2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible

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2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Complete In-depth Review & Buying Guide

CARHP Editorial Updated on: November 14, 2019

The Merc C43 convertible is halfway between thrifty C300 and the monstrous C63 convertible. Trimmed with rich leather and a boat-load of features, you'd be impressed by the luxury that this convertible offers, however, that ends when it comes to the ride. The stiffened sport suspension completely contrasts the initial impressions you get from the cabin. Unlike the C63, the engine would leave the performance seekers unsatisfied and wanting more from the V6.

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Superior driving dynamics

Powerful twin turbo V6

Intuitive infotainment

Comfortable interior


Harsh ride

Low on cargo volume

Pricey optional packages

What's New?

Power boost to 385 hp

New grille, wheels and bumpers

New wood and metal interior trimming

Optional AMG Performance seats with heat and ventilation


vehicle bio

base price



2dr Convertible

passenger capacity




engine type


183 cu.in.


385 hp @ 6100 rpm


384 lbs.-ft @ 2500 rpm


9-speed shiftable automatic


frame type


suspension front

Independent front strut suspension w/anti-roll bar

suspension rear

Independent rear multi-link suspension w/anti-roll bar

brake rotors (f/r)




111.8 in.


184.8 in.


71.3 in.


55.4 in.

curb weight

4231 lbs.

ground clearance

3.6 in.


cargo volume

8.8 cu ft.


zero to 60 mph

5.2 sec.

fuel economy


18/21/25 mpg

highway range

435 mi.


basic warranty

4 yr. / 50000 mi.

drivetrain warranty

4 yr. / 50000 mi.

powertrain warranty

4 yr. / 50000

corrosion warranty

4 yr. / 50000 mi.

roadside assistance

4 yr. / 50000 mi.

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 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible in Brilliant Blue Metallic color  2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible in Cardinal Red color  2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible in Graphite Gray Metallic color  2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible in Mojave Silver Metallic color  2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible in Black Obsidian color
Brilliant Blue Metallic

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Engine And Performance






Trims and Configurations


 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Base


385 hp @ 6100 rpm
Premium unleaded (required)
21 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
2dr Convertible AWD (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 9AM) Starting at $63,650 MSRP (18/21/25) 385 hp @ 6100 rpm, 3 L, V-6, premium unleaded (required)
9-speed shiftable automatic all wheel drive 4

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Overall Rating

Starting at $57,450, the C43 AMG convertible is the evolution from 2016s C450. With the AMG badge comes lightning fast acceleration and amazing handling characteristics. The infotainment is top of the line and you can spec your interior with optional AMG Performance seats which come with heating and ventilation.

The C43 convertible explores a very niche convertible segment, nonetheless gets greeted by stiff competition from the likes of BMW with the M2 Competition and the Kia with a Stinger GT. the C43 also fares off against muscle convertibles from America like the Mustang Bullitt and the Camaro 2SS. Let's see how well the Mercedes can hold in the turf war.


Engine and Performance




2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Features

The C43 convertible is available as either a rear-wheel drive convertible or an all-wheel drive 4Matic convertible. A 7-inch infotainment is standard with dynamic select as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Trims C43
MSRP $57,450
Features 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission
  7" COMAND display screen
  All-Season Tires
  ECO Start/Stop
  Power sunroof and extendable sun visors
  Rearview camera
  Wood trim with analog clock
  FrontBass 5-speaker Audio System
  Bluetooth technology
  40/20/40-split folding rear seats
  Active Brake Assist

We Recommend

The 4Matic all-wheel drive is a must have in the C43 convertible, perfect for fun rides as well as seamless handling in adverse conditions. The Mercedes-Benz C43 convertible is the best bang for your buck in this segment combining performance with luxury.

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Engine and Performance


Mercedes grafts new front and rear ends on all models, and graces them with LED headlights and taillights, with multi-beam technology offered as an option. The silhouette remains the same, with a long nose, a tall glass area, and a stubby trunk that integrates better on the lissome convertible than on the sedan. - Car connection

Engine and Transmission

The entry-level AMG convertible comes with a pair of turbochargers attached to a 3.0L V6 producing 385 horses along with 384 lb-ft of torque. Despite the lack of the V8 growl, the cacophony that ensues from the rising revs is pure bliss. As you step on the gas, the V6 screams with all its might and guns the convertible with brutal acceleration, worthy of the AMG badge.

The 9-speed transmission carries over from the last gen, however, the way this shifts leaves no room for complaints. Even though the V6 has forced induction, there is no turbo lag associated with it. The power band spans a large rev range, with plenty of torque at the lower revs.

Models Mercedes C43 convertible Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible Chevrolet Camaro 1 SS convertible BMW M 240i convertible
MSRP $57,450 $45,755 $43,995 $51,395
Engine 3.0L V6 5.0L V8 6.2L V8 3.0L i6
Transmission 9 Speed automatic 6 Speed manual 6 Speed manual 8 Speed automatic
Horsepower 385 hp@ 6100rpm 460 hp@ 7000rpm 455 hp@ 6000rpm 335 hp@ 5500rpm
Torque 384 ft-lbs@ 2500rpm 420 ft-lbs@ 4600rpm 455 ft-lbs@ 4400rpm 369 ft-lbs@ 1520 rpm

The competitors, primarily the American muscle, boast massive power figures, which cross well over 450. The Deutschlanders like the BMW M240i also has a bit more oomph than the C43. The Kia Stinger GT has quite comparable stats to the C43, with a similarly powered V6.


The tiny AMG engine responds quick to the throttle and the revs climb through the gears. With enough tarmac to stretch its wings, the C43 takes flight all the way to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Onwards through the quarter mile, the Merc takes 12.6 seconds. The brutal acceleration pushes you back into your seat like a jackhammer.

Models Mercedes C43 convertible Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible Chevrolet Camaro 1 SS convertible BMW M 240i convertible
0-60 MPH N/A 4.2 sec 4.1 sec 4.7 sec
Quarter mile N/A 12.5 sec 12.6 sec 12.7 sec
Engine 3.0L V6 5.0L V8 6.2L V8 3.0L i6
(Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year)
8 N/A N/A N/A

The American muscle cars with massive horsepower under their hoods are thoroughbred to decimate the drag strip and the Merc has a tough time keeping up. The Challenger R/T Scat Pack makes it first to 60 in 3.8 seconds with the Camaro 2SS and BMW M240i close at its heels, next is the C43 followed by the Mustang GT. However, the difference is too small to matter in real life.

Ride and Handling

The all-wheel drive 4Matic system, makes the ride fun and dynamic with the rear bias to the power delivery. The suspension keeps up with the excellent engine, keeping the handling dynamic and engaging. The bumps and undulations are kept in check with the new adaptive dampers, but the roughest roads baffle the multi-link suspension.

The steering is precise and direct, with great feedback from the road. In the Sport+ setting, the ride is firm enough to rattle your internal organs into a smoothie, but the improved throttle response and traction.


Jab at the brakes and they chip away speed with amazing effectiveness with the help of the 14.2-inch discs at the front and the back. The brake modulation is precise and is customized to suit your need based on your driving mode.

Model Mercedes C43 convertible Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible Chevrolet Camaro 1 SS convertible BMW M 240i convertible
Brake Front (in.) 14.2 13.9 13.6 13.4
Brake Rear (in.) 12.6 13 13.4 13.6
Curb Weight (lbs.) 4220 3891 3956 3790
60-0 MPH (ft.) N/A 111 N/A N/A

In comparison to the competition, the BMW M240i has the most massive discs - 15.7 up front and 15 at the back. Most of the convertibles have similar sized brakes, except for the Cadillac, with 12.6 inch discs.

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Fuel Economy

The 3.0L engine gives you great economy, although only marginally better than the beastly V8s in the C63. You get up to 27 miles to the gallon on the highways and quite decent 19 miles in the city premises.

Model Mercedes C43 convertible Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible Chevrolet Camaro 1 SS convertible BMW M 240i convertible
MPG (city) 19 14 16 21
MPG (highway) 26 23 24 30
MPG (combined) 22 17 19 24

The mileage from the V6 engine is much better than the V8s from American muscle cars, which manage to barely make 15 miles to the gallon in the city. The Cadillac ATS, with the most underpowered engine has the best fuel economy - you win some, you lose some. The Merc manages to strike the best balance between power and economy.

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Interior


Where the C-Class excels unabashedly is in fit and finish. The glamorous look of the current Benz sedan lineup all but obliterates any memories of tacky, plastic-filled cockpits from the turn of the century - Car and Driver

Seating and Comfort

The leather clad seats in the convertible are relatively comfier than the microfiber suede and alcantara you find in most sporty convertibles nowadays. The seats provide great support to your torso through the corners, as well as keep you comfortable in the longer rides. The sport seats with power adjustment for their thigh bolsters and headrests, let the driver dial in a perfect spot behind the AMG three-spoke, steering wheel. The rear seats aren't as roomy as the ones in the C-class sedan, but they're certainly better than the unusable rear in the convertibles, like Camaro and Mustang.

Model Mercedes C43 convertible Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible Chevrolet Camaro 1 SS convertible BMW M 240i convertible
Passenger capacity 4 4 4 4
Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.) 38.8/54.8/42 37.6/56.3/45.1 38.4/NA/43.9 40.5/54.4/41.5
(Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)
35.6/51.7/32 35.7/44.7/29.2 N/A 37.0/42.2/31.8

Infotainment System

The C43 incorporates a 5.5-inch infotainment standard, while the 12.3-inch screen is offered as an optional upgrade. The steering, redesigned for the 2019 model, comes with cruise and audio controls at your fingertips. The interface is high-res and intuitive to use, unlike most infotainments which leave you confused which menu to open, with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay available as standard. The Burmester surround sound system is an audiophile's dream, which fills the cabin with crisp clear sound.

Cargo Capacity

At the back of the convertible, the cargo volume is not that great, primarily because of the sloping roofline. However, on the inside you'd find plenty of cubby holes to put your starbucks cappuccinos in.

Model Mercedes C43 convertible Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible Chevrolet Camaro 1 SS convertible BMW M 240i convertible
Cargo Volume (ft.3) 8.8 11.4 7.3 11.8

The award for the biggest cargo bay goes to the Stinger GT which boasts a massive 23.3 cubic feet volume, followed by the Challenger R/T Scat Pack. The Camaro has the least capacity of the bunch along with the Cadillac ATS and the C43, not far ahead.

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Exterior

Mercedes says it's replaced as much as 50 percent of the C-Class in the 2019 model year. A lot of it's invisible, but one of the more important changes is a new base engine. The 2.0-liter turbo-4 mirrors last year's displacement, but with a more effective twin-scroll turbocharger - Edmunds

Design and Dimensions

Elder brother, the C63, this AMG does not get the Panamericana grille, and thus blends in with the rest of the Merc models. Along with the understated looks, the C43 convertible has fluidic curves and shapely body panels that make the Merc look like a pebble washed ashore. The classy and elegant styling gets a muscular undertone with the wide rear haunches and aggressive elements.

The silver arrow is longer than most German convertibles and the Cadillac, however the trio of American muscle are wider and bulkier than the C43 AMG. It sits low to the ground, which enhances the handling characteristics, but speedbumps could scrape your precious bumpers, or underbody.

Model Mercedes C43 convertible Ford Mustang GT Premium convertible Chevrolet Camaro 1 SS convertible BMW M 240i convertible
Curb weight (lbs.) 4220 3891 3956 3790
Length(in) 184.8 188.5 188.3 175.9
Width(in) 71.3 75.4 74.7 69.8
Height(in) 55.4 54.9 52.9 55.2
Ground clearance (in) 3.6 N/A N/A 5.1
Wheelbase (in) 111.8 107.1 110.7 105.9
Track width (in) F/R 63.1/61.3 62.3/64.9 63/62.9 55.9/61.3

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Safety

  • ABS And Driveline Traction Control
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Side Impact Beams
  • Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Side Airbags
  • mbrace Secure Emergency Sos
  • Active Brake Assist Forward Collision
  • Blind Spot Assist Blind Spot Sensor
  • Tire Specific Low Tire Pressure Warning
  • Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Front Airbags
  • Curtain 1st And 2nd Row Airbags
  • Airbag Occupancy Sensor
  • Driver And Passenger Knee Airbag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Outboard Front Lap And Shoulder Safety Belts -inc: Pretensioners
  • Back-Up Camera

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Competition

Mercedes-AMG C43 vs BMW M240i

The BMW M240i is one of the best M cars, with a 3.0L inline-6 engine which makes 405 horsepower, compared to the AMG C43 also with a 3.0L V6, making slightly less 385 hp. Compared to the BMW, the Merc has better and comfier interiors, with leather clad seats and rear that is actually usable. The infotainment on the BMW is leagues ahead of the tiny standard screen in the Merc. In terms if driving dynamics, the M2 Competition is an absolute thrill, unlike the mellowed down AMG.

Mercedes-AMG C43 vs Kia Stinger GT

The Kia Stinger GT, a good looking convertible with an efficient engine, strikes the perfect balance between practicality and performance. Not only does it have the best passenger and cargo capacity, it doesn't need to sacrifice its sporty character in the process. However, unlike the AMG, neither does it growl like a beast, nor has it the power to match one. Similarly in terms of driving feel, the Stinger GT is a treat, but the AMG is a feast.

Mercedes-AMG C43 vs Cadillac ATS

As an entry level sports convertible the Cadillac is an excellent choice, with enough power for the price and also a sporty character that most entry levelers fail to inculcate. The AMG on the other hand stretch the term entry level a bit further, however, with the higher price tag comes a better engine making 385 hp, an amazing transmission, flawless 4Matic drivetrain, and better interiors than most convertibles can manage; well worth the extra investment.

2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 43 Convertible Final Verdict

The C43 AMG is the perfect balance between performance and luxury and gives you the best of both worlds. With the AMG working their magic on the engine and powertrain and Mercedes taking care of the interior and infotainment, you'd find it hard to find faults in this convertible. It is the perfect daily driver for your garage and makes every ride fun, yet practical when you need it to be.