We have gotten a first look at the 2023 BMW X6. The X6 is in its third generation now, and with the help of several spy shots, we can confirm that the coupe-SUV is getting a mid-life facelift.

We are getting a glimpse of the 2023 BMW X6, which is getting a mid-generation facelift thanks to multiple spy photos that are making their way online. These recent spy photos reveal the upgraded X6 is currently conducting road testing after it was caught conducting cold-weather testing earlier this year. And, thankfully, the car is wearing less camouflage than before, allowing us to learn more about the car's updated design. 

The updated X6 will have a slightly modified exterior and new inside technology that draws inspiration from BMW's newest SUVs, the iX and XM. The updated X6 M also has been spotted testing a few times and we expect it to be unveiled with the standard X6.

By looking at the front of the 2023 BMW X6, we can see that it has a slimmer pair of headlights, just like the ones found on the i7 and XM. But unlike those cars, there’s no secondary unit below. Nearly all of the newly designed bumper's camouflage is now exposed, and the lower grille has a new shape that incorporates the radar sensor. Additionally, the side air intakes look like they have gotten bigger in size.

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The new X6 looks like it has the same shape as the existing model, with the same diagonal front wing cutout, shallow glass housing, and sloping roofline. But we anticipate it will come with new alloy wheel designs. Although these features may be changed for the finished product, the rear end of this pre-production prototype retains the same vertical vents, two-tone lower bumper, and rear lights as the existing model.

The inside of the 2023 X6 is expected to have a lot more changes than the outside. The iX electric SUV served as the launch vehicle for BMW's newest iDrive 8 infotainment system, and the rest of the lineup is now starting to receive the technology.

The X6 will be the next vehicle to adopt it, with a dashboard change to make room for a single, curved display panel. This will include a 14.9-inch touchscreen in the center that can also be controlled via a rotary dial on the center console, as well as a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel. This will also receive a facelift and get a smaller gear selector.

Along with BMW's My Modes feature, the iDrive 8 upgrade will provide 5G connectivity, enhanced voice control, and augmented reality navigation. In order to accommodate different driving situations, this modifies variables like steering, throttle response, damping, ambient illumination, and screen visuals.

In relation to that, the new X6 is also likely to have adjustments to its suspension configuration in order to achieve a better balance between ride and handling, as well as new powertrain and gearbox calibrations. Along with the current lineup of engines, the facelifted X6 will continue to use the same eight-speed automatic gearbox as before.

The facelifted 2023 BMW X6 will come with a 3.0-litre straight-six engine. The 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine in the facelifted M50i is anticipated to remain the same, while a more potent version of the same engine(more than 600 hp) will be installed in the X6M. The performance and efficiency of the entire powertrain could be increased with minor changes to the hardware and software.

The current X6 could be the final model to have an internal combustion engine since its lifespan is predicted to end in 2026. We may eventually see an iX6 replace the existing X6 thanks to BMW's "Neue Klasse" EV platform, which is scheduled to debut in 2025 and serve as the foundation for the next 3 Series. You can expect the facelifted 2023 BMW X6 to cost a bit more than the existing model, which starts at around $65,050.

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