Ford Australia and Ford Europe have showcased a video where the next-gen Ranger pickup truck is being teased. The new Ford Ranger can be seen conquering different sorts of terrains without breaking a sweat in this video. Though the prototype is heavily camouflaged, it still lends a subtle sneak peek into some sweet details.

The currently outgoing model of the Ford Ranger has been in existence for quite some time now and has definitely started showing its age. However, Ford’s Australian and European divisions have posted a video that gives us some glimpses of the next-gen Ford Ranger. 

On the 9th of September, Ford’s Europe wing posted a video where the upcoming Ford Ranger can be seen subjugating the roughest of terrains. The video begins with the title “Tested to the Extreme” and is followed by shots of the new Ranger having fun in the backdrop of terrains such as some sticky mud patches, some demanding dunes, steep rocks, and snow-covered roads. The video is concluded with the Ranger splotching water left, right, and center while going through an off-road trail. 

Though the teaser video is scarce of details, we must say that we are impressed with how the next-gen Ranger holds its composure while going through these difficult terrains. The video also gives us a sneak peek into the new Ranger’s independent front suspension and live axle setup at the rear. 

The Ranger prototype is heavily camouflaged in the video, preventing the “Car-Sherlocks” from drawing any conclusions about its new design. However, one detail that stands out is the new C-shaped headlights, similar to the ones on the Ford F-150 and the upcoming Ford Maverick, lending this new Ranger some family traits. Moreover, the pickup’s side-view mirrors also appear to be larger than before and its rugged look may even be complemented by a taller hood. However, there won’t be any major changes from outgoing Ranger in terms of dimensions. 

We expect the next-generation Ford Ranger to ride on the traditional ladder-style frame, just like the currently outgoing model. Though nothing is official as of yet, the upcoming Ford Ranger might carry over the same powertrain as the currently outgoing model, which happens to be a 2.3L Inline-4 producing 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. The speculations are high about a hybrid powertrain as well. Above all, the U.S. market may finally receive the Ranger Raptor trim. 

According to Ford’s Australian and European wings, the new Ranger will kick off by the end of this year, and will finally be launched in 2022. However, the manufacturer may have different plans for the U.S. market launch.