The Google Pixel 7 has been leaked by @OnLeaks which includes the renders of the Pixel 7 in what would be a new potential offering of cloudy white color. Along with this, the dimensions of the pixel 7 and also the camera details have been leaked. Pixel 7 release date is expected to be in September/October 2022.


  • The Google Pixel 7 screen size will be between 6.2-inches and 6.4-inches
  • Cameras - Single Punch Selfie Camera, dual-rear camera
  • Will use the latest Tensor processor
  • Dimensions - length: 155.6mm, breadth: 73.1mm, height: 8.7mm (11.44mm including rear camera bump)

Google this year will be releasing a new flagship phone this year called the 7, as the Pixel 6’s time on the market will be as limited as the latest iPhone to the next upcoming iPhone. However, CarHP in collaboration with @OnLeaks we are able to provide a new set of CAD-based renders on the Pixel 7, which looks quite similar to the Pixel 6.

Based on the renders we do see it will not have any of the new radical flip, fold, or expand body style, but will cater to the people with the basic bar styling. Like the Pixel 6, we do expect to see the same color options of Stormy Black, Kinda Coral, Sorta SeaFoam but, the renders given have come in Google’s Cloudy White, which we do expect on the 7 as one option. 

Google Pixel 7

Expected Specs


155.6mmx73.1mmx8.7mm (11.44 mm including rear camera bump)


6.2/6.4-inch display | 20:9 aspect ratio


Single punch selfie camera - 8 MP | dual-rear camera - 50 MP with multiple modes


128 GB/ 256 GB / 512 GB


Approx 5000 mAh


Latest Tensor with Titan M2 security co-processor


Black | Coral | Blue | White

The Google Pixel 7 will most likely continue with the same front 8 MP camera as we do not see a likelihood of a 12 MP camera making its debut, but for the rear camera, it will be dual-rear with a wide lens, however, a third rear lens will not be included. The Latest Tensor processor will continue with Pixel 7, but there are rumors that the Tensor processor is getting an upgrade, so we do expect the next one on the 7. 

The Google Pixel 7 dimensions will be slightly smaller than the Pixel 6, the Pixel 7 according to the leak will measure 155.6mm x 73.1mm x 8.7mm (11.44 mm including rear camera bump) whereas the Pixel 6 measured 158.6mm x 74.8 mm x 8.9 mm. This would also mean that the battery capacity could be lessened, but we do not expect it to cross 5000 mAh. 

As it has a new processor improved storage capacities could also be included as an improvement on the Pixel 6 with the base spec giving 128 GB, then having the 256 GB, and finally having a 512 GB option just to be able to compete with the OnePlus 10 & Samsung S21. Like the Pixel 6 being dual sim (one eSIM), we expect the same with 5G connectivity. We expect it to be released in September/October 2022.