The innovative design of the Volkswagen T2 has led to a classic history of Beetle, but Continental's futuristic take on the classic van VW T2 is an innovation for the future. This futuristic innovation came out in the form of World Premier of the Continental AMBEINC3 at the IAA Munich Motor Show. The exterior of the car makes use of sustainable material and gains inspiration from the VW T2 that gives it a retro look and feel. The interior based on the 'Third Space' concept is composed of innovative surfaces, futuristic technology, plush materials, and spaces customized for driving, working, and relaxing.

The VW Type 2 was a staple of American road life from the 1960s to the 1970s. Recapturing America's love affair with the Volkswagen vans can be done with a little style, and a lot of luxury plus technology, which is exactly what the Continental AMBIENC3 has going for it. The Continental AMBIENCE3 concept made a splash at the IAA Munich Motor Show. AMBIENC3 is Continental's transformation of the VW T2 microvan cabin into a futuristic interior. It keeps the VW T2 retro appeal in the exteriors and blends it with the luxury and technology of the future.

The AMBIENCE3 highlights the 'Third Space concept' which is the combination of driving environment, living lounge, and working space. Ralf Imbery, Global Director Innovation, Transformation & Design at Continental’s surface experts, says “With the AMBIENC3 we are connecting a globally renowned icon of the automotive world with new, intriguing surfaces and future-focused technologies, whose attributes assist driving, working, and relaxing as effectively as possible and distinguish them through color, design, and material.”

AMBIENC3 interior creates an enthusiastic ambiance with natural, subtle, bright colors, and gently flowing forms. Personalization can be achieved due to the use of heatable materials on the floor and ceiling, clearly defined lighting effects, and unobtrusive sounds. This light and sound concept is used to create different moods justifying the name AMBIENC3. The cabin integrates working and relaxing areas with the help of the seats, lounge, and tables, however, it keeps these spaces distinct enough to gain ultimate comfort or a work-oriented environment as and when needed.

The AMBIENC3 interiors look simplistic and smooth-flowing with lots of wood accents, yet filled with comfort creatures. It uses dirt/stain-resistant surfaces like the Staynu seats. The Laif technology embedded surfaces have a sophisticated look and comforting feel of real leather, and this technology will give you a pleasing environment efficiently controlling moisture, airflow, and temperature, etc. Some surfaces have special attributes such as optimized soiling characteristics, maximum abrasion resistance, and even self-healing in the event of damage.

In a time where technology is sweeping the nation, it is no surprise that companies are constantly trying to innovate. One such try of Continental has proven successful and launched as the AMBIENC3 concept which is home to some future-focused technologies. To start with, you would see no buttons or switches inside. The functions and controls can be accessed very easily, but there are no permanent visible controls, thanks to the 'Shy' technology that makes the functions within surfaces invisible in 'off' mode.

AMBIENC3 concept has a focus on advanced technologies like self-healing, fully autonomous driving, dirt-and-stain resistant technology, Laif technology, Speakerless Audio system Ac2ated Sound, the ProViu 360 camera system, the photovoltaic charger on the vehicle roof, Intelligent Glass Control. These technologies make the concept AMBIENC3 concept vehicle super safe, sustainable energy powered, clean-looking, and automated, collectively contributing to luxury at its best.