This midsize luxury SUV has been in great form since 1998 till this date. The 2023 Lexus NX has decided to pave the way for its 4 different trims each designated for its purpose. With a starting MSRP of $39,755, the 2023 Lexus NX competes with compact SUVs like Acura RDX and Audi Q5. With a slight change from the 2022 Lexus NX, the 2023 NX does surprisingly well and its sports package gives them extra power.

The all-new 2023 Lexus NX has paved its journey through a series of changes from its previous version. The base model starting with an MSRP of $39,755, brings an improved performance vehicle than the 2022 NX. 

Its rivalries like the Acura RDX, Volvo XC60, and the Audi Q5 are in line with the Nexus NX too. With that said, here’s what we can expect from the 2023 Lexus NX:

  • High Performance upgrade from its 2022 Lexus NX
  • An all-new F-Sport Handling Package for extra boost in NX 350 and 450 trims
  • An improved Infotainment System than in the 2022 Lexus NX

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Revealing 2023 Lexus NX!

Just like the 2022 Lexus NX, this year’s NX also offers us with a 4-engine option, with 2 gasoline, a hybrid, and a PHEV trim for the 2023 Lexus NX lineup. Starting off with the base trim, the MSRP of $30,755 is standard excluding destination fee.

The only trim which comes with a front as well as rear -wheel drive, the Lexus NX 250 focuses more on a better driving experience with extra convenient features that might assist us. 

It offers us Wireless ApplePlay, and F-Sports package just as for the 2022 NX variant. A $255 dollars of surge can be only seen as a difference when compared with the 

2023 Lexus NX 250 (Base)

MSRP of $39,755

2.5-liter turbo

203 hp / 184 lb-ft of torque

28 mpg combined

0-60 in 8.2 seconds

mph of top speed

The 2023 Lexus NX 250 is powered by a 2.5-liter turbo engine that can boost up to 203 hp with 184 lb-ft of torque. It can do 0-60 in 8.2 seconds and mph at top speed.

2023 Lexus NX 350

MSRP of $43,515

2.4-liter turbo engine

275 hp / 317 lb-ft of torque

25 mpg combined

0-60 in 6.6 seconds

110 mph of top speed

The upped trim of the 2023 Lexus NX is an upgraded version of the NX 250 with better horsepower. It is at an MSRP of $43,515, while the rest of the specifications are almost identical to the NX base variant.

In addition to the F Sports package that makes NX 350 develop into a complete sports configuration. It starts with an MSRP $48,515, and adds performance enhancements like an active variable suspension and front and rear performance.

2023 Lexus NX 450h Plus

MSRP of $57,705

2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine

366 hp / 317 lb-ft of torque

84 mpg combined

0-60 in 6.0 seconds

110 mph of top speed

Moving on to the NX 450h Plus trim that starts with an MSRP of $57,705 and comes as a plug-in hybrid vehicle that wasn’t as quick as the 2022 Lexus LS 500h with the 370 hp but does seem to give you an improved mileage. 

The NX450h Plus Sport is the last trim in the NX lineup that will look forward at an MSRP of $63,542 and does seem to live up to its performance with a 366 hp. It is the one variant that performs well when compared to the Acura RDX and the Audi Q5.

It has some presence and electric power to live up to its name which is why 450h+ F Sport performance will unlikely cut the rivals in price & perform well at the same time.

With a standard 14.1 inches of infotainment system screen, features a voice recognition to access all sorts of safety features. With its best-selling nameplate, Lexus RX 450h Plus Sports has more potential than to its competitors.

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