Write an Essay/Review of any modern car currently on sale in the USA. Top 10 reviews get published on our website; the best review wins $1000 Scholarship.

The United States of America has long been a hub for higher education. So much so, that students from all around the world travel to the USA for higher studies. The country houses some of the best educational institutions. All of these merged together birth high competition and tougher ride to premium institutions. 

CarHP has launched the “All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship” scholarship program for American students, where the aspiring student will stand a chance to win $1000 to gain extensive education from colleges inside the US. With CarHP’s “All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship” scholarship program it’s a short and simple process and less competition. The students simply need to write an essay/review of any car in the US and submit. Please find all the required information below:

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship

Any student who has secured a seat in any accredited and recognized American university is eligible for the scholarship. That means, students studying in colleges recognized as per the law of the state of location of the college, across America, are eligible for this scholarship.

  • The candidate should be 18 years or older during admission.
  • The candidate has to secure admission in any approved undergraduate/ Postgraduate course in any reputed US educational institute.
  • The candidate should submit a non-plagiarised Review or an Essay of a Car that is on sale in the USA in 2020.
  • The Review/Essay should between 1200-1500 words. 
  • The Top 10 entries will be featured on the website and the Best Review wins the $1000 Scholarship

How to Apply for the All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship

The application process is as easy as it can get. The entries will be accepted from June 10th, 2020 and would shut down on March 31st, 2021.

  • The application is in online mode only, you cannot download them offline.
  • Personal information such as name, contact information, education qualification, background details are a must fill.
  • The essay should not exceed 1500 words.
  • The essay should be precise to-the-point with no grammatical error.
  • The essay should not have any obscene, pornographic, libelous, targeting religious sentiments or otherwise objectionable elements, for then it will get disqualified. 
  • You cannot edit or change once you’ve submitted the Essay/Review.
  • Proof-read before you submit.


Only one candidate will be chosen for the scholarship money.

  • The amount will be directly paid to the Institute where the candidate has secured admission.
  • The amount will be dispensed once the candidate has enrolled him/herself in the institution and submits the proof for the same.
  • It is a cash-only scholarship and no cash equivalent prize will be awarded.
  • The candidate cannot transfer or assign the amount without the discretion of the sponsor.
  • Sponsorship prize will be awarded full regards to official rules and post verification of the applicant.
  • Tax from the scholarship prize will be deducted as per Section 194B of the Income Tax Act of US.
  • The results will be declared on April 16, 2021.

As the name suggests the scholarship amount will be $1000 for pursuing higher education in the United States. Further details are as below - 

Selection Criteria for All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship

Before the selection of an applicant will be determined by the eligibility criteria set by the sponsor.

  1. The candidate must submit his essay within the stipulated deadline.
  2. The submission must adhere to the word limit.
  3. The candidate must have completed his High School or 10+2 equivalent.
  4. The submission must be genuine and it should not be plagiarised.
  5. If the above-mentioned criteria are not found in the submission then the submission shall be deemed unqualified.  
  6. If the winning candidate fails to present the documents of admission, as required, then the prize money will by-default go to the second-highest scorer.
  7. The selection of the winner will solely depend on the sponsor. The decision will be final and binding.
  8. The criteria on which the essay will be judged is -
  • All details must be included.
  • No grammatical mistakes.
  • Proper sentence formation.
  • The candidate's creativity and how he articulates his/ her words.
  •  How aptly you can answer the question.
  • The writing should be crisp and concise.

Terms and Conditions for All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship

CarHP’s Essay/Review scholarship rewards only one student with $1000 for his/her studies in the United States. The conditions that one must follow are as follows - 

  • Only candidates who have qualified the eligibility criteria will be awarded the scholarship.
  • The prize money will be directly transferred to the institute in the US.
  • Candidates must fill all the details that are required. Any form with incomplete information will be considered disqualified.
  • The submission must be written in English only.
  • The candidate can submit only one application form. Ensure it is your final write up.
  • Candidates entering just information is not considered proof of delivery or submission of the form.
  • The candidates, once submitted, are property of the sponsor and will not be returned.
  • If the scholarship prize winner fails to provide identity proof, submit any required document, or otherwise doesn’t meet eligibility criteria, it will be considered disqualified.
  • The sponsor will not be liable for any injuries, losses, or damages that occurred in the process of application form submission.
  • Taxes on scholarship prize stands as the scholarship prize recipient's responsibility.
  • Taxes will be deducted as per the US Income Tax Act.
  • The submission of the application form marks that the applicant, unconditionally, accepts and agrees to all official rules set by the sponsor.
  • The decision of the sponsor will be final and binding.

So, what are you waiting for? Write a review of a Car and Make your wish to study abroad come to a reality and apply for this scholarship program right away!