, and the Vision. McLaren has pumped up these four trim levels with a grand set of features maintaining hardly visible differences as the trim game keeps growing.

Although the Hybrid powertrain and performance attributes remain the same across all the trim levels.











Key Features

8” HD Touch Screen

Nappa Leather interior Environment

Nappa Leather cabin surfaces

Blend of Alcantara and Nappa Leather cabin surfaces


ClubSport seats

12 Colour Interior Ambient Lighting

Extended Brushed Metal Gearshift Paddles

Dual Zone Climate control


Alcantara Headlining

Contrast reflective piping

Electronic External Door release

Rear window Heating Element


Power Adjust Steering Column

Full LED Headlights

Vehicle Wake-up Sequence


Sequential LED indicators

Heated Door Mirrors



We Recommend

While we often see that most of the supercars were offered in a single tech-bumped trim, the 2022 McLaren Artura is offered in four trim options although the powertrain remains the same. Since the pricing details are not yet known for the upper trim levels, we recommend choosing the Vision model to get an uncompromised performance, agility, comfort, and experience.

2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid Engine and Performance

The British supercar will be awakened from its slumber by a new hybrid 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine that churns out a total of 671 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which sends power to the rear wheels only. The ‘e-motor’ is located at the transmission housing. This is the first time McLaren is using a hybrid V6 powertrain, but it is expected to deliver just as we have come to expect from the British manufacturer.

The British supercar can inject the same adrenaline as all of its other siblings. A 3.0 second 0-60 MPH on the clock and a 10.3 second to fly past the quarter line are the claims, which soon are to be revealed true. Though the speed is limited to 205 MPH, we expect you to run circles around other supercars on the racetrack.


2022 McLaren Artura

2021 Audi R8

2021 Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe

2021 Acura NSX







3.0L twin-turbo V6/electric

5.2L V10

4.0L twin-turbo V8

3.5L twin-turbo V6/electric



Quattro AWD




8-speed dual-clutch automatic

7-speed dual-clutch automatic

7-speed dual-clutch automatic

9-speed dual-clutch automatic


671 hp @ N/A rpm

602 hp @ 8100 rpm

577 hp @ 6250 rpm

573 hp @ 6500 rpm


531 lb-ft @ N/A rpm

413 lb-ft @ 6700 rpm

516 lb-ft @ 2100 rpm

476 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm

0-60 MPH (sec)





Quarter Mile (sec)





Supercars galore, all of these are blisteringly quick. McLaren’s hybrid system actually produces the most power, but the Acura NSX is the quickest to the 60 MPH mark. However, both the R8 and Artura gain some of it back to reach the quarter-mile first. 

How does the 2022 McLaren Artura handle?

Since the British hybrid car has not been on the streets yet, its exact handling characteristics are unknown. But knowing McLaren, it will be yet another joy to drive, like all other supercars. The Artura is equipped with anti-roll bars and adaptive dampers, which would eliminate any sort of body roll. Also, the car is extremely light – just around 3075 lbs. Carbon-ceramic brakes offer great braking performance as well.

A double-wishbone suspension at the front and multi-link wishbone suspension at the rear will ensure you are seated stern at your spot, whether on the road or on the track. An e-differential ensures proper grip and traction on the road.

2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid Fuel Economy

McLaren has not yet revealed the official MPG figures for their new hybrid supercar. Since this is an entirely new powertrain, we won’t know the figures for sure until an official spec is released. We also do not know the gas tank capacity of the car. The all-electric range will be around 19 miles, with a lithium-ion battery of 7.4 kWh. The Artura can be plugged in and recharged, with a 0-80% charge in just 2 and a half hours. We expect the V6 to deliver a feasible fuel economy.


2022 McLaren Artura

2021 Audi R8

2021 Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe

2021 Acura NSX

MPG (city)





MPG (highway)





MPG (combined)





Fuel tank capacity (gallons)





Range (city/highway/combined) (miles)





The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is the only one that can cross the 20 MPH mark. The Acura NSX and Audi R8 are a little less friendly on your wallet. Even after housing a smaller tank, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT can still deliver a better range for both the Audi R8 and Acura NSX.

2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid Interior

McLaren has made sure to pay attention to the interior and not just performance and design. The Artura is abundant with leather and microsuede trims. High-quality materials are found throughout. They also include a Jet Black Alcantara throughout the interior with tonal stitching. Alcantara can be found on a lot of surfaces and the headlining is also of Alcantara. The dashboard has a unique design with the vertical infotainment screen tilted towards the driver. 

You also get ClubSport seats along with harnesses. The seats are all wrapped in luxurious leather with numerous options to upgrade to Nappa leather. You can also upgrade to 10-way power-adjustable heated front seats. There are no rear seats, but the front seats are sporty and focus on the driver’s visibility. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped and the gearshift paddles have a Black Stain finish on them. Spacing also shouldn’t be an issue. Also, numerous color options are available to go along with your choice of aesthetic. The British supercar has a trunk in the front, no surprise. The capacity is around 6 cubic feet, which is very tiny, but you must remember it is a supercar and no supercars are practical. 


2022 McLaren Artura

2021 Audi R8

2021 Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe

2021 Acura NSX

Seating Capacity





Front Row (Headroom/Shoulder Room/Legroom)





Cargo Capacity (cubic ft)





Since there is only seating for 2 people, interior spacing is not a problem for these cars. The Mercedes-Benz is the only car with 10 cubic feet of cargo storage, while the rest can barely fit a suitcase. The interior dimensions of the Artura are not unveiled by McLaren yet, we hope it’d be sufficient enough for an average-sized person. Some interior features are:

  • 10-way power-adjustable heated Comfort Seats (optional)
  • ClubSport seats with harnesses
  • Frameless electrochromic dimming
  • Alcantara can surfaces
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • McLaren dedication plaque

2022 McLaren Artura: Infotainment and Connectivity

The Artura comes with an 8” vertically mounted infotainment screen. It runs on McLaren Infotainment System II, an Android-based platform. It is a much-improved infotainment system from the previous McLarens. The software is revamped to make it more intuitive and more responsive. 

The driver also gets an HD digital cluster. You are greeted with features such as Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, SiriusXM radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB ports, iPod integration, navigation, voice control, and it’s topped off with a McLaren Audio System. Some highlights of the infotainment system are:

  • 8” MIS II
  • AM/FM Radio
  • SiriusXM Radio
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • USB ports
  • iPod integration
  • Bluetooth
  • User profiles

2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid Safety

McLaren, being one of the most versatile supercars, offers the most advanced safety and driver-assistance features in the world. First of all, Artura is based on the all-new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture(MCLA) that contributes to a lighter body and more agility. It offers all the essential safety features and driver assistance technology like:

  • Hill Hold Assist
  • Brake Assist Technology
  • Automatic high-beams
  • Road-sign recognition
  • Automatic Speed limiter
  • Anti-Lock Braking System

2022 Mclaren Artura hybrid Final Verdict

Absolutely! The new McLaren Artura was not expected, but suffice to say that it did meet our expectations. It offers a bit of everything. For anyone not wanting to spend millions on a McLaren hybrid before, now have the chance to grab one. It is super quick, gorgeous, has a luxurious interior, and also thinks about the environment.