The BMW 5 Series EV Prototype has been spotted testing with heavy camouflaged however, this time there has been a time where the interior has also been shown and draws heavily from the BMW iX. Powertrain specs are not yet known however, an electric M Sport and M model are expected.

The upcoming BMW 5 Series has been rumored to get an EV powertrain, but now it has been confirmed with the all-electric 5 Series spied testing and has got a good look at the interior of the upcoming sedan as well, even though its interior is very covered up, but we get to see the general layout for the EV.

On the exterior, the 5 Series EV is heavily camouflaged, but at the way, the camouflage is applied we do see a general sedan shape which is similar to the sedan shape we also see on the standard 5 Series EV, but the angles make it seem sporty i.e. the nose of the 5 series EV appears to be pointed towards the road with the waistline running higher near the C-pillar and continues to the tail of the car where it runs to what appears to be a small lip spoiler integrated into the trunk lid. 

We do know that the body has been optimized for aerodynamics so that the drag is reduced so that one can get the most range out of the vehicle. However, the wheels on the prototype do appear to be current OEM rims which are available on the 5-series as an optional extra, we would expect the production version to have aero wheels as a standard option.

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On the front, we cannot see much, but we do reckon that the grille will not be like BMW iX or BMW i4 models but will be similar to the current 5 Series grille but will be wider like the one on the 8-series. The headlights do appear to be the same as the ones found on the iX which will give it an aggressive front and expect the same for taillights which is a simple slim design on the taillights. 

On the interior, we can see the use of more touchscreens rather than switchgear. The layout is similar to that found on the iX with the integration of a digital instrument cluster and an infotainment unit as part of a single joined unit and a center console that appears to be floating. Based on this, we expect it to have the same interior design as the iX, however, it may come with a standard steering wheel than the one on the iX.

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In terms of powertrain, we might see a single-motor RWD layout and a dual-motor AWD layout. We would speculate it would have a similar battery capacity to the iX, but we do expect an M Sport and an M EV version of the 5 Series EV like the i4 lineup. We do speculate performance will be worthy of the M badge as there was a rumor it might get 1,000 hp. 

In terms of its name, there hasn’t been any confirmation, but as the per branding in the current lineup could be known as the “i5” like the i4 and their M sport/M model accordingly. The model is rumored to still be heavily in development and is expected for a 2023 release and be available for sale in late 2023 as a 2024 model year. 

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