2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible

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2017 MODEL


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If you have lived through the 80s or 90s and seen movies and music videos showing cars with their tops down cruising on the highway this is your ride to do recreate those scenes in the ultimate style. The highest model Cabriolet available AMG S 65 remains true to its S class design drives like one too.

The AMG formula isn't a well-kept secret, take an already existing Mercedes model, add a super powerful engine to the mix and you have a car worthy of wearing the AMG badge. This AMG embellished Cabriolet comes with a V12 engine that produces 738 lb-ft of torque with only 621 hp, in short, it is the epitome of efficiency.

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Balanced driving

Powerful engine does not take over the luxury aspect

Cabriolet design is awe inspiring


Slower than its rivals

Aging infotainment

Not as exclusive as its British brethren

What's New?

The German automaker has released a Cabriolet version of its largest coupe after 44 years and it's as grand a gesture as one could expect from a luxury marvel engineer.


 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible in designo Magno Night Black color  2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible in designo Allanite Gray Magno matte color  2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible in designo Diamond White Metallic color  2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible in Anthracite Blue Metallic color
designo Magno Night Black

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Trims and Configurations


 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Base


621 hp @ 4800 rpm
Premium unleaded (required)
16 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
2dr Convertible (6.0L 12cyl Turbo 7A) Starting at $247,900 MSRP (13/16/21) 621 hp @ 4800 rpm, 6 L, V12, premium unleaded (required)
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7-speed automatic rear wheel drive 4 NA

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Expert Review

CARHP Editorial April 3, 2019

The British competitors offer better acceleration times and exclusivity that a car at this price point should offer by default. Bentley and the Aston Martin are better cars on paper but at the end of the day, the top tier Merc is not to be taken lightly too.

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Features

The AMG S 65 Cabriolet is the sole convertible trim available for the AMG S 65 that comes with a well endowed 6L V12 engine that is capable of producing a beastly force of 738 lb-ft of torque.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr





  • Swarovski crystal headlamp accent
  • Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound System
  • Standard AIRSCARF feature
  • Dual 12.3" color widescreens for instruments and COMAND system
  • SiriusXM Radio with 6-month All Access trial
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology
  • Benz mbrace Connect services
  • Active LED headlamps with Adaptive Highbeam Assist

We Recommend

The AMG driver’s package unleashes the this beast’s reigns to increase the top speed from 136mph to 186 mph. This allows the full utilization of the power of the V12 and lets loose of the Kraken under the hood which is surprisingly obedient to the driver’s commands.

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Engine

One of the highlights of this German beast is the engine that at no point of time forgets that is in a luxury vehicle. The engine revs and the joyous harmony is music to the ears of the driver and the bystanders alike. The 6L V12 churns out 738 lb-ft of power with only 621 ponies under the hood. The 7 Speed transmission is smooth and responsive and does transfer the power to rear axle impeccably and efficiently. The automatic transmission offers three driving modes namely Comfort, Sport, and Manual.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2dr convertible

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2dr






6.0L V12

6.0L W12

5.9L V12


7 Speed automatic

8 Speed automatic

7 Speed manual


621 hp@4800rpm

633 hp@5900 rpm

563 hp @6650rpm


738 ft-lb@2300rpm

620 ft-lb@2000rpm

457 ft-lb @5500rpm

The Merc has the most efficient engine and in every way is class leading in this parameter. The Bentley although having more horsepower fails to generate more torque than the AMG S 65. The Aston Martin feels to be even in the same league as the other. With a difference of more than 100 lb-ft of torque between the Mercedes and the close second Bentley the 3 spoked wheel logo car is the clear victor of this match


A time of 4s on the clock is no joke for a 5,000-pound behemoth but the people at Mercedes still manage to do so, all thanks to the 6L V12 that performs as insane as it sounds. This again here is a gentle reminder that this car is primarily a luxury vehicle that can be sporty at times and not a lap king by any chance.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2dr convertible

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2dr

0-60 MPH

4.0 sec

3.5 sec

3.8 sec

Quarter mile

12.2 sec

11.8 sec

11.1 sec


6.0L V12

6.0L W12

5.9L V12


(Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year)




Although the Merc has the best in the class engine this prowess does not translate well into the acceleration side of things. At the bottom of the pool, the AMG S65 has the slowest 0-60 and quarter mile times. The Bentley while being 500 pounds heavier than the Mercedes manages to be half a second faster while the British counterpart is only 0.2s faster on the 0-60 mph chart it squashes its competition with a quarter mile time of 11.1s.

Ride and handling

The AMG S 65 Cabriolet does not let you forget that it is primarily a VIP transport vehicle with traces of sporty nature. The AMG formula does not make this convertible S 65 a power monster with rambunctious outbreaks of engine endowment rather it lends itself to a smooth confidence instilling ride.

The collapsible top works till 31 mph and is available in a beige, blue and, black color. When the top is down. The beast is best for cruising down the highway with the top down while listening to some good old music and recreate the movie and music scenes which you have seen all your life.

The 3 drive modes offer different riding experience with the Manual giving you the reigns to the beast. The Manual mode brings the best out the car and allows you to push it to its absolute limits.


The AMG High-Performance Composite Braking System brings the 5-tonne beast to a halt in just 105 feet after the brakes are applied. These composite brakes are 40 percent lighter than regular brakes and are supposedly longer lasting, much more durable and can function at higher temperatures. All this only adds to the braking prowess and the overall finesse of this automotive marvel.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2dr convertible

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2dr

Brake Front (in.)




Brake Rear (in.)




Curb Weight (lbs.)




60-0 MPH (ft.)




The S 65 comes out at the top here and bolsters its claim to the throne. With the nearest rival coming in at 114 feet the merc maintains a comfortable lead and isn’t fazed by what going around it. The S65 is your safest bet when it comes to halting during an emergency.

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Fuel Economy

Luxury at this price point is more about making a statement rather than worrying about the daily maintenance cost. This trio of cars are excellent gas consumers and only offer the bare minimum and nothing more.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2dr convertible

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2dr

MPG (city)




MPG (highway)




MPG (combined)




With abysmal mpg offering, the one-eyed Mercedes is king in the land of the blind. The Bentley comes in at a close second with a combined mileage of 15 mpg. The Aston Martin comes in at last with meager 12mpg.

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Interior

Seating and Comfort

The diamond styled leather seats are a sight to look at, with the matching dashboard the AMG department does know how to make good the best. As far as the design the goes the S 65 cabriolet remains true to its parent car the S 65, the only change in the AMG version is that a host of standard features that are mostly optional on other cars. The flair on the seating is matched by the cabin and the seats are assuringly engulfing.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2dr convertible

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2dr

Passenger capacity




Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)





(Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)





This already well equipped AMG badge wearing vehicle comes with a heads-up display and touchpad. The heads-up display shows crucial information such as speed limits, vehicle speeds, navigation, traffic signs and information from the DISTRONIC plus. The touchpad makes adjusting the infotainment settings and parameters a breeze but the technology is finally showing its age. Hopefully, a new design will be launched very soon with an updated software.

For the sound side of things, the AMG S 65 Cabriolet comes loaded with a Burmeister high-end 3d system which shall satiate all of your sound palette needs.

Cargo volume

As far as convertibles go cargo volume has been a sorely missed luxury with most of them offering next to nothing in storage capacity. Barely managing to fit a couple of duffle bags the storage space on this trio is inadequate, to say the least, but fear not the way the back seats are designed there’s not enough room to fit average adults so that can double up as space for your luggage requirements at least on the Merc and the Bentley.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2dr convertible

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2dr

Cargo Volume (ft.3)




With only 12.4 cubic feet of storage space available the Mercedes will not win any accolades for its numbers but as compared to others in the class it’s still a winner.

Interior Features

  • Exclusive package including upholstery in designo Exclusive Nappa leather
  • Headliner in Nappa leather / DINAMICA microfiber
  • LED Intelligent Light System
  • Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system
  • Seat Comfort package for driver and front passenger

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Exterior

Dimension and Weight

The broad stance coupled with a cabriolet look is an amazing combo in itself but add a broad front grille with chrome injections and you have an envy-inducing ride in your driveway. The Merc manages to irk everyone’s jealousy receptors and is definitely one of the better-looking cars out there.


Mercedes AMG S65 Convertible 2dr

Bentley Continental GT Speed 2dr convertible

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster 2dr

Curb weight (lbs.)
















Ground clearance (in)




Wheelbase (in)




Track width (in) F/R




The longest amongst its class this car under scrutiny does fare well against its competitors. The Aston Martin is a sleek looking vehicle whilst the Bentley tries to combine an old school and new age look which it does so very well. The Mercedes has an ever-present broad and confident stance which leads to it exuberating an omnipresent and confidence instilling. In short its bold, brash and beautiful.

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Safety

Following safety features come standard on the 2017 Mercedes AMG S 65 Cabriolet

  • DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control
  • Active Blind Spot Assist
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • Rear collision detection and preparation
  • 10 airbags
  • Post-Collision Safety System

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Competition


2017 Mercedes AMG S 65 Cabriolet vs Bentley Continental GT Speed

This battle of the uber-luxury giants is hard and deciding one, spending 250k on a vehicle, the clientele must be super picky and expect no flaws and a certain level of exclusivity apart from being the best to buy on paper. While the German automaker makes the cut to most of these aspects the British automotive marvel designer ‘Bentley’ offers excellence on all the above-mentioned parameters. The continental might have lesser torque but in the end with an acceleration time of 3.5s i.e. half a second faster than the Merc, choosing it is a no-brainer. Being a better car on paper the Bentley is the perfect unison of luxury and sporty power. The Bentley also offers a level of exclusivity that isn’t matched by a Mercedes under any circumstances

2017 Mercedes AMG S 65 Cabriolet vs Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster

The S 65 manages to give the Aston Martin a good run for its money. The Aston looks much sleeker compared to the bulky merc and is also faster than the German on the tracks. The AMG ride is a 4 seater whilst the Aston is a 2 seater with a less impressive cargo capacity. To put it in simple words the Aston is the ride you take on the highway for a good run and come back home for a nice glass of wine and enjoy the rest of the evening lying in front of the fireplace. On the other side of the spectrum, the Merc looks like a car that gets works done and leaves an impression while doing so

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 Convertible Final Verdict

Both the competitors offer better track time, interiors and exclusivity. Couple that with a brand image that reeks of poshness and the Mercedes AMG feels a little left. For a quarter of a million dollar,a the owner will want a car that’s not present on every other millionaire’s porch or driveway.