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2020 Toyota Avalon hybrid Sedan

Also rank 9 in Midsize Sedans


The main competitors of the 2020 Avalon hybrid, which falls in the extremely competitive and congested family sedan segment, are the Lincoln MKZ priced at $ 36,370, Buick Lacrosse priced at $ 38, 995 and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid priced at $31,300. Read more ...

Engine : I-4
MPG : 43-44
HP : 176 hp @ 5700 rpm
starting price


2020 Toyota Camry hybrid Sedan

Also rank 13 in Midsize Sedans


Hybrids have existed for a while but their progress is overshadowed by electric cars which are growing a rapid pace. That is not to say these cars are redundant. Read more ...

Engine : I-4
MPG : 46-52
HP : 176 hp @ 5700 rpm
starting price


2020 Honda Insight hybrid

Also rank 12 in Midsize Sedans


The 2020 Honda Insight is an extremely competitive sedan, with a relatively low price point as well. With a starting price of just under 23 Grand, it is one of the best value-for-money propositions in the market today. Unlike the hybrids of yore, thi Read more ...

Engine : I-4
MPG : 48-52
HP : 107 hp @ 6000 rpm
starting price


2020 Lexus ES 300h hybrid

Also rank 14 in Midsize Sedans


Envision a midsize luxury sedan that not only takes care of your all-round opulence needs, but is also thoughtful of the environment and your wallet, at the same time. Read more ...

Engine : I-4
MPG : 44
HP : 176 hp @ 5700 rpm
starting price


2020 Lexus LS 500h hybrid

Also rank 19 in Midsize Sedans

Everyone knows Lexus as Toyota's luxury division and for its bold aesthetic choices. However, there is more to Lexus than just that. Read more ...

Engine : V-6
MPG : 26-28
HP : 295 hp @ 6600 rpm
starting price


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