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Detailed Review

Toyota is known for its reliability and ruggedness, and it has many cars and trucks in its arsenal to show for that. The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is one of Toyota's most reliable pickup truck that has proven time and again that it is worthy of giving a tough fight to the new kids in the block even after 22 years of its initial release.

The Tacoma sets its base price at $ 25,000, which goes all the way up to $ 41,000 for the top trim. The base engine is an inline-4 that generates an embarrassing 159 bhp. Thankfully, there is also a V6 engine providing 278bhp and 265 pound-feet of torque.





Fuel Economy








If you want a reliable pickup truck with impressive off-roading capabilities and strong towing power, then Tacoma might just be what you are looking for. It is worth noting that being a pickup truck, it compromises with cabin comfort and safety, and this is where competitors like Honda Ridgeline and Chevy Colorado take an edge. With that being said, Tacoma is one tough rival to beat.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Features


The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is available in 6 trims. The entry-level SR has the most basic features, and it’s recommended to upgrade at least a couple of trims up to bring out the rugged nature of Tacoma. The Limited trim used to be the top dog, but since last year TRD Pro has taken the lead as the top trim.

To get the best out of a Tacoma, enhancing its off-roading abilities is a must. TRD Off-Road model suits the profile perfectly. It adds extra features like tuned suspension for off-road shocks, electronically locking differential, and a 7-inch infotainment system.

Trim SR SR5 TRD-Sport TRD Off-Road Limited TRD Pro
Starting Price $ 25,200 $ 26,975 $ 31,895 $ 33,150 $ 37,140 $ 41,520
  • Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P)
  • Integrated backup camera        
  • Entune Audio
  • Fabric-trimmed seats
  • Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P)
  • Keyless entry with engine immobilizer
  • 4.2-in. TFT Multi-Information Display     
  • Entune Audio Plus with Connected Navigation App
  • Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) ·
  • Entune Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite
  • Smart Key System with Push Button Start (A/T only)
  • LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P)
  • Multi-terrain Select (4x4 automatic models only)
  • Crawl Control (CRAWL) (4x4 models only)
  • Electronically locking rear differential
  • Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P)
  • Front dual zone automatic climate control         
  • Entune Premium JBL® Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite        
  • Power tilt/slide moonroof
  • Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P)
  • TRD-tuned high-performance FOX 2.5 Internal Bypass shocks
  • Rigid Industries LED fog lights
  • TRD Pro skid plate
  • TRD Pro cat-back exhaust

We Recommend

The TRD Off-road comes only with a Double Cab, adding more rear legroom so more adults can fit for your adventures. To add a cherry on this dirty, off-roading cake, there’s an option of a 6-speed manual transmission to get the true feel of an off-roader.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Engine


“The 2018 Toyota Tacoma’s optional V-6 engine provides decent performance and towing muscle, but the base four-cylinder is weak-kneed and best avoided. We also advise steering clear of the persnickety six-speed automatic transmission with either powerplant; stick with the six-speed manual and the V-6.” – Car and Driver

Engine and Transmission

2018 Toyota Tacoma offers two engine choices to the buyer. The SR and SR5 models come with a 2.7 Liter Inline-4 engine. There is an option to upgrade to a V6 engine, which is highly recommended as the 159hp generating 4-cylinder engine feels too weak and inferior for a vehicle this size.

Toyota didn’t do anything new with Tacoma’s engines for 2018. The transmissions, however, saw some changes. The 5-speed manual transmission which was available for inline 4 engine is discontinued. The six-speed automatic transmission is standard on all trims. But for the old school guys who still prefer a manual gearbox, the TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Pro have an optional 6-speed manual transmission as well.


Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon Honda Ridgeline
Engine Regular Unleaded V-6 3.5 L Regular Unleaded V-6 3.6 L Regular Unleaded V-6 3.6 L Regular Unleaded V-6 3.5 L
Starting Price $ 30,120 $ 27,905 $ 28,780 $ 29,630
BHP 278 @ 6000 308 @ 6800 308 @ 6800 280 @ 6000
Torque 265 @ 4600 275 @ 4000 275 @ 4000 262 @ 4700

Although an inline-4 engine is available in other competitors’ base models as well, Tacoma’s engine is relatively weaker. Even Tacoma’s V-6 engine fails to provide as much power as that of Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon, both of which can generate 308bhp.


It’s no surprise that the least power generating engine would also be on the shallow end of the boost pool; The Tacoma is no exception. While other competitors compete on a millisecond scale, Tacoma takes well over a second to reach the 60 mph mark.

Model Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet Colorado LT GMC Canyon Denali Honda Ridgeline
0 – 60 7.7 seconds 6.1 seconds 6.3 seconds 6.6 seconds
Quarter Mile 16 seconds 14.8 seconds 14.9 seconds 15.2 seconds

2018 Toyota Tacoma’s V6 struggles to provide enough acceleration mainly due to its lack of power generation, but also due to the 6-speed transmission. Be it a rough path or smooth, swiftness is not one of Tacoma’s strong suit.

Handling and Ride

No one buys a pickup truck with the expectations of a smooth and buttery handling. Tacoma is made to perform on a rough terrain, and hence, handling it feels tight. But once you keep its pickup nature in mind, Tacoma’s ride quality is not that bad.

At slower speeds, the steering feels a little sloppy but firms up once you hit the higher speeds. Tacoma made quite a progress in the brakes department, as the new 2018 Toyota Tacoma’s brakes modulate easily.

Once you go off-road, Tacoma easily tackles slow technical sections, sometimes even without the aid of driver assistance tools like crawl control or the locking gear differential. Sounds like Toyota really covered all grounds, right? Well, not quite; the steering tends to misalign at higher speeds on rough terrain, which is a letdown for an off-roader.


The Tacoma does well to come to a halt from a speed of 70 mph. By stats, Tacoma does better than most rivals. However, from a driver’s perspective, the brake pedal feels a bit touchy and bites at minor inputs. This is grimly unsettling during traffic.

Model Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon Honda Ridgeline
70 – 0 MPH 180 Feet 183 Feet 185 Feet 195 Feet
Brake Pads – Front (in) 10.8 12.2 12.2 12.6
Brake Pads – Rear (in) 10.1 12.8 12.8 13

The Tacoma does well to come to a halt from a speed of 70 mph. By stats, Tacoma does better than most rivals. However, from a driver’s perspective, the brake pedal feels a bit touchy and bites at minor inputs. This is grimly unsettling during traffic.

But once you compare 2018 Toyota Tacoma with its predecessors, it is easy to feel an improvement in the brakes. They seem more easily modulated. Tacoma has one big flaw, though: it still sports a drum brake in the rear tires. Need we say anything further?

2018 Toyota Tacoma Fuel Economy


The base I-4 engine of Tacoma gives 19 MPG in city and 23 on the highway. Upgrading to the V6 only adds an extra 1 MPG on the highway, so the mileage is almost same all over the board, whichever engine you choose. These numbers are about the average for this class. The worst numbers were displayed when the V6 engine was paired with the 6-speed manual transmission, although the manual transmission adds to the fun of driving this off-roader.

Models Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon Honda Ridgeline
MPG (City) 19 18 18 19
MPG (Highway) 24 25 25 26
MPG (Combined) 21 20 20 22


A few competitors who perform better than the 2018 Toyota Tacoma include Honda Ridgeline, which gives 19 / 26 MPG in city/highway. Ridgeline is also the only truck that has a standard V6 across all trims. The Chevy Colorado does not perform well on its V6 engine, but its base four-cylinder engine puts up 20 / 26 MPG in city/highway.

“The V-6 Tacoma’s EPA-rated fuel economy ranks in the middle of the pack, but in our real-world highway testing, it falls short of more efficient competitors” – Edmunds

2018 Toyota Tacoma Interior


The Tacoma’s high floor produces a legs-out driving posture that is more carlike than you might expect. Taller drivers tend to notice this because the telescoping steering wheel doesn’t have enough adjustment range, forcing them to scoot closer with knees bent more than they would otherwise” – Edmunds

Seating and Comfort

One of the greatest shortcomings of Tacoma has to be the steering and seating position for the driver. Like the backbenchers of a high school who meet the minimum requirement for any project, Toyota added a telescopic travel to its steering, but with only an inch of adjustability. The front seats also lack height adjustment or power operations. This greatly hinders the flexibility and comfort for the driver.

The fixed style front seats of 2018 Toyota Tacoma are only good for short to medium height drivers. But the taller drivers would constantly brush the headliner. But what the seats lack in customizability, they makeup in shape and feel. Most trims offer adjustable lumbar support.

If you opt for the access cab models, avoid inviting more than two adults to sit in the rear seats, because the leg room, just like the telescopic travel, meets the minimum requirements. The 4 door double cab is a must as it increases the legroom by 25%.

If roomy rear seats are on your list of requirements, Honda’s Ridgeline provides a comfortable room for full grown adults. If you don’t want to go out of the Toyota family, The Toyota Tundra is a viable option if you opt for the rear seats. This equips Tundra with 6 roomy seats.



Toyota Tacoma 

Chevrolet Colorado 

GMC canyon

Honda Ridgeline

Passenger capacity





Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg)






Rear (Head/Shoulder/Leg)






Interior Features

Toyota did not bring too many changes in 2018 Toyota Tacoma’s interior. The cabin is simple and reminiscent of the early Tacomas. Traditional to some, unimpressively simple for others. Apart from the just passable seat and steering adjustments, the armrests are a letdown too; they were not as soft as one might like. There is a convenient cell phone spot, which can be upgraded to provide wireless charging. Tacoma also boasts one of the best mid-level audio systems to ever be installed in a pickup.

Other useful features include a sliding sun visor, an optional driver information center with digital speedometer, and a sunglass compartment that can actually accommodate a normal pair of sunglasses.

Another great feature is the GoPro mount on the windshield to capture your off-roading endeavors. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks, the Premium additions bring leather heated seats, a power moonroof, wireless charging, a premium audio system from JBL (which we highly recommend), and a passive entry with push-button start, something that has not yet made its way into Colorado or Canyon.


Whether you opt for the base trim, or for the top one, a touchscreen infotainment system will be present to enhance your drive. The entry-level system consists of a 6.1-inch touchscreen, which can be upgraded to a 7-inch capacitive screen.

Tacoma still plays home to its previous year’s system, which means newer necessities like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have not yet made their way in. The Entune system works well, but still, get with the times, Toyota!

Tacoma has only one USB port and a 12-volt outlet in the cabin, where other competitors offer at least two. Some other standard and optional infotainment related features include:

  • AUX Input
  • Bluetooth Audio              
  • Bluetooth Phone            
  • Navigation (Optional)
  • Real-Time Traffic (Optional)
  • Real-Time Weather (Optional)
  • USB ports     
  • Voice Command              

Cargo Capacity

Cargo storage is the make or break point for any pickup, and Tacoma takes this seriously. With two cargo-box lengths and two cab styles, buyers have an option of building their Tacoma to tailor to their needs.

 If you flip up the rear seat bottoms, there are many open and covered compartments to store anything you prefer not to be easily seen. The seat backs can be pulled down to get a completely flat load floor.

It is also a hassle to stow the rear seats. The long number of steps require removing the headrests, flipping the seat cushion forward, and finally flipping the backrests down. Restoring them is equally tedious.

“Crew cab’s rear seats fold to create a flat platform that can hold more cargo than a Colorado. Standard composite bed needs no bedliner, has rails with movable tie-down cleats, a 400-watt power outlet, LED lighting and storage bins. Removable tailgate is damped so it won’t slam when dropped open” – Edmunds

2018 Toyota Tacoma Exterior


Diensions and weight

The Tacoma was first introduced to the US market in 1995, that’s 22 years ago. It is, therefore, no surprise that Tacoma’s looks are sturdy and remind the viewer of the classic truck style. Despite minor changes here and there, Tacoma has mostly kept its old school look.

The front of the Tacoma looks burly and capable. Its square design is neatly complemented by a hexagonal grille. Tacoma also has narrow headlights and puffed out fenders, which give it a meaner look.   

Models  Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet Colorado GMC Canyon Honda Ridgeline
Gross Weight (lbs.) 5,600 5,600 5,300 6019
Length (in) 212.3 – 225.5 212.4 – 224.9 212.4 – 224.6 210
Width (in) 74.4 74.3 74.3 78.6
Height (in) 70.6 70.4 70.7 70.2
Ground Clearance (in) 9.1 8.3 8.1 7.8
Wheelbase (in) 127.4 128.3 128.3 125.2
Track Width – F/R (in) 64 / 64.2 62.4 / 65.9 62.4 66.3

There are minor upgrades to 2018 Toyota Tacoma’s appearance, which differ in different trims. The SR and SR5 grille is slightly remodeled. The TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road get a darker mesh, to further add to its bold and mean front fascia. The Limited addition gets a satin-chrome grille.

Tacoma also receives some changes in the paint department. Midnight Black replaces the base Black, and Cement is now available on TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and Limited trims. In TRD Pro, it is replaced by Cavalry Blue. 

Towing Capacity

 Tacoma offers two-bed sizes, a 60-inch short bed, and a 73-inch long bed. The step-in height is a bit uncomfortable as compared to competitors like Colorado, who offer a step for easy climbing.

Out of the two cab options, the smaller Access Cab only uses the 60-inch bed, while the double cab has the option of either length.

The cargo bed in higher trims offers a lot of flexibility. Features like a LED box lighting, damped tailgate, a 120 volt AC power outlet, and adjustable tie-down cleats add to the cargo bed’s functionality.

 Bed Volume Comparison Toyota Tacoma GMC Canyon Chevy Colorado Honda Ridgeline
Smallest available (Ft.3) 38 41 41 34
Largest available (Ft.3) 47 50 50 34


Exterior Features

The bed at the back of 2018 Toyota Tacoma has some cool features in the higher trims. Features like a damped tailgate, a 120V AC power outlet, LED box lighting, adjustable tie-down cleats, and a fully integrated bed liner.

Even the base trim is packed with some interesting features, such as a sliding rear window, a composite bed liner, and projector beam headlights, which add to a clearer view during the night. There is also an option to upgrade to LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) with projector-beam headlights, so Tacoma doesn’t go unnoticed, ever.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Safety


Toyota Tacoma scores about average in crash tests. But what it lacks in physical toughness, it more than makes up in its safety assist techs. Honda Ridgeline takes the cake with its impressive safety ratings, but still, Tacoma impresses with its safety tech.

New additions to the standard safety features include Toyota Safety Sense-P, which includes a forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, automatic high-beams, and adaptive cruise control.

Some other safety features include:

  • Driver Air Bag    

  • Passenger Air Bag On/Off Switch             

  • Passenger Air Bag  

  • Rear Head Air Bag and Front Side Air Bag              

  • 4-Wheel ABS     

  • Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes

  • Brake Assist       

  • Electronic Stability Control          

  • Daytime Running Lights Front Tow Hooks

IIHS Ratings


Small overlap front driver side


Small overlap front passenger side


Moderate overlap front




Roof strength


Head restraints & seats



Crash Avoidance & Mitigation

Front Crash Prevention






NHTSA Ratings have not yet been published and would be updated in future.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Competition

Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline

One of the top nemesis to Toyota Tacoma is Honda’s Ridgeline, which brings the truck model back to Honda’s arsenal after 2 years. However, this competition is not as nail-biting as one would hope, with Honda Ridgeline outperforming Tacoma in almost every category. Ridgeline comes with a standard V6 engine, and easily thwarts Tacoma’s base I-4 engine. Ridgeline also provides better cabin, spacious seats, and a better fuel economy.

But if you want to buy a pickup truck, then chances are your priorities have towing capacity and off-roading capabilities on the top. And in that sense, the Tacoma outperforms Ridgeline easily. It is also more capable of handling heavier payloads.

Toyota Tacoma vs Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevy Colorado’s base price is about $ 4,000 less than Tacoma’s. That may get you to expect lesser quality in the Colorado, but on the contrary, Colorado’s cabin feels more impressive than Tacoma’s old school one. Colorado also has features like Apple CarPlay and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

In terms of performance, Colorado maintains its lead. The base 200hp engine is nice, but you also have the option to upgrade to a 305hp generating V6. There is also a turbo diesel engine that expands the towing capacity to 7,700 pounds, something that Tacoma cannot match. We can choose the grounds for comparisons all day, but Colorado will continue to outperform Tacoma.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Final Verdict

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is definitely a good pickup truck, which is apparent by its continuation even after so many years. Although it does not shine out in any aspect, it does give the buyer an option of 6 trims, 2 engines, 2 cargo beds, and 2 cabs, so you can tailor it to your needs. Tacoma feels at home when you take it off the road. Its reliable V6 engine and off-roading capabilities are paralleled by few. With that being said, there are definitely other options in the market worth looking.

The Honda Ridgeline thwarts Tacoma when it comes to comfort and safety techs. Ridgeline has roomier seats, customizable steering, and a top of the class safety score. Tacoma, on the other hand, has more reliable off-roading capabilities, more towing and hauling power, and a more rugged exterior. So, if you want a pickup truck that provides a comfortable everyday ride, then you might want to consider Ridgeline. But, if off-roading is going to be something you do often, then Tacoma is a better buy.


Bold and Strong Looks

Touchscreen infotainment system through all the trims

Well-built interior

Quiet cabin


Tight rear seats

Not enough options for steering and driver seat adjustments

Lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

What's New?

Introduction of Toyota Safety Sense P, which adds many new safety tech features.

Discontinuation of 5-speed manual transmission

Minor changes in grille shapes and addition of some new paint jobs


vehicle bio

base price



4dr Double Cab

passenger capacity


top speed

113 mph



engine type


211 cu. in.


278 hp @ 6000 rpm


265 lb.-ft. @ 4600 rpm


6-speed manual


brake rotors (f/r)

10 in. front disc/10.8 in.drum brakes



127.4 in.


212.3 in.


74.4 in.


70.6 in.

curb weight

4095 lbs.

ground clearance

9.4 in.


towing capacity

10700 lbs.

payload capacity

1420 lbs.


zero to 60 mph

6.6 sec.

standing ¼-mile

15.1 sec.

braking (70-0 mph)

180 ft.

fuel economy


17/18/21 mpg

highway range

443.1 mi.


basic warranty

3 years/36000 miles

drivetrain warranty

5 years/60000 miles

corrosion warranty

5 years/unlimited

roadside assistance



 2018 Toyota Tacoma in Super White color  2018 Toyota Tacoma in Silver Sky Metallic color  2018 Toyota Tacoma in Quicksand color  2018 Toyota Tacoma in Midnight Black Metallic color  2018 Toyota Tacoma in Magnetic Gray Metallic color  2018 Toyota Tacoma in Inferno color  2018 Toyota Tacoma in Cement color  2018 Toyota Tacoma in Blazing Blue Pearl color
Super White

Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller.






Fuel Economy














Trims and Configurations


 2018 Toyota Tacoma SR


278 hp @ 6000 rpm
Regular unleaded
20 combined

$26,230 - $31,465

Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
SR 4dr Double Cab 5.0 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $26,230 MSRP N/A N/A
See Full Specs
SR 4dr Double Cab 4WD 5.0 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $31,465 MSRP (18/20/22) 278 hp @ 6000 rpm, 3.5 L, V6, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
6-speed automatic four wheel drive 5 NA

 2018 Toyota Tacoma SR5


278 hp @ 6000 rpm
Regular unleaded
21 combined

$28,065 - $40,215

Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
SR5 4dr Double Cab 5.0 ft. SB (2.7L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $28,065 MSRP N/A N/A
See Full Specs
SR5 4dr Double Cab 4WD 6.1 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $33,150 MSRP (18/20/22) 278 hp @ 6000 rpm, 3.5 L, V6, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
6-speed automatic four wheel drive 5 NA
SR5 4dr Double Cab 5.0 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $34,485 MSRP (19/21/24) 278 hp @ 6000 rpm, 3.5 L, V6, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
6-speed automatic rear wheel drive 5 NA
SR5 4dr Double Cab 4WD 5.0 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $34,540 MSRP N/A N/A
See Full Specs
SR5 4dr Double Cab 6.1 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $40,215 MSRP (19/21/24) 278 hp @ 6000 rpm, 3.5 L, V6, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
6-speed automatic rear wheel drive 5 NA

 2018 Toyota Tacoma Limited


278 hp @ 6000 rpm
Regular unleaded
20 combined

$34,485 - $37,340

Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
Limited 4dr Double Cab 4WD 5.0 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $34,485 MSRP (18/20/22) 278 hp @ 6000 rpm, 3.5 L, V6, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
6-speed automatic four wheel drive 5 NA
Limited 4dr Double Cab 5.0 ft. SB (3.5L 6cyl 6A) Starting at $37,340 MSRP N/A N/A
See Full Specs