The 2024 Dodge Challenger will bring along a pure EV version of America’s popular muscle car. Nicknamed the e-Muscle, the new Challenger EV will be sold as a 2024 MY and will be released in late 2023 itself. Dodge has confirmed that it’ll be making a very gradual transition towards EV technology but says it’s completely integral to up the performance game.

The 2024 Dodge Challenger will be built on parent company Stellantis' STLA large platform. The new Challenger will provide up to 500 miles of all-electric drive range. However, this figure might vary with changes in trim levels. The electric powertrain on the Challenger EV will come equipped with a regenerative braking system which could produce some extra juice.

No official information is available on the proposed performance figures of the 2024 Challenger EV yet. The current Dodge Challenger SXT produces 303 hp while the top-of-the-line SRT Hellcat Redeye makes a whopping 797 hp. The EV models will see a considerable power bump from these figures, while also being more efficient and better handling.

In the teaser trailer, the 2024 Dodge Challenger can be seen doing a four-wheel burnout. That’s a clear indication of an AWD drivetrain. Keeping true to its nature, the Challenger might also get a manual transmission, just as Ford did with an experimental Mustang EV. However, the whole EV turnaround might push the starting price of the Challenger EV up to a $50,000 price tag.

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The 2024 Dodge Challenger EV will feature a front grille design that looks extensively similar to the original 1969 Challenger. The EV powertrain means the Muscle car would lose all of its air intake trickery. However, we still believe that the hood scoop will be retained for aesthetic appeal. From the looks of the teaser, the e-Muscle will also feature a wider stance and a triangular logo just like the retro models.

The 2024 Dodge Challenger e-Muscle is slated to co-exist alongside the regular V8 Challengers. In the meantime, there is a possibility that even a PHEV version might be released. Looking at pictures from Stellantis’ EV day, we are also anticipating an EV version of the Dodge Charger. Dodge will unveil a concept prototype for the Challenger EV sometime in 2022

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