2018 Volkswagen Golf

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2018 MODEL
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Volkswagen Golf has been a staple car from the VW line-up. It has evolved time and again to fulfill the driving requirements of the newer generation of drivers. Regardless of the make, the ride comes with a 1.8L turbocharged and lightweight engine, capable of delivering 170 horsepower. With an impressive 184 lb.-ft. of torque, the latest Volkswagen Golf build is capable to deliver 25 mpg in city conditions and 34 mpg on highways.

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A combined mileage of 29 mpg

Smart infotainment system integration

A neat and clean, clutter-free interior design

NHTSA 5-Star Safety Rating


Dull bulging design

A limited number of available configurations

What's New?

No significant changes


vehicle bio

base price



4dr Hatchback

passenger capacity


top speed

125 mph



engine type


170 hp @ 4500 rpm


199 lb.-ft. @ 1600 rpm


5-speed manual


brake rotors (f/r)

10.7 in./11.3 in.



103.8 in.


167.5 in.


70.8 in.


58.2 in.

curb weight

2945 lbs.

ground clearance

5.4 in.


passenger volume

93.5 cu ft.

cargo volume

17.4 cu ft.

towing capacity

3500 lbs.


zero to 60 mph

6.8 sec.

zero to 100 mph

18.6 sec.

standing ¼-mile

15.4 sec.

fuel economy


25/29/34 mpg

highway range

448.8 mi.


roadside assistance



 2018 Volkswagen Golf in deep black pearl metallic color  2018 Volkswagen Golf in Tornado Red color  2018 Volkswagen Golf in Pure White color  2018 Volkswagen Golf in Silk Blue Metallic color  2018 Volkswagen Golf in Tungsten Silver Metallic color
deep black pearl metallic

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Trims and Configurations


 2018 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T S

1.8T S

170 hp @ 4500 rpm
Regular unleaded
29 combined

$20,910 - $22,010

Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
S 4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl Turbo 5M) Starting at $20,910 MSRP (25/29/34) 170 hp @ 4500 rpm1.8I4regular unleaded
See Full Specs
5-speed manual front wheel drive 5
S 4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl Turbo 6A) Starting at $22,010 MSRP (24/28/33) 170 hp @ 4500 rpm, 1.8 L, I4, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
6-speed automatic front wheel drive 5

 2018 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T SE

1.8T SE

170 hp @ 4500 rpm
Regular unleaded
29 combined

$23,655 - $24,755

Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
SE 4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl Turbo 5M) Starting at $23,655 MSRP (25/29/34) 170 hp @ 4500 rpm, 1.8 L, I4, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
5-speed manual front wheel drive 5
SE 4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl Turbo 6A) Starting at $24,755 MSRP (24/28/33) 170 hp @ 4500 rpm, 1.8 L, I4, regular unleaded
See Full Specs
6-speed automatic front wheel drive 5

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Expert Review

CARHP Editorial September 24, 2018


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With the latest additions, including an attentively redesigned cargo area and front grille, 2018 Volkswagen Golf appeals greatly to users like never before. This time, it gives a fierce run for money to its contemporaries like the Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) and Mazda 3 (Sport).

2018 Volkswagen Golf Features


There are two trims available for the 2018 incarnation of Volkswagen Golf, namely S, and SE. Both the trims have a powerful 1.8L turbocharged engine capable of providing a sturdy power output of 170 hp. While the S trim comes with a big 6.5-inch infotainment screen, the SE trim offers even bigger 8.0-inch display.

Both 2018 Volkswagen Golf trims are customizable. Pricing options start at $20,910 and $23,655 for S and SE, respectively. For those aiming for LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), the S trim is one to go for while opting for the SE trim benefits one with power tilting/sliding panoramic sunroof and a blind spot monitor.

Trims S SE
MSRP $20,910 $23,655
  • LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • 6.5″ touchscreen sound system
  • VW Car-Net App-Connect
  • 8” touchscreen sound system
  • Power tilting/sliding panoramic sunroof
  • Blind Spot Monitor

We Recommend

Both Golf S and SE trims are great to go for. When you’re looking to squeeze in every possibility of the budget, then it’s the S variant that you should go for. However, if you believe that the bigger is better than the SE trim might work perfectly for you as it has bigger infotainment screen and the Blind Spot Monitor feature.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Engine


“The 2018 Volkswagen Golf is one of the stronger performers in the class. It offers energetic gas engines plus an electric powertrain option. Gas mileage is below average but athleticism is decidedly not, as the Golf is more maneuverable and responsive than many rivals. It also provides a comfortable ride.”- cars.usnews

Engine and Transmission

The base engine for 2018 iteration of the Volkswagen Golf is a 1.8-liter TSI DOHC 16V Turbocharged 4-cylinder. Both S and SE trims feature the same engine. It is capable of generating 170 hp and a solid 184 lb.-ft. of torque. There is only a single 5-speed transmission available for the ride.

Models Volkswagen Golf (S) Kia Forte5 (LX) Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) Mazda 3 (Sport)
MSRP $20,910 $18,300 $20,050 $18,095
Engine 1.8L TSI DOHC 16V Turbocharged 4-cylinder 2.0L, DOHC, 16-valve I-4 1.5L I-4 DOHC 16-Valve Turbocharged engine 2.0L DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine
Transmission 5-Speed manual 6-Speed Automatic 6-speed manual 6-speed manual
Power 170 hp 164 hp 174 hp 155 hp
Torque 184 lb-ft 151 lb-ft 167 lb-ft 150 lb-ft

Volkswagen Golf competes with the Kia Forte5, Honda Civic Hatchback and Mazda 3 in the Hatch segment. All of which offer a 6-speed transmission. While Civic and Mazda 3 have manual transmission mode, Kia Forte5 goes for an automatic transmission mode.

Moreover, both Kia Forte5 and Mazda 3 feature a 2.0-liter engine, while Honda Civic Hatchback comes with a 1.5L I-4 DOHC turbocharged engine. To put it simply, Volkswagen Golf engine is the most versatile in terms of power, torque, and price as well.


Volkswagen Golf packs an effectual acceleration, allowing one to gear up and gear down easily in the traffic. The powerful 1.8L turbocharged and lightweight engine allows, the ride to outlast its competition in terms of acceleration and covering a quarter mile. However, it falls short in terms of CO2 emissions.

Models Volkswagen Golf (S) Kia Forte5 (LX) Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) Mazda 3 (Sport)
0-60 MPH 6.7 sec 6.9 sec 7.5 sec 7.6 sec
Quarter mile 15.3 sec 15.2 sec 15.5 sec 16.0 sec
Engine 1.8L 2.0L 1.5L 2.0L
Emission(Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year) 6.1 6.3 5.3 5.6

2018 Volkswagen Golf is capable of reaching 60MPH from nothing in 6.7 seconds. This is quickest among its competitors. It is given close competition by the Kia Forte5, which takes about 6.9 seconds to accomplish the same feat.

Ride and Handling

As always, driving the Volkswagen Golf is a joy to have. In addition to offering stability at high speeds, the 2018 iteration of the classic hatch offers impressive steering. No matter whether it’s strict traffic conditions or open countryside roads, a ride with Volkswagen Golf is nothing short of a well-balanced and powerful road cruise.

The Golf is a capable vehicle to make people reach places even in bad weather conditions. Nonetheless, the vehicle isn’t advised to be used frequently for endeavors involving extreme weather conditions.


One thing that Volkswagen Golf needs to work on is its braking system. The brakes are soft to use in ideal conditions but not that powerful in extreme conditions. Compared to Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf takes 3 feet less to hit 0 MPH from 60 MPH i.e. 117 feet. However, it is 2 feet more than the economical Kia Forte5 (LX) and the powerful Honda Civic Hatchback (LX).

Model Volkswagen Golf (S) Kia Forte5 (LX) Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) Mazda 3 (Sport)
Brake Front(in) 11.3 11.0 11.1 11.0
Brake Rear(in) 10.7 10.3 10.2 10.4
Curb weight(lbs) 2963 2928 2822 2899
60-0 MPH (ft.) 117 115 115 120

2018 Volkswagen Golf Fuel Economy

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf offers a decent fuel economy. May it is a city ride or a long one on the highway, you will get good, if not great, mileage. It gives a competition to its contemporaries, but falls short, of course, in terms of both individual and combined fuel economy.

Model Volkswagen Golf (S) Kia Forte5 (LX) Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) Mazda 3 (Sport)
mpg (city) 25 25 29 28
mpg (highway) 34 34 38 38
mpg (combined) 29 28 33 31

Having a combined fuel economy of 29 isn’t bad. Yet, of course, it is less satisfying than that of 33 and 31 for Honda Civic Hatchback and Mazda 3, respectively. Nonetheless, the 29 combined fuel economy is 1 more than that offered by the Kia Forte5. So, not great but good fuel economy the latest iteration of Volkswagen Golf has.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Interior


The 2018 Volkswagen Golf has a quiet, attractive cabin. It’s built with top-notch materials, and its interior quality rivals that of some luxury cars.”-cars.usnews

Seating and Comfort

The front seats of Volkswagen Golf offer plenty of room to accommodate an average person. It has headroom and legroom of 38.4 inches and 41.2 inches, respectively. The legroom is enough but 1 inch less than the Mazda 3 and Kia Forte5. In fact, the headroom and shoulder-room are also less than that offered by the competition. Nonetheless, the front seats offer good support and comfort.

Model Volkswagen Golf (S) Kia Forte5 (LX) Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) Mazda 3 (Sport)
Passenger capacity 5 5 5 5
Passenger Volume (ft cube) 39.5 98.2 97.2 96.3
Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.) 38.4/55.9/41.2 39.4/56.1/42.2 39.3/57.0/42.3 38.6/57.2/42.2
Second (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.) 38.1/53.9/35.6 38.7/54.9/35.9 37.4/55.0/36.0 37.6/54.4/35.8

The rear seats are little smaller with 38.1 inches of headroom and 35.6 inches of legroom. Even though the legroom is the smallest among Golf, Civic, Kia Forte5, and Mazda 3, the headroom is bigger than that offered by Civic and Mazda 3.

Infotainment System

One of the leading highlights of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf is its stylish and superb infotainment system. While the S trim comes with a 6.5-inch infotainment screen, the SE trim offers bigger 8.0-inch screen to the Golf passengers. In addition, to enjoying connectivity via means of Bluetooth, the smart infotainment system provides support for powerful features like intuitive proximity sensor display and voice control.

The infotainment features include:

  • A 3-month free trial of SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • Driver Assistance
  • VW Car-Net Security and Services

Interior Features

The best thing about the latest avatar of Volkswagen Golf is the comfort and coziness on the inside. As soon as you enter the Volkswagen Golf, you’re going to have a feeling of pure comfort.

2018 Volkswagen Golf is about:

Simplistic-yet-Stylish Design – The design of the latest iteration of Volkswagen Golf is simpler and cleaner. No clutter inside, none outside.

Connectivity Options with Powerful Infotainment System – the inclusion of the infotainment system and leather seating takes it to a whole new level.

Focus on the Rider – As the Volkswagen Golf is a driver-centric car, passengers might feel a bit jealous of the stylish and comfy driver seating.

Cozy, Comfort and Spacious, of Course – There is enough space inside the car to feel airy and refreshing. Even though there are lots of addition to the car’s dashboard, the ergonomic design avoids it looking cluttered and crowded.

Cargo Capacity

Probably the most celebrated highlight of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf is its cargo capacity. Unfortunately, it lags behind the competition in the capacity of space behind 2nd row, which is 17.4 ft.-cube. However, it offers a gigantic 53.7 ft.-cube of 2nd row folded space, easily outlasting Kia Forte5, Honda Civic and the Mazda 3 (Sport).

Model Volkswagen Golf (S) Kia Forte5 (LX) Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) Mazda 3 (Sport)
Behind 2nd Row (ft.cube) 17.4 23.2 25.7 20.2
2nd Row Folded (ft.cube) 53.7 N/A 46.2 47.1

2018 Volkswagen Golf Exterior


“One of the most recognizable and popular cars in the world, the 2018 VW Golf is also one of the most attractive cars in the compact class.”- Kelley Blue Book

Dimension and Weight

The best thing that people like about Volkswagen Golf is its compact build, which is adhered to in the 2018 model. With a chrome exterior finishing with streamline design, the Golf is one smooth car that feels comfy to ride as well as a joy to watch gliding on the streets.

Golf has a length of 167.5-inch, which is the shortest among the competition. However, it is wider than Kia Forte5 and Mazda 3 (Sport). Even though the car gives the impression of a sleeker look, it is actually heavy among the competition with a total curb weight of 2963 lbs.

Model Volkswagen Golf (S) Kia Forte5 (LX) Honda Civic Hatchback (LX) Mazda 3 (Sport)
curb weight(lbs) 2963 2928 2822 2899
Length(in) 167.5 171.3 177.9 180.3
Width(in) 70.8 70.1 70.8 70.7
Height(in) 57.2 57.1 56.5 57.3
Ground clearance(in) 5.4 5.5 5.1 6.1
Wheelbase(in) 103.8 106.3 106.3 106.3
Track width(in) F/R 61.0/59.8 61.5/62.0 60.9/61.5 61.2/61.4

Exterior Features

If you think is that the 60/40-split folding rear seats are the best, maybe reviewing the exterior features of the latest Golf will make you change your mind:

  • Feel the Journey – With panoramic sunroof that slides and tilts
  • Sharper, smarter and brighter Taillights – Sum up any long or routine journey with effectual, long-lasting LED tail lights.
  • Bolder Avatar – Redesigned bumpers, retouched spoilers, and the addition of rain-sensing windshield wipers make the Golf bolder than ever.


2018 Volkswagen Golf Safety


The 2018 Volkswagen Golf strictly adheres to safety and reliability. Ranging from ABS and Driveline Traction Control to Rear Child Safety Locks, the ride ensures you stay safe and enjoy your journey without any security issue.

It has Dual Stage Driver and Passenger Front Airbags for maximum crash security. Moreover, the Golf flaunts to have a 5-star overall security rating and a 4-star rollover rating.

Safety Features

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • ABS And Driveline Traction Control
  • Side Impact Beams
  • Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Side Airbags
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning
  • Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Front Airbags
  • Curtain 1st And 2nd Row Airbags
  • Rear Child Safety Locks
  • Back-Up Camera

IIHS Safety Rating

Small overlap front driver side Good
Small overlap front passenger side Acceptable
Moderate overlap front Good
Side Good
Roof strength Good
Head restraints & seats Good


Crash Avoidance And Mitigation
Front Crash Prevention Basic
LATCH Acceptable


NHTSA Ratings
Overall Rating 5 Star
Overall Frontal Barrier Crash Rating 4 Star
Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Driver 5 Star
Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Passenger 4 Star
Overall Side Crash Rating 5 Star
Side Barrier Rating 5 Star
Side Barrier Rating Driver 5 Star
Side Barrier Rating Passenger Rear Seat 5 Star
Side Pole Rating Driver Front Seat 5 Star
Combined Side Rating Front Seat 5 Star
Combined Side Rating Rear Seat 5 Star
Rollover Rating 4 Star


2018 Volkswagen Golf Competition

2018 Volkswagen Golf Hatchback vs 2018 Kia Forte5

In terms of the price, Kia Forte5 outshines the 2018 Volkswagen Golf. There are also several areas where the former emerges out to be a better option than the latter. For instance, it offers 98.2 ft.-cube of passenger space. This is not only greater than that offered by the Golf but from all other options of the same segment.

However, Golf stays ahead of Kia Forte5 and the rest with cargo volume, strong engine configuration, powerful infotainment system, and reliable safety options.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Hatchback vs 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback

Priced at $20,050, Civic Hatchback still remains less costly than the Volkswagen Golf. Moreover, it offers a little more cargo space. It has a powerful engine that is capable of delivering more power but less torque. It has lesser CO2 emissions too.

The advantage that Golf features over Honda Civic are several. Powerful infotainment system, better safety systems, shorter length and faster acceleration are some of the many.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Hatchback vs 2018 Mazda 3 (Sport)

For those looking for a small family car with some speedy feats and feel, the best option is Mazda 3 (Sport). Of course, it has lesser emissions than Golf. Moreover, it is the most inexpensive car in its league with Golf, Civic, and Kia Forte5 and about $3k, $2,815 to be precise, cheaper than the 2018 Volkswagen Golf Model S.

Major setbacks of Mazda 3 are lesser cargo space, the lowest power of that of 155 hp among the competition, lowest torque. However, it has the most ground clearance of 6.1 inches.


2018 Volkswagen Golf Final Verdict

2018 Volkswagen Golf is a powerful car to go for, no doubt about that. If you are seeking a car with powerful engine, sleek design, and greater cargo capacity then there’s no other better option than that of the Golf. Plus, it offers good fuel economy too.

However, if it’s the price that you need to keep small, then there are pretty good options than the Volkswagen Golf. Also, if you like a ride with lesser CO2 emissions then Golf is the worst option to go for. It offers a comfortable ride, but so does the Honda Civic and Mazda 3 Sport.