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1000 hp

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2022 Nissan Ariya electric Price, Review, Ratings and Pictures

Updated on: December 21, 2021

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A vision of the future has been presented by Nissan in the form of a new electric SUV. Nissan claims it to be the dawn of a new era with loaded excitement and breakthrough innovation. The 2022 Nissan Ariya has redefined the electric SUV segment with its sculpted bodywork and incredible performance at a competitive price. It features a dual electric motor setup packed with a large 87.0 kWh battery pack. An extended driving range of about 300 miles can be expected. There are two battery options for the Ariya. A smaller 63.0 kWh pack is available which is around $5,000 cheaper. 

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ProsConsWhat's New

Battery pack variations

Expected to have lower range than rivals

Refined minimalism with a single horizon line replacing fussy contours

Safety tech-ends

AWD does not come as standard

Illuminated Nissan badge

Competitive pricing

Glowing lantern inside

Propilot Assist 2.0

Amazon Alexa and Intelligent Route Planner

Nissan e-Pedal

Over All Rating


Out of 10

Pricing and Features8.00
Engine and Performance7.00
Fuel Economy8.00
Notable Rankings

#8 in Compact Suv

#13 in Suv

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Base$40,000 onwards

Colors and Styles

2022 Nissan Ariya electric in Alberta White Pearl color
Alberta White Pearl

Expert Review, Pricing Analysis and Buying Guide

The Ariya will accompany the Nissan Leaf in showrooms across the US. Zippy acceleration and athletic handling can also be expected from the all-electric SUV. You can also drive confidently with the new Propilot Assist 2.0 inside. Minimalism has been the theme for the new Ariya, expressing Nissan’s vision for the future. It gets a new illuminated badge which beautifully stands out. For the interior, a new way of driving is expected with a refreshingly open cabin. Plush seating with the sheer attention to detail makes seating comfortable and relaxing. A wide range of safety features and driving assistance systems developed by the Japanese automaker has been equipped inside the 2022 Ariya.


There isn’t much information available or shared by Nissan yet regarding the trims and the features that it would offer with the 2022 Ariya. What we do know is that it would get two battery packs and an option for the all-wheel drive drivetrain apart from the standard front-wheel drive. Since the information is pretty limited at this stage, we would like to reserve our recommendations for a later point in time, when Nissan shares a clearer picture regarding the same. 

Engine and Performance

 Astounding performance is expected to be delivered by the 2022 Nissan Ariya. Housing Dual electric motors, one for the front and the other for the rear coupled with e-4orce AWD configuration delivers instant power. Impressive acceleration capability is delivered by sprinting 0-60 MPH in about 5.0 seconds with the new e-4orce AWD setup. 

The base FWDl configuration delivers peppy acceleration which is a key asset for electric powertrains. The transmission system has not been released by Nissan yet. Rivals like the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E accelerate 0-60 MPH in 4.4 and 5.1 seconds respectively, giving strong competition to the Ariya. Dynamic improvements can be expected to form the new design philosophy taken up by Nissan.


2022 Nissan Ariya*

2021 Tesla Model Y

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Volkswagen ID.4







Dual Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with 63 kWh Battery Pack

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with 80.5 kWh Battery Pack

Dual Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with 68 kWh Battery Pack

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with 77 kWh Battery Pack


1-speed direct drive

1-speed direct drive

1-speed direct drive

1-speed direct drive



384 hp 

266 hp

201 hp


221 lb-ft

376 lb-ft

428 lb-ft

229 lb-ft

0-60 MPH (sec)





Quarter-Mile (sec)





*speculated specs

The most affordable of the lot is the Nissan Ariya with a promising powertrain configuration. Competitors like Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E are faster and get high-capacity battery packs. Though, usable battery power is limited to 71.9-kWh. The Volkswagen ID.4 also impresses by offering potent power at a comparatively affordable price.

How does the 2022 Nissan Ariya handle?

The latest version of Nissan can be expected to deliver athletic control and stability. With the disruptive e-4orce AWD configuration and tweaked suspension system, the Ariya delivers athletic control at high speeds and during cornering.The flat-bottom steering wheel feels confident and comes with mounted controls. Digital interface makes things easily accessible and refreshes the typical SUV driving experience. An advanced system like Propilot Assist 2.0 that gets hands-on guided lane changes and hands-off single-lane driving takes handling and control to the next level.

Fuel Economy

Choosing the right electric car for your requirements needs to have an impressive driving range. As charging the car takes time and readily available ports are still a problem, driving range is the single best feature that can make or break a deal. Fortunately, the Nissan Ariya comes with two battery pack options. A smaller 63.0-kWh and a high-capacity 87.0-kWh battery pack are available that offers a driving range of about 300 miles. The Ariya will be capable of charging through AC ports and even DC fast-charging stations.


2022 Nissan Ariya*

2021 Tesla Model Y

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

MPGe (City)





MPGe (Highway)





MPGe (Combined)





Battery Pack

63 kWh

80.5 kWh

68 kWh

77 kWh

Range (Miles)





*speculated specs

Rivals like Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E get similarly large battery packs but a low driving range. The best-in-class driving range is delivered by the new Nissan Ariya. Powerful competitors like Model Y and Mustang Mach-E also deliver optimum MPGe and driving range. Volkswagen ID.4 slots between these two in terms of economy but gets a driving range below 200 miles.


 Interior space has been redefined by Nissan with a more open space ready to welcome the new way of driving. Impeccable craftsmanship can be expected inside. The seats are well-bolstered with ample cushioning and a few extra inches to make you feel relaxed on the go. Special attention has been given to aesthetics with features like a glowing lantern. A head-up display is added to keep important information in the line of sight.

Under convenience features, we can expect multiple in-cabin storage spaces and easily accessible controls. The steering wheel offers great grip and comes with mounted controls. The e-pedal feature makes things interesting wherein the driver can start, accelerate, decelerate, and stop using the accelerator pedal only. When the pedal is lift-off it mimics stepping on the brake pedal that allows the vehicle to slow down.


2022 Nissan Ariya*

2021 Tesla Model Y

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

Passenger Capacity





Front Row (Head / Shoulder / Leg) (in)


41.0 / 56.4 / 41.8

38.8 / 57.6 / 41.6

41.1 / 57.5 / 41.1

Second Row (Head / Shoulder / Leg) (in)


39.4 / 54.0 / 40.5

38.2 / 55.8 / 38.1

38.4 / 55.9 / 37.6

Cargo Capacity (cubic feet)





*speculated specs

Nissan has not yet released the interior dimensions for Ariya. We can expect it to be similarly sized as the Tesla Model Y. The Model Y showcases ample passenger volume and enough legroom for both front and rear occupants. Volkswagen ID.4 also gets a spacious cabin with a massive 30.3 cubic feet trunk.

A few highlighted interior features are:

  • Glowing lantern inside
  • Plush seating with extended supports and Zero Gravity Seats
  • Nissan e-Pedal
  • Head-up display

2022 Nissan Ariya: Infotainment and Connectivity

The car of the future is expected to get all the latest technology inside. From wireless connectivity to an intuitive display interface, everything is packed inside the 2022 Nissan Ariya. The car will get Amazon Alexa, Intelligent Route Planner, and Nissan App feature. With the Nissan App, you can stay connected and get to know your vehicle at a tap.

Some of the expected standout infotainment features are as follows:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Nissan App
  • Intelligent Route Planner
  • ProPilot's Remote Park

 Envisioning the future and making it happen is what Nissan does best. The Japanese automaker has come up with an all-electric SUV that is a piece of marvel to gaze on. With sleek lines and a minimalistic design approach, future sophistication is presented. A new illuminated Nissan badge in the front embraces the future spirit. Massive alloy wheels and a fastback-type rear make the Ariya appealing to competitors.

Single line LED illumination replacing gaudy contours is a perfect example for ‘Simplicity is the best sophistication’.


2022 Nissan Ariya*

2021 Tesla Model Y

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

Curb Weight (lbs)





Length (inches)





Width (inches)





Height (inches)





Ground Clearance (inches)





Wheelbase (inches)





*speculated specs

With two battery-package options, Nissan Ariya may weigh heavy with the bigger battery. Competitors like Volkswagen ID.4 and Tesla Model Y are on the heavier side. Model Y showcases a lengthy and wider body. The best height is featured by Nissan Ariya. This also means it may get better ground clearance than others.

Striking exterior features are:

  • Illuminated Nissan badge
  • Single line LED headlights and taillights
  • Rear spoiler with tucked-in LED lights
  • Alloy wheels (size not specified)

Since the car is a long way out to be launched, it hasn’t been tested by either the government and private testing agencies. Also since it is an all new car probably based on an all new platform, we cannot take into consideration any of the past records of a current generation Nissan vehicle for reference. Thus we would have to stick along until Nissan shares some more light in this regard. Although, we know for a fact that it would feature a lot of safety features which includes Nissan's second generation of the ProPilot semi-autonomous technology, as an optional feature. A highlight of the most prominent safety features expected to be available in the Ariya is listed below.

  • Automated Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane-Departure Warning with Lane-Keeping Assist
  • Blind-Spot Detection with Rear-Cross Traffic Alert
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Nissan ProPilot 2.0 autonomous driving
Final Verdict

The dawn of the new era has begun with the upcoming launch of Nissan Ariya. The industry is moving forward towards the electric revolution with potent cars at a budget price tag. The 2022 Nissan Ariya claims to offer a pinnacle experience with a good mix of technology and performance. With a minimalistic design approach and impeccable attention to detail, a new way of driving can be expected.


vehicle bio
base price


body style

4dr SUV

engine type
horse power

1000 hp


331 lb.-ft. @ 1950 rpm


1-Speed Direct Drive

passenger capacity

5 Seats

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