Volvo has announced the 2023 model year for its lineup. With the model year change, Volvo is doing away with gas-only models. Now Volvo will only offer mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric powertrains. Going forth Android-based infotainment will be standard on all 2023 model year Volvo cars. Lastly, Volvo has also announced minor design changes to some of its models along with the option of leather-free interior and more exterior color choices.

Volvo has updated its lineup in the United States for the 2023 model year. Now the Volvo cars would only be offered as a mild-hybrid, hybrid, and electric version, and 2023 model year onwards there will be no gas-powered Volvo cars on sale. Thus with the latest update, the gas-powered models of the V60 Cross Country, XC40, and XC90 will no longer be on sale. These will be replaced by the mild-hybrid powertrain which in short means that now the 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine will get a 48-volt mild-hybrid system which will give an extra boost. 

The above engine option will be available on the B4, B5, and B6 trims. These updates are a result of Volvo’s aim of bringing only all-electric cars from 2030 onwards and becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Thus by, making mild-hybrid standards and offering plug-in hybrid on most of its cars, Volvo is making it easy for people to transition from conventional and environmentally damaging gas-powered engines towards sustainable and lesser damaging solutions. 

Further Volvo understands that not every car buyer is comfortable with the range anxiety and the handicap of traveling long distances that are a part and parcel of electric cars. So they will continue to offer the hybrids and plug-in hybrids which they will eventually but slowly phase out and move to full electric when there is sufficient charging infrastructure in place to support seamless travel in an electric car throughout the lengths and breadth of the United States. 

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To further help the cause Volvo has given an update to the powertrain of the plug-in hybrid models and they now offer a longer all-electric drive range and more boost to the engine. As of this writing, Volvo offers two all-electric vehicles in the United States, the first one is the XC40 Recharge which falls under the compact luxury SUV segment and the second one is the C40 Recharge which is a luxury crossover. Another major update on the 2023 model year is that Google will be built-in as standard on these cars. 

Under this, all the Volvo cars' infotainment systems will run on Android OS which will offer a host of functionality and features right at your disposal from the comfort of your car. Using this Volvo car owners can connect their cars with Google Assistant which allows them to pre-cool or pre-heat the car from the comfort of their home. While the in-built Google Maps can be used for navigation and the Youtube application can be used to watch videos or kill time. 

Not only that the in-built Google Play store allows users to download several applications that are otherwise not available on other car’s infotainment systems. Apart from this development, Volvo will also make some styling changes to the S60, V60, and V60 Cross Country models. The changes include a leather-free interior, new exterior color options, alloy wheel design, etc. That said, the 2023 model year lineup of the Volvo has already begun production and will be on sale across Volvo dealerships starting this summer.

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