2019 Volkswagen Golf

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2019 MODEL
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Detailed Review

Volkswagen Auto Group was heading towards bankruptcy when they launched the first iteration of the Golf series back in 1974. It was their last attempt to revive their brand before they resorted to shut the company down. To their surprise, the Golf went on to become the best selling hatchback ever. It was loved by everyone so much, that it became an inspiration and a benchmark for the other car manufacturers.

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Ample Cargo space

Premium interior materials

Improved fuel economy

Excellent handling abilities for this price bracket

Best in class warranty


Over-sensitive brakes

Lesser power than similar hatchbacks

Dated graphics on the infotainment screen

What's New?

Turbocharged 1.4 liter engine replaces the 1.8 liter

New 8-Speed Auto and 6-speed manual transmissions on offer

Some safety features have now been made standard


vehicle bio

base price



4dr Hatchback

passenger capacity




engine type


147 hp @ 5,000 rpm


184 lb.-ft. @ 1,400 rpm


6-speed manual


suspension front

Independent strut suspension w/anti-roll bar

suspension rear

Independent multi-link suspension w/anti-roll bar



167.6 in.


70.8 in.


58.2 in.

ground clearance

5.4 in.


passenger volume

93.5 cu ft.

payload capacity

1021 lbs.

fuel economy


29/TBD/37 mpg


basic warranty

6 years/72000 miles

corrosion warranty

7 years/100000 miles

roadside assistance



 2019 Volkswagen Golf in Tornado Red color  2019 Volkswagen Golf in Pure White color  2019 Volkswagen Golf in Platinum Gray Metallic color  2019 Volkswagen Golf in Night Blue Metallic color
Tornado Red

Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller.

Trims and Configurations


 2019 Volkswagen Golf 1.4T S

1.4T S

147-hp @ 5,000 rpm
Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4
32 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
1.4T S 4dr Hatchback (1.4L 4cyl Turbo 6M) Starting at $21,845 MSRP (29 mpg/32/37 mpg) 147-hp @ 5,000 rpm, 1.4 L, I-4, Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4
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6-speed manual front wheel drive 5 NA

 2019 Volkswagen Golf 1.4T SE

1.4T SE

147-hp @ 5,000 rpm
Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4
32 combined


Style Prices MPG Engine Transmission Drivetrain Seats Colors
1.4T SE 4dr Hatchback (1.4L 4cyl Turbo 6M) Starting at $24,145 MSRP (29 mpg/32/37 mpg) 147-hp @ 5,000 rpm, 1.4 L, I-4, Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4
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6-speed manual front wheel drive 5 NA

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Expert Review

CARHP Editorial Last updated 13 days ago

Almost five decades later, Volkswagen has launched the latest iteration of the Golf in 2019. It carries an inline four, 1.4 L Turbocharged mill at the heart which has been downsized from the previous generation Golf. It is an ideal car for enthusiasts who seek thrill and practicality without burning a hole in their pockets.

Volkswagen Golf has quite a few cars in its competition like the Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback, Toyota Corolla Hatchback, Mini Cooper Clubman and the Honda Civic Hatchback.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Features

The Golf is offered in two trims, namely, the 1.4T S and the 1.4T SE. Both the trims offer 6-speed manual and an optional 8-speed automatic transmission. The 1.4T S with a 6 - speed manual is priced at $21,845 and if you opt for the 8-speed Automatic, it will set you back with $22,945 for the same trim. The 1.4T SE is priced at $24,145 for the manual and $25,245 for the automatic.

They have the same 1.4L engine but differ in the features and luxury on the inside. The SE trim has a bigger touchscreen system measuring 8.0 inches as compared to the 6.5 inches touch unit offered on the S trim. Also, the resolution of the display in SE is crispier than the base S trim. The SE trim also features a panoramic sunroof, 16 inch alloy wheels, overhead view camera, voice control which are absent on the S trim.


1.4T S

1.4T SE

MSRP (6 Speed Manual)



MSRP (8 Speed Automatic)



Key Features

Electromagnetic power steering with variable assistance

Heated windshield washer nozzles


Power operated side mirrors

Power operated sliding panoramic sunroof


Rain sensing windshield wipers

Overhead view Camera


Independent Suspension

16 inch split-V alloy wheels


15 inch alloy wheels

Heated front seats with adjustable lumbar support


LED Automatic headlights

Key-less access with push button start


Touchscreen system with 6.5 inch display

Auto dimming interior rear view mirror


Rear view Camera system


Heated Rear view mirrors



We would recommend you to go for the automatic S trim because it provides all the basic necessities while carrying the same power figures as the top trim. However, if you wish for better creature comfort and luxury, The SE trim is your pick.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Engine

The Golf's turbocharged inline-four engine provides the right amount of power to adequately propel this small hatch and it's refined and reliable. - Car and Driver

Engine and Transmission

The Volkswagen Golf has an inline four, 1.4L Turbocharged engine which spits out 147 HP of power and produces a class leading 184 ft-lbs of torque. The 1.4L unit feels refined, offers negligible turbo-lag and delivers the power seamlessly.

Powertrain options include a 6 speed manual and an optional 8 speed automatic gearbox which direct the power to the front wheels only. The gear shifts are slick and smooth, specially in the new 8 speed automatic gearbox. This gearbox also incorporates the paddle shifters which complement the sportiness of the engine.


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

MINI cooper Clubman

Honda Civic Hatchback








1.4L Inline 4

1.4L Inline 4 Turbocharged

2.0L Inline 4 Naturally Aspirated

1.5L Inline 3 Turbocharged

1.5 L Inline 4 Turbocharged


6-speed Manual

6-speed Shiftable Automatic

6-Speed Manual

6-Speed Manual

CVT Auto

Power (HP)

147 @ 5000 RPM

153 @ 5600 RPM

168 @ 6600 RPM

134 @ 4400 RPM

174 @ 6000 RPM

Torque (ft-lbs)

184 @ 1400 RPM

177 @ 2000 RPM

155 @ 4800 RPM

162 @ 1250 RPM

162 @ 1700 RPM

The power figures in the Golf may not be impressive when pitted against its competition, but the torque is class leading. This means that the punch this car offers will tend to surprise you and put a wide grin on your face.


Volkswagen has enabled the 1.4L Turbo charged unit on the Golf to propel it from 0 to 60mph in a mere 7.6 seconds. It covers a standing quarter mile in 15.9 seconds. These figures are very impressive for a car priced around 20k.


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

MINI cooper Clubman

Honda Civic Hatchback

0-60 MPH

7.6 sec

8.1 sec

8.3 sec

8.0 sec

8.2 sec

Quarter Mile

15.9 sec

16.2 sec

16.4 sec

15.4 sec

14.7 sec







Emission Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K Mi/year






The Golf breaches the 60 MPH barrier faster than any other car in its competition. However, it falls a little short to cover the quarter mile when pitted against the Mini Cooper Clubman which covers it in 15.4 seconds. The Honda Civic Hatchback covers the quarter mile in 14.7 seconds which makes it the fastest in the competition.

A vehicle capable of doing 60 MPH in under 8 seconds needs equally capable brakes to put a stop to it. The Golf comes equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels capable of bringing it to a halt in 129 ft from 60 MPH. These figures are below average for the kind of performance it offers in acceleration. The brakes offer good amount of bite initially but it decreases gradually as the pressure is increased on the pedal.


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

MINI cooper Clubman

Honda Civic Hatchback

Brake pads Front (in)






Brake pads Rear (in)






Curb weight (lbs)






60-0 MPH

129 ft

114 ft

125 ft

107 ft

115 ft

When pitted against the competition, the Golf takes the longest distance to come to a halt than any other car. It is surprising that inspite of weighing the least in the competition, it takes 129 ft to stop from 60 MPH. The Mini Cooper outshines the competition in this department despite being the heaviest car here.

Ride and Handling

The Golf has always been known to have the best handling dynamics in its segment. The 2019 Golf hatchback does not disappoint as well. It is surprisingly stable and confidence inspiring while sweeping corners. However, swerve left and right suddenly and you might feel a little Body Roll. It wont throw you around the cabin though.
The steering gives an appropriate amount of feedback which feels quite natural and intuitive. It feels light initially but the weight increases as the vehicle gains momentum.
All in all, the Golf easily has the best handling dynamics in the segment. It has minimum body roll due to the stiff suspension setup. They might feel stiff at low speeds but they settle down once the car gains momentum.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Fuel Economy

Volkswagen downgraded the 1.8L engine from the previous generation Golf to the 1.4L mainly to increase the fuel economy. The new Golf now gives 29 MPG in city and 37 MPG on the highway. It is a significant improvement in the figures as compared to the previous generation Golf which gave a combined economy of 30 MPG.


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

MINI cooper Clubman

Honda Civic Hatchback

MPG (City)






MPG (Highway)






MPG (Combined)






The competition is no different. They all give similar mileages to each other. If observed very closely, the Honda Civic Hatchback gives the best mileage of the lot while the Mini Cooper Clubman is left at the last.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Interior

You'll never feel pampered, but you won't be subjected to any ill-conceived design themes, either.- Car and Driver

Seating and Comfort

The Golf follows the straight-line design language as seen in most of the Volkswagen cars. The materials used inside feel premium. No cheap plastics can be spotted. The 1.4T S trim comes fitted with a 6.5 inch touchscreen with clear visibility while the 1.4T SE trim has a 8.0 inch HD display with crisper colors and even better visibility. The steering feels premium to hold and is fattened at the bottom to give it a sporty appeal. Subtle chrome accents can be observed around the front dashboard.
The front seats feel adequately cushioned and they hold you firmly once you sit in it. The high roof line enables easy getting in and out of the car at the rear. The cabin feels airy and encourages comfortable long drives. The rear seats are positioned high enough to make sure that you don't sit in knees-in-the-nose posture.


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

MINI cooper Clubman

Honda Civic Hatchback

Passenger Capacity







Front (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)






Rear (Head/Shoulder/Leg) (In.)






None of the cars mentioned above including the Golf feel cramped inside. However, if pitted against each other, the Clubman has the most airy cabin with maximum volume for the passengers. The Golf comes second to the Clubman but wins the competition against the other three cars with a very minute margin.

Interior Features features include:

  • Leather-wrapped, multi-function steering wheel
  • 6-way partial power adjustable seats
  • Adjustable lumbar support for the front seats
  • 60/40-split folding rear seat with center armrest
  • Manual tilt/telescopic Steering wheel
  • Power operated side mirrors


The Golf is equipped with a 6.5 inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard. The top trim SE offers an 8.0 inch touchscreen unit, with better colors and resolution. The features included in the infotainment system are:

  • Volkswagen Car-Net App-Connect
  • Bluetooth with audio streaming for compatible devices
  • Rear view Camera system
  • USB ports
  • Built-in navigation System

Cargo Space

The Golf might deceive you in terms of cargo capacity as this car looks quite small on the outside but it can incorporate a large amount of cargo volume. With a cargo capacity of 22.8 cu.ft, it can carry the weekend luggage of a family of 5 quite comfortably. If that is still not enough, you can always fold the rear bench and increase the cargo capacity to a massive 53 cu. Ft.


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

MINI cooper Clubman

Honda Civic Hatchback

Volume (cu.ft) (All Seats Up)






2019 Volkswagen Golf Exterior

The 2019 VW Golf has conservative, Teutonic lines that should age well. Most drivers won't give it a second look. -The Car Connection

Dimension and Weight

The Volkswagen Golf weighs only 2873 lbs and measures 167.6 inches in length which makes it one of the lightest and shortest cars in the segment. As mentioned earlier, this is a deceiving car because on the inside it has the best passenger volume when it comes to premium hatchbacks.
The Golf is a low slung car standing at just 5.4 inches above the ground.
These dimensions clearly depict the maneuverability of the car. It is easier to fit in tight spaces and wont be troubling to navigate in traffic. The lower ground clearance accounts for the immaculate stability of the car and makes sure it encourages getting pushed hard into the curves.


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Toyota Corolla Hatchback

MINI cooper Clubman

Honda Civic Hatchback

Curb weight (lbs)






Length (in)






Width (in) (w/o mirror)






Height (in)






Ground clearance (in)






Wheelbase (in)






The Golf is lighter and shorter than the comparison. The roof of the Golf , though, sits higher than the rest of the cars, which accounts for the airy cabin inside. The wheelbase of the Civic and the Cruze are equal and also the maximum, followed by the Clubman. The Corolla and the Golf stand at the last where the Corolla just nicks ahead of the Golf with a very small margin.

Exterior Features
The Golf comes with a host of standard features on the outside such as :

  • Automatic Headlights
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • LED Tail lights
  • 16 inch split-V alloy wheels
  • Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers
  • Heated Rear view mirror

2019 Volkswagen Golf Safety

Safety Features

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Anti Slip Differential
  • Electronic Differential Lock
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Driver and front passenger, front and side thorax airbag supplemental restraint system
  • Side curtain Protection Airbags ; Front and rear
  • Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBS)
  • Electronic Brake-Pressure Distribution System (EBD)
  • Engine Brake Assist (EBA)

2019 Volkswagen Golf Competition

Volkswagen Golf vs Toyota Corolla Hatchback

The Corolla has a bigger engine, slightly better power figures and better braking capability but that's about it. The Golf comes out to be much better in all the other aspects. It is compact in size, has more passenger volume, significantly better cargo space, accelerates faster to 60MPH , covers the quarter mile faster and on top of all these abilities it gives better mileage of the two. Considering that the price of both these vehicles are similar, the Golf has the leverage of best-in-class warranty as a bonus.

Volkswagen Golf vs Mini Cooper Clubman

The Mini has an inline 3 mill setup as compared to the 4 cylinder setup on the Golf. The Mini develops lower power and torque figures than the Golf, but these are just brochure figures. In real time comparison, the Mini clears the quarter mile mark with a difference of more than half a second from the Golf. It also has better cabin space, longer wheelbase, bigger cargo area, better braking figures.
The only part where the Golf is better are the mileage figures, 0-60MPH and maneuverability. Lets not forget the fact that the Golf is almost $4000 dollars cheaper than the Mini. If you add those 4k to the MSRP of the base trim Golf S, you can get the better equipped SE variant which has much better safety features than the base trim Mini Cooper Clubman.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Final Verdict

If you are looking for a car which defines practicality and sportiness merged in one, go no further than the Golf. It offers better handling, mileage, creature comfort and to top it all - Best in class warranty.