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2022 Tesla Model S electric Sedan Infotainment, Seating and Interior Features

Updated on: March 21, 2022

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The Model S is the car that brought the electric vehicle era into the mainstream market. Not only does the Model S offer a Long Range version with more than 400 miles of range, but it also offers a ridiculous Plaid version with 1020 hp, which is one of the quickest cars in the world. Don’t forget that the car is still a sedan, and so practicality is one of its strong points. However, the cabin might not be as luxurious considering its price tag. Also, the fully digital approach might not be appreciated by many. 

2022 Tesla Model S Dashboard

Despite that, the Model S remains arguably the most desirable electric sedan and one that etches its name in the history books. The Model S Long Range starts at a whopping $96,440 and it competes against the likes of Porsche Taycan, Lucid Air, and Audi e-Tron GT.

2022 Tesla Model S Interior Design, Dimensions, and Comfort

The Model S presents us with an interior that is highly minimalistic but also very modern. Its lack of physical buttons and dials is a testament to its modernity and a sign that the ‘all-digital’ era has been embraced.

A huge infotainment touchscreen is placed at the center, which can be quite distracting for the driver. The dashboard has straight lines from one end to the other while the entire design is very clean and free from clutter. Of course, the first quirk you notice is the yoke-style steering wheel takes some getting used to and has been highly controversial. Choices of materials are decent, but Tesla’s quality issues persist. 

2022 Tesla Model S Front Seats

Talking about materials, the ones used are plush but not as luxurious as is expected from the hefty price tag. A premium (leatherette) seat trim is offered as standard, but you can upgrade to synthetic leather for an extra $2,000. Cloth door trim inserts along with a genuine wood dashboard and interior accents are also present. Even the yoke steering is heated and wrapped in leather.

It is pretty simple on the inside with good quality materials, but a far cry from true opulence. Again, the issues with the fit and finish are apparent and Tesla has a bad reputation for quality; so, we wouldn’t be too excited about it.

The front seats are 12-way power-adjustable with 4-way power lumbar support. The front seats are both heated and ventilated; and also, very supportive and comfortable. A power tilt and telescoping column is part of the package too which makes finding the perfect driving position quite easy.

The interior is characterized by space, and the Model S has lots of it. The front row is very spacious, but the rear row might be a little cramped for taller passengers. Legroom and headroom aren’t exactly generous, but average-sized adults shouldn’t have a problem being seated at the back.


2022 Tesla Model S

2022 Lucid Air 

2022 Porsche Taycan

2022 Audi e-Tron GT

Seating Capacity





Interior Passenger Volume (cubic feet)





Front Row (headroom/shoulder room/legroom) (inches)





Second Row (headroom/shoulder room/legroom) (inches)





All the sedans offer ample space up front and that isn’t a surprise. However, at the back, is where things get a little claustrophobic, especially in the e-Tron GT. The Air and the Taycan offer decent space at the back, but the Model S has the most spacious cabin of all.

2022 Tesla Model S Infotainment

The Model S has, what we believe to be, one of the most brilliant infotainment systems in the car industry. A massive 17” screen is at the center of the dash and is a huge USP of this car. Another 12.3” digital driver’s display behind the steering yoke offers information directly in the driver’s line of sight. Every single function inside the car is controlled via this screen as there are no physical buttons and dials.

2022 Tesla Model S Infotainment System

Since you have no physical buttons, you take your eyes off the road more often than not; which can lead to undesirable circumstances. 

Even the rear-seat passengers enjoy 8” displays with over 10 teraflops of processing power, in collaboration with AMD. The rear passengers can enjoy gaming with the Tesla Arcade, and they also get wireless controllers. Upfront, you can even watch Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, YouTube and you also get an internet browser. Other features include SiriusXM radio, FM radio, Bluetooth, live traffic, satellite-view maps, and more.

One caveat is that you don’t get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay but you don’t need them anyway. Moreover, a 960W 22-speaker sound system with active noise canceling is standard as well.

Key infotainment features

  • 17” infotainment touchscreen
  • 8” second-row display
  • 12.3” digital driver’s display
  • Video streaming w/ Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch
  • SiriusXM radio
  • Tesla Arcade gaming
  • 22-speaker audio system w/ active noise cancellation

2022 Tesla Model S Cargo Capacity

Being an electric car has its perks, and one of those includes cargo space. You would be surprised to know the amount of space omitting an ICE creates. Pop the rear trunk of the Model S and you will be presented with a capacious 26.3 cubic feet of cargo space, which can store the luggage for a long trip or vacation for your entire family.

2022 Tesla Model S Cargo Space

The front trunk can also be used to store smaller items, and it offers a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet.

You can also fold the rear seats in a 60/40-split and that will expand the total area to 58.1 cubic feet.


2022 Tesla Model S

2022 Lucid Air 

2022 Porsche Taycan

2022 Audi e-Tron GT

Standard Cargo Capacity (cubic feet)





Maximum Cargo Capacity (cubic feet)





The Model S gets the best spacing among all the four rivals. It focuses on practicality, while the others, not so much, especially the Audi e-Tron GT.

Additional Interior Storage Spaces

Inside the cabin, you get cupholders for both the front and rear rows. You also get a decently sized glovebox and door pockets. There's a center console storage bin and the rear armrest also comes with additional storage. Furthermore, there are a few other storage spaces to store small stuff throughout the interior and also a dedicated cubby to keep your phone.

2022 Tesla Model S Creature Comforts

Along with the ability to play games with wireless controllers; watch YouTube, Netflix, and other services directly from the infotainment system, The Model S also gets comfort features such as tri-zone climate control, 12-way power-adjustable seats, 4-way power lumbar support, USB-C ports, wireless charging, heated leather steering wheel, power-adjustable steering column, heated and ventilated front seats, and more.


The Model S has blistering performance and is a pioneer in the EV industry. However, its interior quality may not be entirely justified by its price tag, as there are other vehicles with more plush and posh interiors in the same segment. Everyone may not appreciate the lack of physical buttons, but that also means that you get one of the most exciting infotainment systems in a car ever made. The yoke-steering wheel is also a topic of controversy and best left up to personal preference. Practicality is excellent and so is the spaciousness. Overall, it is a mix of pros and cons, but we think Tesla has done a pretty good job here.

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